TSW Blade/Hammer Tank Build by Rhyse

Blade / Hammer Tank Build by Rhyse

Blade/Hammer: A Versatile Approach to Dual Weakness

Nightmare Dungeon Tank Build

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Active Abilities

  1. Blade Torrent – AOE Frenzy with an immense aggro modifier.
  2. Crimson Theatre – Fire and forget PbAOE ability with a large aggro modifier.
  3. Aftershock – Strike ability that gives Minor Ward if the enemy remains close to you.
  4. Art of War/Stoicism – AoE Impairand guaranteed glances/Defensive CD with aggro generation buff.
  5. Beatdown (Replaceable)- Basic impair.
  6. Trial By Swords (Replaceable) – Basic impair (be aware of its actual activation being ~1 second after the animation starts).
  7. Provoke (Replaceable) – Panic button for losing aggro after a transition.

Passive Abilities

  1. Shoot Em Up – Sets afflicted and the DoT gives more hate than one would expect.
  2. Punisher – Allows Aftershock to also Debilitate enemies, doing 3% less damage per stack, up to 30% less.
  3. Shadow Play – Gives you an additional 10% glance chance for 8 seconds after activating Crimson Theatre.
  4. Hardcase – Anytime you apply weakened, you gain 30 Physical and Magical Protection rating, up to 150.
  5. Breakdown – Allows Hammer and Sword abilities to apply Exposed, causing attacks to do 3% more damage per stack, up to 30% more.
  6. Agitator – 300% aggro gain rate on all abilities.
  7. 7. Flight of Daggers – AoE damage and a DoT every 5 abilities.

What is the rotation for this build?

The rotation begins with a Blade Torrent -> Crimson Theatre -> Aftershock. Following this, it is all Blade Torrent spam using Aftershock and Crimson Theatre on cooldown, with priority going to Aftershock to both maintain Minor Ward and stack more Debilitate.
If Stoicism is your choice for Elite Active, then activate it before your 1st Blade Torrent and use it religiously every time the cooldown recycles.

Art of War doubles as both a great asset for when surrounded by 5+ enemies (guaranteeing 10 glances), and also acts as your fastest recycling impair, meaning it should be used 1st when impairing a spell/ability, as it will return to you the quickest.

Beatdown and Trial by Swords, in that order, serve their purpose as backup impairs when AoW is on cooldown or Stoicism was included.

Finally, Provoke is your panic button incase things go wrong, as it instantly puts you in the lead on aggro by 110% making it more valuable than most Snap-Aggro abilities, as it allows you to keep the instant aggro past a few seconds, maintaining aggro control on the mob.

Are there any specific gear requirements for this build?

This build does not require any special gearing needs beyond the standard tank expectations.

I, myself, 1st built to 600+ block to push penetrates off the table, and then gearing evenly between defense rating and physical protection. On my attack rating pieces I included some hit rating to make sure I was getting the most out of my Blade Torrents, and to make sure Aftershock connects for Debilitate.

What makes this build ‘tick’?

The beauty in this build is in the amount of passive damage mitigation you are getting fueled entirely by your own abilities, while at the same time freeing up 4 active slots to customize basically as you please.

Every Blade Torrent and Aftershock will stack Exposed, leading to 10 stacks in no time (usually 11 to 12 GCDs). At the same time, Aftershock will give you Minor Ward for 8 seconds, provided you stay within melee range of the enemy you hit with it after 3 seconds (and are you ever not in melee range when not dodging an ability/mechanic?), while still stacking Debilitate, causing the damage coming from the enemy to fall further and further.

Along with this, you can put on 3 impairs for interrupt heavy fights, or several defensive CDs, a mix of the two, or some utility abilities for specific encounters (for example, I use Surging Blades, Stoicism, Martial Discipline and Brick Wall with Machine Tyrant).

Using Aftershock as your 1st priority after every 4 second cooldown allows you to completely debilitate the boss within 45 or so seconds, and that along with its innate Minor Ward allows you to have a straight 37.5% damage reduction from all sources, before counting in your own physical/magical protection, and the additional amount from Hardcase, and all of this without relying on another player.

