405pt AR/Fist Survival Build By: Sogrin159

Blue Mountain Special – 400 pt Survival Build

Submitted By Sogrin159

405pt AR/Fist Survival Build

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It comes in at just a bit over 400 points invested (405 using TheSecretSandbox). This build should be very achievable in Blue Mountains and should really put a dent into… well, pretty much any single pull (ie single target or 1 swarmer group) while leaving you with enough HP to move onto the next pull.
Another good thing with this build is that if you are planning on being a healer, you have already invested in 2 out of the 3 healing weapons.

This is the build I personally use (with one minor change, noted at the end) and I have not had any major issues with anything in BM, or the next zone.

Active Abilities
Safety Off (AR builder)
Three Round Burst (AR Consumer)
One-Two (Fist consumer)
Supressing Fire (AR AoE Builder)
Fire at Will (AR AoE consumer)
Surgical Steel (Fist Consumer Heal)
Shot of Anima (AR Consumer Heal)

Passive Abilities
Eagle Eye (AR – AR damage increase)
Extra Bullet (AR – extra hit for Safety Off)
Short Controlled Bursts (AR – reduces glancing for burst attacks)
Improved Bursts (AR – Increases burst attacks)
Healing Sparks (Fist – HoT on defensive target when using a burst)
Lick Your Wounds (Fist – HoT on attack, stacks)
Ferocity (Fist – Damage buff when bursts dont glance)

This build is mostly about Single Target damage through Burst attacks, while having some AoE for the swarmer packs you often encounter while soloing.
Saftey off, with Extra bullet, gives a nice high damage single target builder, with Three Round Burst to pack the damage on as the consumer. This damage in increased further from Eagle EyeShort Controlled Bursts,Improved Bursts and Ferocity. They even proc Healing Sparks and Lick your Wounds to keep 2 hots rolling.
Surgical Strike is thrown in at the end of every sequence to keep your HP up. Also being a burst skill, It is improved by Improved Bursts while proccing Healing Sparks. Revert to One-Two if not required.
Supressing fire and Fire at Will are your go to for AoE, and are cycled with Shot of anima to use up the AR resources generated on every target, like the AR ‘My First 60′ builds. Focus on AoE when there are at least 3 or more targets. The single target skills are better when there are only 2 targets.


Single target rotation: Safety Off x5 - Surgical Strike - Three Round Burst (replace TRB with Shot of Anima if you need the extra healing)
Multi Target (3+): Safety Off (for the HoT) - Supressing Fire x4 - Fire at Will - Tab to new target - Supressing fire - Shot of Anima - Tab to new target - Fire at Will - Surgical Strike -  Shot of Anima - Tab to new target -Fire at Will.

Gear Concerns

As no states are required for this build, and it is not relying on pens/crits, there are no major gear concerns. Look at 80/20 or 70/30 (approx) DPS/Heal gear

Build Priority
From scratch, grab Lick your Wounds then fill the inner ring for AR (Saftey Off, Extra Bullet, Fire at Will, Eagle Eye).
Next, grab Three Round BurstSupressing Fire and Shot of Anima. Move into fists after to get Surgical Steel and Healing Sparks.
Once you grab One-Two, the remaining passives you can get in any order.
From Blade/Fist ‘My first 60′ it would be fairly similar. Keep nurture untill Surgical Steel, keep Wild at Heart untill One-Two.
From AR/Blade ‘My first 60′ you are already close to maxing the AR inner ring, so it is a quick trip to Three Round Burst, Supressing Fire and Shot of Anima. Follow as above.
For SP, work on keeping Fist Healing, AR Damage and All talismans even.
Optional changes
I personally have removed One-Two and added Red Mist. Helps put a nice dent into mobs at the start of a fight at range, meaning i can usually get red mist, plus a full builder/AR finisher off before melee targets get to me. Does increase build cost by 50ap
If you want to reduce the DPS but add a bunch of healing, swap Saftey Off for Anima Burst, and Extra Bullet for Hot Iron. Zero cost to change. Does mean you cant use surgical steel more then once per fight though.

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5 Responses to 405pt AR/Fist Survival Build By: Sogrin159

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  2. Kataphract says:

    I have found this build effective in Blue Mountain. Adds are a pain, but I can generally handle one. I went straight to Red Mist. It is great for pulling and against tough mobs, it can often be used twice. The build also overlaps well with AR healing, which is hand in getting dungeon groups.

  3. Rruna says:

    This build is effective way beyond Blue Mountain. Even in Transylvania this is great for soloing.

  4. chaossdragon says:

    Effective doesn’t begin to describe this build!

    Used a 80% complete (missing last two passives, and Red Mist) to solo the Quantum Aux Weapon quest with only QL3-4 green talis, and QL10 Mayan weapons.

    Circle Strafed till dizzy as all hell… used Hip Shot as place holder for Red Mist.

  5. Zidion says:

    Anything particular to look out for when it comes to gear?
    “Optimal” distribution of atk/heal/hp etc.

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