All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome

Investigation Mission – London

Content Patch 1.4 -

Content patch 1.4 brings us our first investigation mission (non faction) starting in London. Mama Abena in the Haitian Market gives out this investigation mission.  Mama Abena tells you a bit about the backstory of magic in the Secret World and lets you know that the Templars (or I would imagine Illuminati or Dragon) don’t see the whole story.  She sends you out on a mission to find the truth.

All Roads Lead to Rome, Step 1: Follow Mama Abena’s guidance.

I’m not sure how many times she could have hinted at the Fallen King.  Heck, he’s even mentioned in your quest journal.  Let’s start there!

All Roads Lead to Rome, Step 2: Figure out what’s so special about the stones

The Mad King talks a bit about the Romans and the stones at your feet.  Rome built much of what endures from early England and the stones at your feet do have an interesting symbol.  Check it out!  The quest updates to:

Figure out where the stones lead

The mosaic updates to 12 interactable objects.  Most of these are simply loose cobblestones.  However, some have words:

3-oclock: SUB (under)

4-oclock: Maximus (important)

5-oclock: Arbor (tree)

7-oclock: ILLE (he)

8-oclock: Flevit (wept)

9-oclock: Dixit (said)

10-oclock: Inferius (below)

11-oclock: Sicut (as)

12-oclock: Superius (higher)

Want to figure out how to speak Cobblestone?

The only thing immediately useful in this is the Arbor (tree) reference.  There’s a big tree in the park near the Fallen King, head over to it.  Around 160, 285 you get the message that the leaves above you whisper.

The Roman message said “under the important tree he wept.”  Try that (/cry).  

The quest updates to:

Follow the paths of memory

It’s a glittery trail.  Follow it.  This takes you down into the London sewers, with a door located at 248, 259.  Enter the Londinium Excavation.  The quest updates to:

Explore the Excavation

You have a map marker, follow it.  You will pass up a couple of lingering caretakers, one of whom is kneeling beside a Broken Sword hilt.  Approaching this one leads to the caretaker scuttling off to the West.

All Roads Lead to Rome, Step 3: Inspect the Image

Inspecting the hilt gives you three action spots on a head.  The quest updates to:

Complete the image

You need a mouth and two eye sockets

Need Help finding the west eye socket?

Head west, you find a sword hilt along the side of the passage.  Pick it up, you may be able to use it later (it’s in your inventory).  Using the torch unequips your primary weapon

Heading north into the dark (use the torch) and you will find a Golden Coin sitting on a pedastal.  Use it.

Need Help finding the east eye socket?


Head east from the symbol.  You will come to a room with fire spewing up through grates.  Wait for fires to go out and you can cross them.  You find the coin at the end of a passage. Grab it and use the lever for a quicker way out.

Need Help finding the mouth?

You picked up a sword hilt.  Put it in as a disassembly item in your crafting interface.  Apply the glyph to any sword for a quest update and a Mercurious Blade.

Roman Roads, making a sword

The blade fits into the mouth and opens the door to the north.  

The quest updates to:

All Roads Lead to Rome, Step 3: Proceed Further into the temple

Figure out how to open the earthgate

Roman Roads, inscription

Consequuntur Veneris Alter, Alter Mercurii Cursus, in Infimoque Orbe Luna Radiis Solis Accensa Convertitur

Need Help with your Latin?

Followed by all of Venus and Mercury running and, in the rays of the Sun, the Moon revolves lighted sphere still lower

Need Help figuring out the puzzle?


Time to bust out our handy-dandy knowledge of Roman astronomy.  The Romans got a lot right, given the quality of scientific tools they had (as compared to ours), but they had a bit of a misconsception of how our solar system worked.  Ptolemy figured that the order of the planets (as they rotated around the EARTH) would be:

  • the Moon
  • Mercury
  • Veenus
  • Sun
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
Your passage of Latin, mentions the first four (in order from the door)

The correct order is Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun

3, 2, 1, 4

The quest updates to: Finish the Roman Journey

You are confronted with a room entering Agartha (or something similar) with a Custodian.  You need to finish an Agartha summoning animation (or several actually).  Head over to the portal, you will start channeling the animation.  Fight the custodian if needed until you update.  The custodian will periodically go into a machine breakdown, you can use this to get an extra casting animation in as needed.  Once complete you can exit to Agartha.

This brings you out to a new Agartha entrance, quite a ways from any regularly used entrance.  R. Sonnac gives you some disturbing information about Romans and roads… but its pretty ambiguous.

Roman Roads, quest ending










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