Blade Torrent with its 400% modifier (1200% with Agitator), along with a fire and forget Crimson Theatre, and the DoTs from Shoot Em Up and Flight of Daggers is plenty of aggro for all but the most outgeared tanks in all NM situations. Even in this case, an early Stoicism and then further Stoicisms either on cooldown or directly after a Provoke will keep you in the lead.

One final note, at the cost of Minor Ward, it is possible to run with First Blood, a Strike Builder, instead of Aftershock to speed up the stacking of Debilitate (with Stoicism just incase, First Blood can max both Exposed and Debilitate within 11 to 12 seconds), which is useful for highly mobile fights/those that have long periods of disengaging the boss, such as Machine Tyrant, Ur Draug, Dr Klein (2), and so forth.

TSW – New Player Guide

The Secret World

TSW – New Player Guide

Norma Creed

…Cookies, Dear?


As of this week, TSW has now gone “Buy to Play” (B2P).  Because of this, we have seen a great influx of new players to the world, both true newbies and returning gamers.   Because of this, I wanted to take some time to update my New Player Guide I posted back at release.  While this guide is not all inclusive, it does directly address many of the things that  new players often find problematic.  
First, it is important to realize that TSW is a different type of game then other MMOs.   While you will see many of the same mechanics played out, there are specific differences.   

Additionally, most of these differences will often impact your overall enjoyment of the game.   

New Player Guide – Questing

Quests are not the typical “Quest hub” style you are used to seeing in the modern MMO.  Instead of offering you quest hubs that you continually return to every time you finish “collecting 10 rat pelts” to pick up 10 more quests for a small area, TSW limits the number of quests you can have active at any given time. 

You are allowed only 1 “red” (action), “green” (investigation), or “yellow” (infiltration) quests at once (these quests share a single slot in your journal and will over-write each other if you take a new one when you have one active).   In addition to these three quests, are you allowed to have upto 3 “grey” (item) quests at once.   You also have the “story” quest line, which is unique to the zone you are in.  (Note:  if you wish to “cancel” a quest, just replace it with a new one.  The old quest will ‘pause’ and you can pick it back up from the quest NPC and start where you left off)

When questing in TSW, you should choose one quest (Red/Green/Yellow) and follow it from the start to the end.   As you move through the area, you will pass by the “item” (grey) quests.  You should take these out when you are in the area, as they will “Breadcrumb” you to the next questing area. 

Most quest NPCs in TSW have between 1-2 quest lines.  (a few have three)  when you finish one quest line, you will often have the breadcrumb sending you to the next quest NPC.  It is upto you if you wish to return to the previous NPC and see what else he/she wanted from you, or if you wish to continue to the next location. 

In general (but not always) the red quests in TSW are fairly easy to decipher.   You won’t need too much extra help to complete these quest lines.  However, while doing the investigation (specifically), as well as the infiltration (specifically, if you wish to work to the “stealth achievement”) missions, you might find yourself either (1) stuck, or (2) bugged.  In some cases the quests in TSW can bug (though most of the previous quest bugs have been squashed), however most of the time you are just stuck on a clue and don’t realize it.   

If this is the case, you might find that you need to ask someone for advice.   You have a couple options.  TSW offers a “Mission Help” channel where you can ask questions, as well as a number of websites offer quest help to get you past a tough step.   While a number of players will obviously ask questions in /general, I would advise keeping spoilers out of general chat when at all possible.    It is best, if you find yourself stuck on a step, to first look it up online (TSWGuides.com — for example offers spoiler safe text for all investigation and infiltration missions, as well as the main story line in our Quest  Database),  and if you find you are still having problems, ask the community of players in chat. 

Finally, realize that all NPCs have their quest dialogue, as well as their “general story” dialogue.   If you are interested in hearing more about the NPC, speak with them about any topics they offer to you, and realize, as you click each one, they will continue to offer more information to you until the box gains a green “check mark” thus triggering to you that they have given you all the story over that specific content.  

New Player Guide  - Builds

A second way that TSW is significantly different than other MMOs is in their Ability system.   By offering a wide varity of options for the starting player it is often easy to (1) feel overwhelmed, or (2) build something that ends up causing you headaches as you progress.   While it is true that “any build” will work, some builds are clearly better than others.  Spending your first few points wisely can mean the difference between moving forward at Q2/3 into the next zone smoothly, and needing to go back and repeat content.  In general, I would say making your own mistakes can be good for you, it is also important to keep in mind that it is easy to get yourself stuck in a point there you are too frustrated to continue with the game.  It is critical that you have an opportunity to enjoy as much of the game as possible, at a rate that you enjoy.  Unless you wish to repeat content, you might want to consider thinking thorough your build and decide what direction you wish to take before pushing too far into Kingsmouth. 

