AR/SG Passive Proc DPS

AR/SG Passive Proc DPS

A NM DPS Build

by: Shodokai

Assault Rifle, Shotgun

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Active Abilities

  • 1. Safety Off – Highest DPS builder, burst combines well with proc passives.
  • 2. Out for a Kill – Instant SG finisher.
  • 3. 3 Round Burst – Good damage, three more chances to proc passives.
  • 4. Fire at Will – AoE finisher.
  • 5. Breaching Shot – 40% pen CD to up group DPS.
  • 6. Cleanup – Fantastic group utility.
  • 7. Confuse – 50% threat dump. Slot an AOE builder here if you don’t ever pull aggro.

Passive Abilities

  • 1. Extra Bullet – Solid damage increase, also increases proc rate on passives by adding an additional hit per second to your builder.
  • 2. Ferocity – 9% damage buff with near 100% uptime.
  • 3. Twist the Knife – Second 9% damage buff, also near 100% uptime.
  • 4. Live Wire – highest DPS proc passive, dependent on crit, but so much damage that it’s better than any of the others even with relatively low crit – at 9%, it still out-damages sudden return with 40% pen.
  • 5. Third Degree – second highest DPS proc passive, sets afflicted state. Uptime is dependent on pen; for 100% uptime, you must pen 3 times every 4 seconds. Even at lower pen the damage is good; 60% uptime is almost as good as incision with 100% uptime.
  • 6. Incision – decent damage inflict, only requires 1 pen every 3 seconds to keep up.
  • 7. Sudden Return/One in the Chamber – this choice depends on your crit vs. pen chance. OitC will most likely be better unless you have much higher pen than crit.


Your rotation is 5xSafety Off, Out for a Kill, 3 Round Burst. Breaching Shot should be used with 5/5 resources, followed by OfaK, 3RB, 3xSO, OfaK, 3RB to make sure you get the second pair of finishers in while the buff is up. For AoE situations you will most likely want to drop Confuse and Out for a Kill for Suppressing Fire and Shotgun Wedding. Build to 5 if you have time; if not, go builder/finisher/finisher/tab/builder/finisher/finisher etc until everything is dead.


The build doesn’t make use of hit, crit or pen improving passives – to get the most out of it you need good gear. At lower gear levels drop OitC for Overpenetration to get more procs on Incision, Sudden Return, and Third Degree.

What makes this build tick?

24 hits every 7-8 seconds. All the highest damage proc passives. 2 great group buffs. Massive single target DPS. What’s not to like?

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