Ankh Overview

The Ankh is a Q8 dungeon located in the Scorched Desert zone of Egypt.  It involves a descent into an Egyptian tomb while chasing the deranged Dr. Klein.  This dungeon features quite a bit more trash than prior dungeons, but the drops are quite good.
The Ankh Lore
Zone Loc Notes
The Ankh 423, 240 Entrance
The Ankh 345, 210 After 1st Boss
The Ankh 495, 263 After Dr. Klein
The Ankh 445, 301 Jump down
The Ankh 455, 206 Trash mob
The Ankh 85, 252 Filth Beast
The Ankh 444, 216 Trash mob
The Ankh 471, 241 Trash mob
The Ankh 386, 240 After trio
The Ankh 438, 200 Before spider
The Ankh 174, 240 After Malhotep

The normal version of the Ankh is a Q8 dungeon.  It is intended for players in Q5 and Q6 blue gear.  Players who are clearing Darkness War fairly easy are ready to progress into this zone.
The elite version of the Ankh is a Q10 dungeon.  The instance is tuned for players in blue Q8/Q9 gear or higher.  Players entering the dungeon in full green Q10 gear may find the fights too difficult.

The Ankh features primarily environmental effects, including a number of filth breathing creatures.  Additionally, several encounters feature “motes.”  Motes attach themselves to a player – that player becomes locked down and cannot cast abilities (they can move).  The mote must be DPS’d off fairly quickly or it will explode, killing the trapped party member.
Several fights in the Ankh feature DPS checks and/or extreme mobility checks.  Three fights involve having to quickly dispatch adds, doing so slowly powers up the respective bosses, turning them into (more) lethal killing machines.

Damage Taken – by Tank (with tank stats) for the Ankh

Next Boss – Squalid Hekaturgist

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