It is because of this that I recommend to players that they come into the game with a build in mind of where they want to go.  Of course, however, it is clear that as new players it is next to impossible to know where to spend points when you first log in.  From this point, I suggest that you visit TSWGuides’ Build Page.  On this page we offer a series of builds we call “My first 60”, which focus on specific roles for the first 60 Ability Points you gain. (60 ability points is Q2/3 and is attainable in Kingsmouth).   By using one of these builds you can decide to (1) build a main tank for your team that is successful in the entry level dungeons, (2) Build a healer that can heal that tank, (3) Build a DPS character, or most often (4) build what we title a “survival” character.   The survival character is the soloist built in such a way that they will be successful questing through a balance of smart rotations, self-heals, and AOE dps.   We have a number of “My first 60” survival builds, and many of them pair well with other roles later in the game.  You may wish to become a tank, therefore you chose to use one of the Sword builds.  Or if you wish to be a claw healer for your group, you may choose to build up one of the my first 60s that offer claw as a weapon option.
Our “My first 60” builds are not the only options for success out of the gates, not even close, however each one does well to allow the player to reach their chosen role, and have fun doing it—and that is what this weekend should be all about.

In addition to your build choice, you should also keep in mind:

  • You should always use two different weapon types.  When building with DPS attacks you will gain resources on both weapons you have equipped.  Once the resource pool is full, you should use a closer from each weapon.  By opting out of one weapon, you are forgoing a large portion of your dps (or healing) power. 
  • While Active weapons require a specific weapon equipped, passives do not.  You can use passive abilities from any tree.   If you look at one of our more popular starter builds, the 60 point Blade/Fist survival build, for example, you can see that we use a combination of passives from Fist, Blade, and Blood trees. 
  • The “con” of the mob or quest to you is relative to the combined score on your gear (talisman as well as weapons) and your Skill Points in your gear.  If you find you are “glancing” a lot of your attacks, you might find it useful to increase your weapon skill in your weapon.  At lower levels you should always use your SP as you acquire new gear to use, or if you find that you are not hitting often enough.  A few weeks ago, Ryahl wrote up a series of editorials on gearing in TSW that you can find on our Editorial page.  All our Editorials are fairly lengthy; however all offer information that is useful for new and veteran players.
  • Tailsman optimization can be difficult and confusing.  To start, remember that your head tailsman is worth ~25% of your overall stats.  The Major Tailsman (Finger/Neck/Wrist) are ~15% each, and the Lesser  Tailsman (Luck/Belt/Occult) are each worth ~10%.  (These numbers are not exact, however give you a general idea of the values) This means while you may choose to mix/match your talisman  keep in mind that not all gear slots have equal stats.   As a claw healer that groups you might chose healing gear for most slots, with 20% of your total gear going to Tank gear (2 lesser OR 1 major talisman).   While at the same time you might find using a survival build requires a 40ATK/40Heal/20Tank breakdown.  (keep in mind, green gear is different and will often have a mix of stats.  You might give up a piece of green gear WITH HPs to goto full blue ATK gear with NO HPs.  Thus requiring a swap of one minor piece into “tank” gear to raise your HPs).
  • Funcom has implemented a number of “starter” decks (many directly influenced by our “My first 60″ builds).  The implementation of these has limited some of the confusion on lower level deck building, however there are still a number of issues at play with these new builds, and while they are viable options (unlike the higher level decks), they are not optimal builds (and lack many of the necessary pieces for tank/healing).

Third – Dungeons

Finally, the third way that TSW is unique is their dungeon content.  Dungeon content offers the players raid type mechanics in a small group setting.  Currently there is one raid in TSW, and this raid is focused as end-game material.  Much of the mechanics present in the raid are similar to the mechanics within the dungeons. 

