The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn

Action Mission – Blue Mountain

A TSW Guide to content update 1.5

(This quest is the final of four quests about Tyler Freeborn.
The previous quest is The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn)



The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn is the final step of the Tyler Freeborn arc.  The quest begins in Blue Mountain, at his camera.  You are treated to a journal entry from Tyler who believes he has figured out the secret of the fog.  Our Secret World Guide continues with the epic conclusion of the Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn.

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn, Step 1 – Put on the respirator and follow Tyler Freeborn into the fog

You got a respirator in the last quest, put it on.  Enter the fog.

Die?  Need another CDC Respirator?


Don’t worry, you have it.  It’s in your dressing room under Face options.

A Full Video Walk-Through for the Dream Sequence

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn, Step 2 – Find the Source of the song

Follow the orb of light, there will be a number of them.  As you get deeper in you will see shapes running by you in the fog.  The humming gets louder, as does your heartbeat.

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn, Step 3 – Search for Tyler Freeborn

You have to move through a rather spooky imagination of Kingsmouth. Along the way you fight the safe members of Kingsmouth (Deputy Andy, Helen, Norma, etc.).  After fighting Edgar in his junk yard you come to a puzzle.

Five wheels align seven pods (three right, four left).  Starting with the bottom pod and moving counter-clockwise:

  • Pod 1 (L1,2 and R1)
  • Pod 2 (L1,4 and R3)
  • Pod 3 (L3 and R2)
  • Pod 4 (L2 and R1 and 2)
  • Pod 5 (L1,3 and R2)

Want the solution?


Turn all of the pods on and then turn the front two off.

This continues your trek into Tyler’s dream.  Now, though you get dropped through a chasm on your way to a set of lights.  You have to continue moving towards the lights, taking a circuitous route on occasion.

You will then face the boss of the area, Dragumaz.  Stay out of his radius attack and work him down.  Once there, jump off the ledge and continue on your way to the aura.

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn, Step 4 – Examine the body

Things didn’t work out for Tyler, but did you seriously expect them to?  On the bright side, you get to hear his last words and take his necklace.  That’s good too, no?

The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn

The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn

Infiltration Mission – Blue Mountain

A TSW Guide to content update 1.5

This is the third in a series of quests about Tyler Freeborn.  
The previous quest is The Research of Tyler Freeborn, and the final quest is The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn)



The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn is the third quest in the Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn line.  This quest series was added in content update 1.5 with the same name.  Our Secret World Guide continues with this examination of the infiltration quest.  Infiltration quests generally require stealth and reward players for bypassing obstacles without combat.

The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn, Step 1 – Go to the Orochi Encampment

The Orochi camp is sealed and requires a keypad entry to get in.  The entry can be found in the nearby van 0943786.

Beware the drones, they will stun you and boot you out of the gates.  The quest updates to “Find traces of Tyler Freeborn.”

The camera you are looking for is in one of the two Orochi vans to the right from the gate.  You find it at 673, 823.  You get an interesting cut-scene with Tyler discussing the Pied Piper and the Draug.

The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn, Step 2 – Examine the nearby research laptop

Conveniently, this is right beside you.  Project Filth, Testing updates the quest to:

  • Get a normal human blood sample
  • Get a filthy blood sample
  • Get a second filthy blood sample

You will find the three samples in the various tents.  Be warned, though, there are Orochi scientists in them.  You need to trigger gas leaks to get the scientists to leave their tent.

You can pickup canisters of gas around the camp and then use them in the air ventilation systems on the tents.  This causes the scientists/guards to leave a tent for about 30 seconds.  This is the exact same process as completed in the Orochi Group infiltration quest.  Be aware, that if others are triggering this quest, you can easily get caught in their returning guards.  Just keep your eyes peeled.

Once you complete this, the quest updates to:

  • Confirm the results using the first blood sample
  • Confirm the results using the second blood sample
  • Confirm the results using the third sample

Interestingly, H. Bannerman (the Sheriff) was not physically exposed, but she appears infected

The quest then updates to “Read the experiment results and conclusions.”

Go back to the van with the computer.  View project filth and conclusions.  The quest advises Orochi agents to use CDC-class resiprators at all time.

