Crafting in TSW

Crafting in the Secret World

Using Assembly for Glyphs, Talisman, Weapons, and more

Welcome to our updated assembly information page.  All assembly works from your crafting interface (Y by default).  Assembly is used to create, deconstruct, or improve a number of the items that drop in the game world.

Crafting should not be overlooked as (a) much of the best gear in the game comes from crafting recipes, (b) crafted gear is far more customizable than dropped gear and (c) some quests in the game require crafting steps to complete.

The crafting interface is very simple.  As you can see below, there are three main areas of the crafting interface.  The first area is a 4×5 rectangle.  This is where you place materials used in crafting and it is also where you find the materials gained form deconstructing items.

Below the rectangle are two boxes.  The first is the TOOL box.  This is where you place your crafting kits.  Each kit (weapon, talisman, consumable, glyph or gadget) is used to create items of its specific type.

The Toolkits used in TSW Crafting

Weapons create all nine types of weapons,
Talisman create all seven types of talisman
Consumables create both potions and animas
Glyphs create all nine base types of glyphs as well as all of the 36 possible 2-effect glyphs
Gadgets create the three types of gadgets as well as the various kickback gadgets

The final box is context specific.  When you are crafting, this is where you see the Result (as in the picture below).  However, when your assembly window is empty, this is where you place items you wish to deconstruct.

Crafting in TSW – Assembly Recipe Patterns

The following spreadsheet contains all known recipes in the game.  The recipe PATTERN remain the same regardless of the quality level of the utlimate item or the echelon (green, blue or purple).  However, the material quality increases with both the quality level of the item AND in some cases, the echelon of the crafting kit.

Additionally, there are potions that can be crafted that can last through death.  They can be made for Hit Points (water), Attack Rating (Fire), or Healing Rating (Dust).  They use the pattern shown below in the third tab (under Potions).

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14 Responses to Crafting in TSW

  1. Doukeyakusha says:

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate this website and your guides!I will share with my guild right now

  2. SFOETRY says:

    where can i pick up some kits/

    • Ryahl says:

      Hi Sfoetry,

      Two answers:

      Consumable kits can usually be purchased from Council of Venice vendors. These let you make various potions and animas.

      Weapon, talisman and gadget kits are drops in the field. It is our experience that some mob areas SEEM to drop certain kits more often than others. At the moment, though, that's mostly speculation based on limited observation. Some dungeons (Hell Rising as an example) also seem prone to dropping kits.

    • SFOETRY says:

      right on< thx for the response.

  3. Davian Thule says:

    there is another one crafting pattern
    work with “Gadget toolkit”
    used to create Gadgets – reusable potion like “+200 hp for 20 sec. then colldown 2 min”


  4. gabriel says:

    just to understand this right: i want to make an AR. i put the weapon toolkit and the metal in the assambler and voila? the metal-type (base, imperfect and so on) + the toolkit determine the quality of the assaultrifle. right?

    and what would i do if i wanted some stats on that weapon? +critrating i.e.?

    • Ryahl says:

      Making Weapon, talisman, consumable, glyph or gadget
      1. Assemble materials into proper shape.
      2. Add kit
      3. Combine

      Adding a glyph or signet to a weapon or talisman
      1. Put glyph (or signet) and weapon (or talisman) into crafting interface
      1a. Weapon or Talisman has to have a glyph (or signet) slot, it can already be used – the new glyph will overwrite the old glyph.
      2. Combine

      Thanks for using the site!


  5. rulez says:

    The patterns for Luck and Occult Talismans are switched in your picture. :)

  6. Mike M says:

    Thanks for the guides, I use them often.

    A good addition to this, would be what equipment disassembles into what material.

  7. Daiyu says:

    I use this guide all the time thanks so much. Guild member posted the link to this site on our website so it’s become extremely handy lol. I did just notice “Luck” and “Occult” talisman contruction is backwards but I see others have too lol I just noted in our web the tidbit of info but thanks for the work of posting it here.

  8. Delerium says:

    Glyphs can be made using a 3 and 1 ratio to create a two stat glyph with one high and one low value. Pattern is still the same, you just don’t need equal parts anymore. Not sure when this changed (maybe 1.2?) but that is how it works now.

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