All dungeons in TSW are top-notch design.  While they are mechanically heavy (“stay outta the goo”), they also limit the amount of “trash” mobs in the dungeon to give fewer “lulls” in the action.  Additionally, the mechanics of fights in TSW are done in such a way that you are not required to “play the interface” to react to casting and effects of boss fights.  While TSW offers a traditional cast bar, they also offer a white particle effect (often a circle) that shows the player both the effect radius, as well as the casting bar for the ability; when the inner ring reaches the outer ring, the ability fires.  
Polaris is the first dungeon in TSW, and can be found on the outskirts of Kingsmouth  (Savage Coast and Blue Mountain each have their own dungeons as well) and is accessible (and do-able) at Q2/3.  You can find dungeon guides and information about Polaris (as well as later dungeons) at our DungeonGuide page.  Each dungeon offers an introduction to the zone, as well as mechanics for each boss.  Additionally, Ryahl has completed a number of very thorough video guides that detail out specifics of boss fights that can be found many boss pages.
My final thought on dungeons in TSW is this:  Dungeons are one of the better executed content in TSW.  I highly recommend you find time
before you leave Kingsmouth for a run through Polaris. 
In closing I want to welcome you to TSW, and I hope you founds this New Player Guide useful.  Have a great time in The Secret World, and please feel free to respond if you have any questions or comments.
Edit:  I also wanted to add, if you find you are still having issues you should check out another one of my editorials: Why Can’t I…?

The End of Days Event

TSW Guide for the 2012 Holiday Event:

The End of Days Event

The End of Days Event is now LIVE!  

The event is scheduled to run from now (Dec 21st) until Jan 7th.

(Background information on the event ARG can be found here)

Tanya Short’s Event Blog

(Note from TSWGuides:  Unfortunately, this event was built and released as we are heading out of town for the holidays.  Therefore, it is unlikely we will have a complete guide for some time.  We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  If you wish to submit any information for this event to the site, please email me at aela.eq2@gmail.com and we will happily credit you with the information)

Irusan, The King of the Cats

I’m telling you, if the Mayans get this whole end of the world prediction wrong, they are finished. There is just no walking back from that big of a mistake.

End of Days Event Content:

A new Contest from Funcom:  Information on the contest can be found at this link.

The contest runs the length of the event,and gives special rewards to the highest participants over the course of the season.  Rewards include a pet and special title!

 Seasonal Achievements: End of Days 0/7

  1. The Big Picture – Complete all End of Days Achievements
  2. Quetzal Catcher – Find all Lore for End of Days (5 Total)
  3. Merry Mayan Prophecy- Complete all Seasonal Missions
    1. The End Of Something
    2. Resplendent Wisdom
    3. Harvesting The Sun
    4. Nameless Days
    5. The Final Countdown
  4. Ghost of Ages Past- Kill 3 Harbringers of the Nameless Days
    1. Harbringer of New England
    2. Harbringer of Egypt
    3. Harbringer of Transylvania
  5. Down for the Count – Kill Bolon Yakte’ K’uh at his full strength
  6. Busted Bones - Kill Bolon Yakte’ K’uh while critically impared by Skull Collector.
  7. Unidentified Flying Objective – Get the Quenzol to help you during the Bolon Yakte’ K’uh fight



Patch 1.5 – The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn

TSW Guide for Patch 1.5


Official Patch Notes!

The Vanishing Of Tyler Freeborn

A boat, and fog? This can’t be good.


New Content for Update 1.5

Patch 1.5 introduces the first of the Downloadable Content Patches for TSW since the game went “Buy to Play” (B2P).  With the addition of this patch, all players who purchase the game prior to Jan 2013 will receive this content free of change.  Any players joining TSW after the new year will be billed $5 for this update.

In addition to the following missions, 1.5 also includes the addition of a Shortcut bar, which allows players to bind items to hotkeys!  This bar is found when you open your inventory and is set to shift# be default. Players can reassign these items to new keys in the Settings>Controls>Inv Shortcuts



  • A brand new mission line is now available: ‘The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn“. This is the first DLC mission.  All current players and all players who purchase the game in December 2012 will receive it for free.  To access the mission please open the Item Store and claim it from the Boosts / Account tab.
  • The Uncertainty Principle – the mission to the new Auxiliary weapon ‘Quantum Brace’ has now been activated. To get started in this mission, talk to Moose in Kingsmouth.
  • From Carthage to Cairo – Tanis in the Scorched Desert needs help in covering her tracks in her involvement of a certain shipment.
  • Obstructive Persons – help Alina Florea in The Shadowy Forest with her plans to leave Morninglight.