The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn, Step 3 – Head to the CDC Camp

Upon entering the CDC camp you get the message “Find a respirator.”  They are in a box near a tent, the quest updates to “Read the crumpled up note” in the same box.  The note references a “Bathymetric Map” and has the word “Whale Watch” scribbled beside it.

The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn, Step 4 – Head to the Whale Watch

For reference, a quick GIS on the map tells us that it is the “submerged equivalent of an above-water topographic map.  Upon reaching the whale watcyh, the quest updates to “Find a bathymetric map.”  The map is on the boat, located at 45, 649.

The map shows you that the shallowest part of the ocean is NE of skull island.  Bear in mind, the map and your game-map show slightly different spots.  The map on the boat circles a spot a bit north of your in-game map.  The quest updates to “Go to the shallowest part of the ocean.”  At 205, 924, the quest updates to “Examine the camera.”

This concludes the Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn.  Our Secret World guide continues with the epic conclusion in the Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn.

The Research of Tyler Freeborn

The Research of Tyler Freeborn

Signature Quest – Content Update 1.5

Blue Mountains

(This is the second of a series of quests about Tyler Freeborn.
The first step is The Search for Tyler Freeborn and the third is The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn.



The Research of Tyler Freeborn begins with video Tyler shot of a Guardian.  He finishes off with a cryptic note that he’ll secure it, somehow.  This Secret World guide walks you through all steps needed to complete the Research of Tyler Freeborn.

The Research of Tyler Freeborn, Step 1 – Find the location where the video was shot

The quest takes you to the North side of Blue Mountain.  Upon arrival it updates to “Follow the tracks that lead from the area.”

You find tracks at 690, 913, heading NNE.  A Guardian attacks you at 829, 910.

The Research of Tyler Freeborn, Step 2 – Follow the Trail of the Guardian

The Guardian runs off to the West.  You get an update around 537, 899.

The Research of Tyler Freeborn, Step 3 – Defend the Holding Cell

You find a filth infected Orochi in a holding cell and have to defend him (?) from several waves of guardians.  Once you complete this, the quest updates.

The Research of Tyler Freeborn, Step 4 – Follow the pack to find the Orochi Assault Leader

You will find tracks heading to the West, then curving north leading down to the water.  The quest updates at 310, 934 to “enter the cave.”  This leads you into an instance, moving forwards updates the quest to “Defeat the Alpha Guardian.”

The Alpha Guardian is a high hitpoint boss with a column attack and periodic puddles of filth.  He teleports away periodically and you get a few waves of guardians to defeat.  After a few cycles, you win and the quest updates to find the Orochi leader.  Upon finding him, the quest updates to “Examine the Orochi tablet.”  Examining the tablet updates the quest to “Use the tablet to find more information.”

Go ahead and read about the Private and subject #3 before reading up on Tyler.  The Orochi realize that Tyler Freeborn is on to something and that two different mutations are duking it out on Solomon Island.  They are trying to find him to advance their research.

That ends the quest and begins the next Tyler Freeborn quest.

The Search for Tyler Freeborn

The Search for Tyler Freeborn

Action Quest – Blue Mountain

Content Update 1.5

(This is the first of a series of quests about Tyler Freeborn.
The following step is The Research of Tyler Freeborn)


The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn is a series of quests added in content update 1.5.  This is the first purchased download content in the Secret World “Buy to Play” business model.  Once you buy the pack and activate it, you get an inventory item called VIP map, Freeborn.  Activating that opens up a map near the Asylum in Blue Mountains.

Right near the Turner house, you find the first quest marker, an SD card sitting on the side of the road.   This is the start of the first quest.

Tyler Freeborn lived on Solomon Island and was documenting information on the fog.  You are going to follow his video and find out what happened.  Tyler’s a conspiracy nut, but not the sharpest tack in the box.  He’s out taping, alone, during the zombie apocalypse when the Varangian (or Cta Tha if you prefer) pops up out of the ocean.  I predict hors-d’oeuvre de Tyler were on the menu.  At any rate, it’s time for you to Search for Tyler Freeborn.

The Search for Tyler Freeborn, Step 1 – Go to the location where Tyler was filming.

The quest updates to “Search the area for a clue to Tyler’s whereabouts”, this location is marked on your map.  Dog tags are sitting near the boat.

The Search for Tyler Freeborn, Step 2 – Go to the military camp.

