Ashardis’ Hammer/Shotgun DPS build

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Ashardis’ Hammer/Shotgun Build To Blast!

This build is a pure dps build that depends on Blast AoE & Weakness stacks build to give you buffs with some interesting CD’s.

Active Skills :
1. Rupture. (Hammer) – Main resource builder. 4x5m Blast AoE. Does more damage with 0 Hammer Resources which you’ll make sure you never have by spending it all right away!

2. Hell To Pay. Hammer Spender. 4x5m Blast AoE. The go-to spender when you used No Mercy and you’re starting another pack. Does ~5% more damage than No Mercy without the autocrit buff.

3. Both Barrels. Shotgun Spender. 60° 7m Cone Blast AoE. 4s CD. The OTHER spender. I will explain below. Does same damage as Hell To Pay.

4. No Mercy. Hammer Spender. 4x5m Blast AoE. It will autocrit if you use it within 30s of killing another mob. This makes it a very nice finisher when the mobs start dropping as you’ll crit each time from then on, critting = maybe killing one more. Rinse n repeat

5. Pump Action. Shotgun Resource builder. Mainly used for single target damage, since some things doesn’t take AoE damage to well. Easily replaced.

6. Touchdown! Mainly a mobility CD. 20s CD. Does 50% more damage AoE, although not Blast, than the other spender skills and you move to your target.

7. Shockwave. 4x8m AoE. Big damage Elite skill. 30s CD. Has an Impair component that makes it attractive for interruptions

Passive Skills :

1. Improved Blasts. This is the key passive for this build. Builds Weakness stacks when you hit mobs with Blast effects for less damage done.

2. Punishment. Builds Crit Power stacks whenever you hit a Weakened mob aka. all the time.

3. Paradigm Shift. Stealing a little from Chaos/Theory, this builds Hit stacks whenever you hit a Weakened mob aka. all the time.

4. Hard Impact. Hammer attacks does 10% more damage.

5. Tenderizing. Does X extra damage whenever you hit a Weakened mob.

6. Dead on Target. Shotgun attacks does 10% more damage.

7. Brawler. Gives you 15% more Crit Power.

Key Features.

Everything pretty much does AoE for loads of damage on packs of mobs.  Weakness stacks on the mobs for less damage done, +Crit Power and +Hit stacks on you!  Strong finish on dying packs that are low on health, since No Mercy will automatically Crit.

The way I play this is like this : 1 2 1 2 3. So builder, spender, builder, spender, spender. Note that I can use the Both Barrels after Hell To Pay because the blasts also builds Shotgun Resources on the target, making it possible to use 2 “Consume All” spenders in a row for Big Damage. HtP uses all the Hammer Resources, BB uses the Shotgun ones. If I had killed something just before I engaged a pack, I’d push : 1 4 1 2 3 and then return to normal rotation.

There are many ways you can go with this build. If you think No Mercy is too weak for it’s limited use, you can replace it. Same with Pump Action, although if that’s taken away, you’d need to find something other single target’y. If this isn’t a Shotgun attack, consider replacing Dead on Target aswell for some other useful passive.

Perhaps an defensive stacker like Bullheaded/Hardcase (Physical/Magic Protection) Offensively, you could go for Gunsmoke (Shotgun/Control), essentially another “Tenderizing” for more damage per hit.

Thanks for reading :)

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10 Responses to Ashardis’ Hammer/Shotgun DPS build

  1. Quick question… I was under the impression that using spenders without 5 stacks built up u do less dmg? as i have seen, and read before. So aside from the first spender, since its for hammer, and u start with 5 hammer always since it regens outside of combat, aren't you hurting your dps in the long run doing builder, spender, builder spender?

    It would be nice if someone could do the math as to in the end it evens out to do builder spender instead of builder x5 then spender.

    • Ryahl says:


      Thanks for the question. In general, yes, on both counts. I usually open with a hammer closer before starting a build rotation.

      Also, most closers do better with full resources. However, passives process regardless of resources used. So, sometimes it is useful to close early, get passives running and then build to full.

  2. ChandlerL says:

    Recommend do NOT use this spec. I was dismayed, disheartened and even a little bit upset at the results of this spec. After learning a hard lesson regarding using the premade decks (Soldier deck, in my case), I thought this spec would provide some welcome relief. But I'm looking at 300-400 a hit when it crits. The math vs. the GCD just doesn't work.

    I'm playing with a mate sitting right next to me who's using a chaos/fist spec and they're shocked at how slow I kill things. They kill a bit more than double my speed.

    What a shame.

  3. Well, i have tried many of the specs posted here and i find them very good, but i wonder if you realize this is an aoe build? Is your friend build single target based?? How are you gearing for a build like this?

    There are many things that could impact the performance of a build in this game so ymmv.

  4. Ryahl says:

    Actually there is probably more to it than just the AoE side. But yes, AoE is a big part of making this build work. Single target DPS is going to be low with a blast-heavy deck like this.

    But, there is a serious gearing issue for this build.

    You need CRIT RATING or this build may under-perform.

    A number of crit power buffs are showing up in the build and you are picking up bonus damage on both weapons, which further helps crit power multipliers.

    But, if you don't crit, all that crit power is going to waste.

    You get a guaranteed crit when you use NO Mercy following a kill (Column crits with stacked crit power will look pretty nice in a parse), but you want more crits than just the No Mercy one.

    Make sure you are stacking crit rating gear up through the soft cap. You also might find that replacing Tenderizer with Mad Skills beneficial here. Stacking crit by 150 on crits (with a guaranteed one in the build) is good stuff. ALso, ELemental Force from the Elemental Magic inner circle might have a better payout (cheaper too) than Tenderizer given the crit power in this build.

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  6. @Chandler and everybody who does not understand this deck. This is a perfect AoE Build, and does freaking high damage on multiple targets. I used it and had DPS counts of 2581 and more at once. I consider this quite a lot. I also use a very nice fist/chaos deck, which uses all those pulls and stuns, but this one here is really good when soloing through farmlands or such.

  7. chaff says:


  8. Smmyb says:

    I made a variation on this build with a few defensive abilities in.

  9. Henx says:

    I use a similar build and it does decent AOE dmg. I also play side-to-side with someone. She has a single target DPS build (variation of Slayer) and when attacking a single mob, her DPS is better than mine, but when it comes to multiple mobs, this build is very good.

    Here’s my variation of it:
    1) No Mercy – this ability is supposedly bugged ATM and will not crit most of the time. I just use Furnace instead (AOE, adds 3 stacks of Weakened, so goes well with the build). You can also use Blowout if you need extra health.

    2) I only use resource building ability (pump action on my end, but would recommend Rupture) and instead of the other one I use a CD-based ability that doesn’t consume resources. I use Buckshot, but plan to swap it with Aftershock.

    3) Shockwave is great, I use Eruption (more dmg. longer impair), but that’s because I had to get it for the Witch Hunter deck. If you don’t have it, Shockwave is an excellent choice.

    4) Instead of the 10% more shotgun/hammer dmg passive abilities I use the ones to add more crit, but that’s just me. 10% more dmg is just as good (at least you know you’ll always do 10% more dmg :D )

    Here’s the build:

    Hope this helps someone

    Hammers rock! :D

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