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn – Signature Story Arc

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn is a series of quests added in content update 1.5.  This is the first purchased download content in the Secret World “Buy to Play” business model.  Once you buy the pack and activate it, you get an inventory item called VIP map, Freeborn.  Activating that opens up a map near the Asylum in Blue Mountains.

Right near the Turner house, you find the first quest marker, an SD card sitting on the side of the road.  Quests in the Tyler Freeborn sequence include:

…More to come!








Patch 1.4 – Big Trouble in the Big Apple

TSW Guide for Patch 1.4

Big Trouble in the Big Apple

Official Patch Notes! 

Releasing November 15th, Patch 1.4 offers multiple new areas and quests for TSW.

Content update 1.4 brings a bit of something to all play styles.  PVE progression players will enjoy the new raid and Slaughterhouse dungeons.  Group oriented, but more casual, players will find the new lair quests to be an interesting new game mechanic.  RP oriented players should have all sorts of fun in the Albion Theater (and there are interesting setpiece rewards out there).  PVP players should find changes to Fusang worth a look.  Solo players will find the new quests expanding elements of our existing stories and starting one new one.  Finally, anyone with a Leatherface fetish will certainly enjoy the new Chainsaw auxiliary weapon.

The Big Trouble in the Big Apple T-Shirt

New Content for Update 1.4



Opening elements of Crossroad of the World

AR/SG Passive Proc DPS

AR/SG Passive Proc DPS

A NM DPS Build

by: Shodokai

Assault Rifle, Shotgun

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Active Abilities

  • 1. Safety Off – Highest DPS builder, burst combines well with proc passives.
  • 2. Out for a Kill – Instant SG finisher.
  • 3. 3 Round Burst – Good damage, three more chances to proc passives.
  • 4. Fire at Will – AoE finisher.
  • 5. Breaching Shot – 40% pen CD to up group DPS.
  • 6. Cleanup – Fantastic group utility.
  • 7. Confuse – 50% threat dump. Slot an AOE builder here if you don’t ever pull aggro.

Passive Abilities

  • 1. Extra Bullet – Solid damage increase, also increases proc rate on passives by adding an additional hit per second to your builder.
  • 2. Ferocity – 9% damage buff with near 100% uptime.
  • 3. Twist the Knife – Second 9% damage buff, also near 100% uptime.
  • 4. Live Wire – highest DPS proc passive, dependent on crit, but so much damage that it’s better than any of the others even with relatively low crit – at 9%, it still out-damages sudden return with 40% pen.
  • 5. Third Degree – second highest DPS proc passive, sets afflicted state. Uptime is dependent on pen; for 100% uptime, you must pen 3 times every 4 seconds. Even at lower pen the damage is good; 60% uptime is almost as good as incision with 100% uptime.
  • 6. Incision – decent damage inflict, only requires 1 pen every 3 seconds to keep up.
  • 7. Sudden Return/One in the Chamber – this choice depends on your crit vs. pen chance. OitC will most likely be better unless you have much higher pen than crit.


Your rotation is 5xSafety Off, Out for a Kill, 3 Round Burst. Breaching Shot should be used with 5/5 resources, followed by OfaK, 3RB, 3xSO, OfaK, 3RB to make sure you get the second pair of finishers in while the buff is up. For AoE situations you will most likely want to drop Confuse and Out for a Kill for Suppressing Fire and Shotgun Wedding. Build to 5 if you have time; if not, go builder/finisher/finisher/tab/builder/finisher/finisher etc until everything is dead.


The build doesn’t make use of hit, crit or pen improving passives – to get the most out of it you need good gear. At lower gear levels drop OitC for Overpenetration to get more procs on Incision, Sudden Return, and Third Degree.

What makes this build tick?

24 hits every 7-8 seconds. All the highest damage proc passives. 2 great group buffs. Massive single target DPS. What’s not to like?