Upon arrival, the quest updates to Search the camp for information about Tyler Freeborn.  Use the military laptop, choose Incident Reports (4) , Trespassing (2) .  This tells you about his blog at  Time to check his blog.

The quest updates to “Search for Tyler Freeborn at his safehouse.”  His safe house is at 369, 521.  You update to “Read the note.”

Tyler’s last blog notes suggest that the military took his cameras and probably ransacked his trailer at the Wabanaki camp.  We should follow suit.

The Search for Tyler Freeborn, Step 3 – Go to the trailer park

Upon arrival, the quest updates to “Figure out which trailer the key is for.”  There is an Orochi agent near 200, 661 (he disappeared on my approach) the quest updateds to “Pursue the agent”  He hops in a van and rushes away, you get “

The Search for Tyler Freeborn, Step 4 – follow the van

It’s heading towards the Orochi camp.  Black helicopters pursue you, fun, fun!

You get another cut-scene with the van crashing and a Draug Warmonger taking out the helicopter.  You then have to check wreckage.

The Search for Tyler Freeborn, Step 5 – Search the wreckage for evidence

You find the SD Card at 149, 820.  Using it finishes off the first quest.

Obstructive Persons

Obstructive Persons

Investigation Mission – Shadowy Forest

Content Update 1.5 – The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn

Alina Florea in the Shadowy Forest starts the quest Obstructive Persons.  Alina’s previous quest, Six Feet Under details her involvement with the Morninglight cult.  She now wishes to leave the cult and get away… and fix her bad hair?  Seriously, she’s standing in a nest of ghouls with an empty pistol and she wants to wash her hair and smoke pot.  Some people have a great sense of perspective.

Obstructive Persons, Step 1 – Investigate her Claims

Alina believes someone in the forest is stalking her, investigate her claims.  Wondering around a bit turns the quest information to “Search the area around Alina.”  You find a dead body lurking at 657, 1145.  Using the body updates the quest

Obstructive Persons, Step 2 – Find out how to close the agent’s file

“Got another likely flyer: Alina Florea.  I want the OSLO works on this one.  Get the word out before she can get to Bucharest.  Once you do, close the file and move on to your next mark. A” There is also a website fragment:

At the website, you find a place to sign-up for more information.  Attempt to fill out the form to get more information.

Why stop everything and fill out an infomercial form for Dyanettics 2: the Sequel?  Who the hell knows?

Editorializing For a Moment

Seriously, why would the agent keep a thread of paper with a lead to a website he uses for official business?  Why would he need a prompt message to a kiosk in New York when he could simply log in and work over the Internet?  Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to have a laptop, tablet, or web enabled smart phone on his person?  Wouldn’t it make more sense for this to be a GHOST hacking game?  At some point, you realize they are just throwing random shit together on these quests and not thinking about coherent story. 

Anyhow, signing up for more information leads you with an error code: 0x0000019cx3.  Because super evil secret societies leave bread crumbs to their deepest, darkest secrets in easily stumbled upon locations, let’s use that.

Completing that prompts you to go and take a personality assessment at their kiosk’s.  We headed over to New York where you find a kiosk at 396, 342.  Pretty much any completion of the assessment leads to a statement about how you scare yourself, and them, but they won’t run from you.  They conclude with “Seek out the path – Follow the light!”

Obstructive Persons, Step 3 – Access the hidden files

Need Help with Hidden Files?


Let’s look at the error code above.  It’s a hexadecimal code: 0000019c.  The clue in the quest journal suggests that they use a language all their own.  Let’s play with that code.  It translates to decimal 412 and to 000110011100 in binary.  Nothing about the binary to text suggests its interesting (even sequenced three times using the x3 tag), so lets mess with the hex to decimal 412 and see what we get.  Now, note the x3 at the end?  Basically you are being told to use 412412412.  Where would you do such a thing?  Why at a Morninglight kiosk if you were taking a personality assessment.

This updates the software to whose file do you wish to close?  Enter Alina Florea:

Obstructive Persons, Step 4 – Locate the agent’s next target

You now face information on file #5554, Dusko Biukovic.  Remember the message about OSLO status?  Check that out, it’s option #2.  This lets us know that Dusko was lost in London and he is probably still there (possibly back in Romania).  The physical description on Dusko is that he’s medium height, short brown hair, nervous, anxious and paranoid.  His favorite animal is a pigeon and he fears spiders.