Afflice in Chains

Afflice in Chains

a Solo DPS Build

by Sheeplover

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Blood / Elemental

Active Abilities

  • Open Vein (Blood:Possession, Chain, Builder)
  • Infection (Blood:Profane, Chain, Afflict, Consumes 3)
  • Electrical Storm (Elemental:Spark, Chain, Consumes 3)
  • Flashpoint (Elemental:Altered States, Multitarget Afflict, no resource interaction)
  • Lightning Manifestation (Elemental:Tempest, Chain, Consumes 2)
  • Liquidation (Blood:Chirugia, Multitarget Afflict, Heal, no resource interaction)
  • Plague (Blood:Malediction, Elite, Afflict, potentially multitarget, no resource interaction)
  • Whatever Rocket Launcher ability you care for / have

Passive Abilities

  • Chain Reaction (Elemental:Mortality Curve)
  • Salt in the Wound (Fist:The Outback)
  • Bloodsport (Fist:The Outback)
  • Molecular Exploitation (Elemental:Altered States)
  • Criticality (Elemental:Altered States)
  • Vital Fluids (Blood:Transmission)
  • Gross Anatomy OR From the Abyss OR Live Wire (Blood:Transmission OR Chaos:The Value of X OR Elemental:Altered States)


Open with Liquidation to get it on cooldown, if it’s not available. Use Flashpoint and Plague whenever possible, but always make sure the target is Afflicted before using Flashpoint.
Use cycles of Open Vein into Infection and Electrical Storm, dropping Lightning Manifestations whenever you think a fight will last 10 seconds or more. You can’t rotate statically, as you’ve got to react to the frequent Vital Fluids procs giving you free resources – more Blood than Elemental, due to using a Blood builder. If you prefer more Elemental resources, swap out Open Vein for elemental’s Arc Flash, another chain builder. I use Open Vein because it casts in 0.5s rather than 1s.


You want +crit rate above other stats. Further than that, crit power, hit, penetrate and defensive stats are your perogative. I gear for crit damage, as it synergises with crit rate, but this could work with frequent critpens or high hit as well.

You want +crit rate above other stats. Further than that, crit power, hit, penetrate and defensive stats are your perogative. I gear for crit damage, as it synergises with crit rate, but this could work with frequent critpens or high hit as well.

What makes the build tick?

This build synergises around the afflicted state, on-hit triggers, on-crit triggers and chain attacks. The triggers synergise as follows:

Bloodsport causes all attacks to apply an afflict. Chain Reaction causes all chains to apply an afflict  Molecular Exploitation and Salt in the Wound cause each affict application to cause a bonus amount of damage. Criticality fires off a chain from each critical hit – applying further bonus ticks from the hit and chain. Vital Fluids gives bonus resources on afflict application. All abilities cause an afflict of their own, or are chain abilities, or are both.

Elite passives: Gross Anatomy is useful for sustained fights, as afflicts will fall off from various effects causing more hits. From the Abyss works wonders if you’re in close range, as it’s an AOE ability. Live Wire causes random high damage ticks against effectively random targets you’re fighting.

This doesn’t hold up well for farming Nightmare mobs or in dungeons, but it served me well while leveling through Egypt and early Transylvania.

MeleeDPS Newcomer Build

MeleeDPS “Newcomer Build”

Chaos / Fist

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Editors Note:  This build was submitted as a “Newcomer, Kingsmouth/Savage Coast build”, however, creating the build costs 769 points.  This is far beyond the reach of a newcomer to TSW.  I believe the submitter intended this to be a  higher level build.

by Nunai

Active Abilites

  • Confuse
  • Amor Fati
  • Pray on the Weak
  • One Two
  • Four Horsemen
  • Do or Die
  • Reckless

Passive Abilities

  • Adrenaline
  • Overpenetration
  • Ferocity
  • Twist the Knife
  • Elemental Force
  • Follow Through
  • Predator


One Two
Pray on the Weak
Pray on the Weak
One Two
Pray on the Weak
Pray on the Weak
Pray on the Weak
Four Horsemen

Gear Needs:

works perfectly with ~800 penetration, ~800 critical hit and ~400 critical damage

What makes the build tick?

adrenaline is the most important passive to use One Two often
the rotation has 8 steps, so elemental force can used to special skill (4 horsemen here)
CDs when 5 ressources for each weapon are set, so 2 both consumer and a complete rotation will be pushed

The Shootist – NM DPS Build

The Shootist

NM DPS Build

by: Morven

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Shotgun / Pistol

 Active Abilities

  • The Business
  • Shootout
  • Out for a Kill
  • Deadly Aim
  • Breaching Shot
  • Cleanup (sub in Do or Die if not needed)
  • Free choice – I generally run an AoE or a utility/defensive cooldown, depending on the fight and group make-up.