The files say to pickup his trail in London and retrieve the stolen data.  Wondering around London proves fruitless, but if you head to Besieged Farmlands, you find him near the Council of Venice NPC’s.

Approaching Dusku updates the quest to “Speak with the detractor.”  Target him and… well, it threw me to character select, I’m sure that’s what the Morninglight had planned.  Anyhow, returning and targeting him again led to the following dialog.

Dusko got to level 7, realized things were bad. He stole some files and took off.  After completing the dialog with Dusko, the quest updates to “Examine the stolen dossiers.”

They are now in your inventory.  The password hint is “the Master’s Son.”

Need the password?


If you have done your Morninglight lore, you know that the Master is Phillip Morquard.  Lore entry #8 tells you his children are Alexandre and Katherine and his wife’s name is Elisa.  Using Alexandre as your password gives you a new menu with (1) Rada Natase, (2) Cassandra King, (3) Naonomi Tanaka, (4) John Copley and (5) YOU.

There are some interesting names here.  Cassandra King is the Cassie from Dawning of an Endless Night.  Rada is a socialite in Carpathian Fangs.  Cassandra King has an obstruction file open, she’s left the Morninglight following what happened on Solomon Island.

Oddly, your quest completion phone message is from the Morninglight…


From Carthage to Cairo

From Carthage to Cairo

Infiltration Mission – Scorched Desert

Content Update 1.5

Tanis, located in al-Merayah starts the quest From Carthage to Cairo.  This quest was added in content update 1.5, the Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn.  This quest is an infiltration mission involving solving a bombing in the city.  It is worth noting that Tanis doesn’t remotely react to the bombing.

From Carthage to Cairo, Step 1 – “Investigate the bombed area.”

You can access the bombed area through the doorway at 551, 407.  Once you ascend to the top floor, the quest updates to “Pick up the buzzing cell phone.”  You find a mysterious note, using it gives you a letter from someone named T to someone named S.  Picking up the phone updates the quest to “Check the message on the phone.”  The phone message tells you that a meeting is coming today.

The quest updates to “Eavesdrop on the meeting behind the café.”

You are treated to a cut-scene between Tanis and Said.  Said refuses to work with the Phoenecians, bringing Tanis back into conversation with the mysterious Fedora man from the story-line quest.  The quest updates to “Look around for Said.”

Heading around the corner updates your quest to “Check the phone for a new message.”

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.  You bees are everywhere!  Allow me to summarise since you’re so curious.  My organization has performed too well in the recent past and now everyone wants a piece.  If we can’t have them, no one can – that’s the going motto.  Gamel Saad is stuck at the butcher’s if you want to know more.

From Carthage to Cairo, Step 2 – Enter the abandoned butcher’s shop

The butcher shop is at 505, 258.  You enter a cellar and the quest updates to “Find Gamel Saad.”  You are now in a “stay out of the light” and “avoid the laser wall” steps.

You can pass through the first room by heading right and then jumping the laser.  From there, you can run through the middle of the room to the exit on the far side.  If you are seen by cameras, simply run past them and they will forget about you.

The next room features a laser fence,  The first passage is on the right side.  From here it is a simple zig-zag to get across the room.  Once across, you face another security camera.  This one shuts off every few seconds (the light blinks out).  When it’s out, simply run across and use the switch.

This updates your screen with a message that you hear a loud clanking.  Backtrack through and you will find an open doorway.  The quest updates to “Free Gamel Saad.”  Use the switch on the wall and then free Gamal from the cell.  The quest updates to “Check the phone for a new message.”

Get out of Cairo, I said.  Too dangerous, I said.  I assure you, we’re being much more careful with our associations now.  Some are none too pleased.  Received a distress signal from Saeed Hosni at the date packing plant.  Yes, another one of mine.

From Carthage to Cairo, Step 3 – Go to the Distress Signal Location

Head to the date packing plant.  This area is another stealth area.  At 361, 239 you find a blood stain, use it.  The quest updates to “Follow the trail of blood.”  Head north along the building.  Then head to 269, 247 where you find a badge on the ground.  Examine it, the quest updates to “Check the phone for a new message.”

We were the administrative genius behind the date shipping operation… Doing our best to make up for recent lapses in taste.  Hence our current affiliation.  Hassan Kamil is somewhere northwest of the date farm.  Be a dear, see what you can muster.

From Carthage to Cairo, Step 4 – Explore the ruins west of the date farm

Head towards 234, 473.  The quest updates to “Find Hassan Kamil.”  Watch out for dynamite on the ground.  You find a mortar at 202, 471, the quest updates to “Activate the detonators.”  A laptop nearby is your trigger.

“Defend Hassan Kamil”

You can use the various ordinance to help with the defense, after several rounds the quest updates to “check the phone for a new message.”

I find nothing so alluring as competence!  We have much to discuss, but under present circumstances I do not fully trust these channels.  You shall be hearing from me soon.  Very, very soon.


The Uncertainty Principle

The Uncertainty Principle

Auxiliary Weapon – Bracer

Content Patch 1.5

The Uncertainty Principle was added in content update 1.5, the Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn.  This quest provides access to the auxiliary magic weapon – the quantum bracer.  The quest starts with a visit to Moose at the Sheriff’s station in Kingsmouth.

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 1 – Read Moose’s note about improvised weapons

Need to see the assembly patterns?


Uncertainty Principle - Moose's Notes


You see some information on various weapon types.  The quest updates to “Pick up quantum core from Edgar’s package.”  Edgar’s package is right beside the note.  The quest updates to “Acquire a spring, acquire a metal tube, acquire a car battery.”

  • The metal tube is sitting on a nearby truck
  • The battery is in the sheriff’s station
  • The spring is in the mattress near the car battery

The quest updates to “Assemble the parts into a battery acid grenade launcher.”  The patterns are on the bottom of the note.  The quest updates to “Test the battery acid grenade launcher.”  After a few attempts the launcher breaks and you update to disassemble the item.

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 2 – Acquire a Fire Extinguisher and Acquire Chemicals

Need to see the assembly pattern?


Uncertainty Principle - Chemical

Head to the fire station.  The fire extinguisher is downstairs in the corner.  The chemical waste is outside.

Need to see the assembly pattern?


Uncertainty Principle - Fire Extinguisher

The quest updates to “Assemble the parts into a chemical fire extinguisher.”  This is an upside-down L shaped assembly.  This updates to test the chemical fire extinguisher.  The quest updates again to “Disassemble the broken chemical fire extinguisher.”

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 3 – Acquire a Metal Rod, Acquire Copper Wire, Acquire Rifle Parts

Head out to Edgar’s house, near the junk yard.  All three parts can be found near Edgar’s back porch.  If others are working on the quest, simply move around the house until you find your parts.

Need to see the assembly pattern?


Uncertainty Principle - Electric Ray Gun

When the item breaks this time you get the message, “battle the Deviant Decoherence.”  Once you win this fight the quest updates to “Disassemble the broken electric ray gun.”

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 4 – Examine the fried quantum core

Uncertainty Principle - Fried Quantum Core
Right click on Edgar’s tech, the quest updates to “Go see Edgar at the scrapyard.”

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 5 – Read Edgar’s Notes about his new quantum device

Need to see the assembly pattern?


Uncertainty Principle - Edgar's Notes

The notes are on a nearby table, the quest updates to “Use Incomplete quantum brace.”  The quest updates to “use the fried quantum core to charge a roaming golem.”  Hotkey the fried quantum core and go find a golem.  Use the core on the golem to activate it.  The quest updates to “Collect quantum charged golem bits.”  Defeat a few golem.  The quest updates to “Assemble the quantum bits with the quantum core.”

Need to see the assembly pattern?


Uncertainty Principle - Quantum Bits

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 6 – Use the upgraded core to supercharge a roaming golem

The  quest updates to “Destroy the Deviant Decoherence.”  The quest updates to “collect anima charged quantum particles.”  From here the quest updates to “Assemble the parts into a final quantum weapon.”

Need to see the assembly pattern?


Uncertainty Principle - Quantum Brace

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a quantum bracer.
Uncertainty Principle - Templar Finish

Dacian Pureblood

Dacian Pureblood

Lair Boss

Shadowy Forest

The Dacian Pureblood is a werewolf category lair boss associated with the Shadowy Forest lair.  He is tied to the lair quest Kreep Rush, added in content update 1.4, Battle in the Big Apple.

Need to know how to summon the Dacian Pureblood?