Big Forty-Five is a possible swap for Shootout, and may be a better choice for fights that require a lot of fast movement, but will probably require either losing some DPS (One in the Chamber) or some utility (12 Gouge) to fit in the Quick Forty-Five passive.

Passive Abilities

  • Iron Maiden
  • Incision
  • Third Degree
  • Twist the Knife
  • One in the Chamber
  • 12 Gouge
  • Live Wire

If somebody else is applying Debilitate, consider swapping in Lethality in its place. If having problems with Glancing, drop in Fever Pitch for either 12 Gouge or One in the Chamber (the weakest of the DPS passives).


The Business x 5, Shootout, Out for a Kill. Use cooldowns as needed/appropriate, being sure to arrange a rotation with other players in the group who are using them. As a rule of thumb, reserve big DPS cooldowns (Breaching, Deadly, Do or Die) for the second or third rotation, to give the tank time to build a solid aggro lead, and make sure Twist the Knife (and Lethality, if used) are at full stacks and Iron Maiden (and Fever Pitch if used) are running; also consider buffs from other players (Short Fuse) and signets (Abuse, Aggression, and especially Breaching, which can be an incredible group-wide force-multiplier in conjunction with a well-timed Breaching Shot).

Gear Needs:

Stat priority is Penetration, Crit Rating, and Hit. Since this build relies on a lot of small hits in fast succession, Crit Power is a distant fourth priority (although consider using a Crit Power Stim or Kickback for a little extra oomph when using Deadly Aim).

What Makes the Build Tick?

The multiple hits from The Business (and Shootout) increase the chance of getting penetrating and critical hits (and penetrating critical hits), which results in 100% uptime on Twist the Knife, Incision, Iron Maiden and Third Degree, along with a lot of One in the Chamber and Live Wire procs, providing solid damage. Incision and Third Degree keep ticking even when not directly attacking, which keeps some DPS on the boss when it’s necessary to switch targets to an add or change positions.

Deadly Aim and Breaching Shot provide strong buffs to damage (and healing, especially for AR leech healers and Fist healers running Empowerment) group-wide, frequent 12 Gouge procs reduce incoming damage on the tank by 30%, Cleanup cleanses the whole group and makes every attack purge, and a variety of other support/utility skills are available for the seventh active slot if more AoE isn’t needed, which is why the original name for this build was “It’s both a dessert topping AND a floor wax” – DPS and support both.

Stick ‘n Move

Stick ‘n Move

Blade / Chaos NM Tanking build

by: KungenMike A.K.A. TheSheriff

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Active Abilities

  • Escalation
  • Provoke
  • Reality Fracture
  • Crimson Theatre
  • Helter Skelter / Spiral of Death (for Ankh)
  • The Art of War {E}
  • Chaotic Pull
  • ¤Death from Above

Passive Abilites

  • Agitator
  • Intensity
  • Shadow Play
  • Shoot ‘Em Up
  • Tendersing
  • Immovable Object
  • Forged in Fire {E}
  • ¤Rocket Science


Expose x5

Interrupt and move when needed.

Gearing Needs:

Nothing fancy gear wise. I stack Block, Defense and Hit with a little more love going the Block way.

What makes the build tick:

Solid build for all over. Easy to hold aggro with and a third Interrupt when need.
Thanks to Helter Skelter that you can use as a third Interrupt and a get the hell out of the way with, pair that with Death from Above its easy to move around.

Spiral of Death takes place over Helter Skelter here, just makes it alot easier to avoid Wave of Mutation.

Chaotic Pull awsome ranged Interrupt very handy in many situations.
The Art of War, well what can i say. Awsome skill for Interrupt and an “Ohh Shit” button to give the healer a little space. And when you need to peel of mobs from some DPS happy groupies.

Thanks for reading.

Ingame – TheSheriff
Forum – KungenMike