  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Kappa 01]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Tau 01]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Sigma 09]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Rho 09]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Sigma 04]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Rho 05]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment:Phi 01 ]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Delta 01]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Beta 05]

The Dacian Pureblood is a relatively simple fight which has a bugged finish.  The Pureblood features two mechanics:

Overrun – the Dacian Pureblood will periodically cast Overrun.  This is a column attack which can do lethal damage to people in it.  Simply avoid the effect.

Howl – This summons a non-targetable wolf add.  The wolf will run around doing a knockdown charge that does modest damage.  The Dacian Pureblood keeps summoning these throughout the fight, meaning you will wind up with two or more by the end.

The current bug with this fight involves the wolves.  As of content update 1.4, this bug is still present.  The wolves do NOT despawn at the end of the encounter.  Since they cannot be targeted, they cannot be killed.  This means you wind up with wolves knocking people down during the loot cycle.

The only work around for this is to either get killed or run them nearly out of the lair to get them to despawn.

Kreep Rush

Kreep Rush

Tower Defense Lair Quest

Shadowy Forest

Keep Rush is the tower defense lair quest in Shadowy Forest.  This quest was added as part of the Battle in the Big Apple, content update 1.4.  The quest consists of one objective:

  • Place the barrels to lure the tangled Kreeps

The quest takes place at 965, 392.  This triggers a defense quest wherein the party must defend against waves of lair mobs.  Triggering the quest ‘Seedy Underbelly,’ provides a barrel which helps with this quest.  The Seedy Underbelly token provides a short duration AOE cleanse.  This is highly useful for the 1-4 pack of this fight.

This quest involves progressive packs of Shadowy Forest lair mobs.  The most dangerous are the creeps which spew cone and persistent AOE dots.  These packs can come from opposite directions, so a 2-tank group pulling from opposite directions is helpful.

The hardest pull of this fight is a single creep from one side who is immediately aided by four of the same from the far side.  Our tactic is to focus fire on the solo and then have that tank pull one of the four-pack off the other tank.

This quest rewards patterns for the lair boss, Dacian Pureblood.

New York Raid – The Unutterable Lurker

The Unutterable Lurker

The Battle in the Big Apple

TSW’s first 10-person raid

The Unutterable Lurker is the raid boss for the New York City raid encounter in the Secret World.  This fight is a 10-person, 10-minute raid with a 5-minute achievement.  This is the first content to award 10.5 gear along with kits to upgrade 10.4 gear to the 10.5 level.

The Unutterable Lurker
This raid requires 2-tanks and 2-healers.  Each tank needs to bring 2-3 snap-aggro abilities (I recommend three while learning this encounter).  The healers should additionally ascertain that their builds have reasonable synergy (e.g. two fist healers will find themselves overlapping too much).

The raid consists of three distinct phases with important transitions between phase-1 to phase-2 and a critical transition between phase-2 to phase-3.  Much of the fight features aggro swapping, requiring your tanks to coordinate their activity.  The battlefield consists of a number of piles of rubble and downed cars, these are actually objects that block one of the bosses periodic attacks, you will make use of these in the second phase.

The Unutterable Lurker, Stage-1: Whisper of Darkness

During this first stage, the boss has four primary mechanics which must be countered.  All of these mechanics will return in the third stage as well, so learning to process them perfectly is essential.

Do you just need the tactics for this stage?


  • Tanks swap aggro (provoke, mass provoke or art of war) at 10-stacks
  • Healers maintain regens on both tanks due to persistent dots
  • Close combatants strafe past the column attack
  • Ranged combatants also have to watch for the center column
  • Ranged combatants drop filth pools off to the back sides of the fight
  • Call out and clear pods quickly.

Whisper of Darkness: this is the primary tank-swapping mechanic for this fight.  The person with aggro receives a 20-stack of Whisper of Darkness counter.  This causes a damage over time effect the entire time this is up.  The damage is entirely physical and can not be blocked, evaded or glanced.  The Whisper of Darkness dot can NOT be purged or cleansed as well.  The damage must be healed through until it ends.  The counter begins a countdown from the moment it lands.  If the effect is still on a person when the counter reaches zero, that person immediately dies (roughly 10 million damage).  To avoid the death effect, you simply need to lose aggro for about 3-seconds.  The easiest way to do this is to have the two tanks arrange to force taunt aggro from the Unutterable Lurker when the aggro tank hits 10-stacks.  The tanks should swap aggro anytime Whisper of Darkness hits 10 stacks.  You can run it all the way to 1-stack, but you should probably process the swap earlier.  We find that simply using snap aggro (provoke, mass provoke and art of war) is more than enough to handle these transitions.  As we have become more comfortable with this, we often just organically swap aggro, letting each tank simply “win” in the aggro race by slowing down rotations as needed.

Filth Pools: throughout the fight, players near the back will periodically find a white circle at their feet.  Do NOT randomly dive out of it.  This is the Unutterable Lurker pre-casting of what will become a persistent filth pool.  Instead, run it outside of the battle area and park it somewhere out of the way.  Once the casting completes, simply run back to your party, leaving your filth pool behind.

The Column Smash:  Players in the front and middle have to deal with this mechanic constantly and players in the back have to deal with this mechanic occasionally as well.  The Unutterable Lurker will place a rectangular column emanating from his position and progressing towards the party.  This ability does not have a casting bar, merely the column animation.  The smash does moderate physical damage, enough to kill a non-tank and additionally causes a knockdown/stun to tanks.  Be aware that the column effect is slightly wider than the draw radius.  The column can appear to the left, center, or right of the battle area – be aware that columns to the middle aim far enough out to hit assault rifle players.

Pods: throughout the fight, players near the back will also periodically become trapped in one of the Unutterable Lurker’s tentacles.  This manifests as a “pod” around the player (and any other players standing directly adjacent to the target of the tentacle pod).  It is important that DPS tab target and drop the pod quickly.  The pod itself has a DOT effect, however it is one that can be easily healed through. Because of this, it is critical you do not have your two healers standing close to one another. Additionally, a player trapped in the pod can easily become stuck in a filth pool or become the victim of a column attack.

The Unutterable Lurker, Transition-1: Shadow out of Time

Do you just need the tactics for this transition?


  • Have a call-out for the beginning of the transition.
  • Clear anyone in pods
  • Avoid the knockback as best you can
  • Everyone rally to the back-center of the battle arena and kill adds

The transition for phase-2 begins when the Unutterable Lurker begins casting the Shadow out of Time effect.  During this, the visible area turns a dull grey, the Lurker rears back and releases a large filth bubble which emanates from his body outward, gradually traversing the entire length of the battle arena.

Shadow out of Time does little damage, however it causes a knockback/stun to any who are caught in it.  You can avoid the knockdown by simply hiding behind a pile of rubble (or even a lamp post if you are really good) or simply dive rolling at the right time.  Shadow out of Time recurs roughly every 30-seconds for the remainder of the battle.

Two packs of filth spawns appear immediately following a Shadow out of Time.  These will typically cluster to the fist healer, so your tanks should cluster with this person to quickly pull aggro off of them.

We move our team to the back of the battle arena during this stage.  We find that the large rubble pile in the back-center is ideal for DPS and healers (additionally this location provides protection from the knock-back of from upcoming “Shadow out of Time” filth effects) while the crashed cars on the left and right are ideal for tanks in stage-2.

The Unutterable Lurker, Stage-2: Eldritch Guardians

Just looking for the tactics for this stage?


  • Have tank-1 take the odd number drakes and tank-2 take the even number drakes
  • Consider letting the drake stay in the party until it begins casting its first Downfall, interrupt that and then move the drake to your kill location
  • Tank-1 should pull odd drakes to the left (or right) car
  • Tank-2 should pull drake #2 to the car opposite tank-1
  • DPS should focus fire on guardians sequentially
  • Tank should avoid remaining downfalls
  • Call out Shadow out of Time waves, DPS should huddle at the middle rubble pile until the effect passes.  Tanks should use the cars to avoid the knockback
  • Clear adds immediately after Shadow out of Time
  • Party should begin transition-2 when the third guardian dies

During the second stage, the Unutterable Lurker becomes unassailable (he’s surrounded by filth).  Instead, the players must contend with a sequence of four Eldritch Guardians (bird-like shadow-drakes).  Eldritch Guardians can not be targeted until they are almost at the raid, often requiring tanks to counter a Downfall right inside the raid team.  Throughout this stage, players will also encounter the Shadow out of Time knockback/stun and its subsequent wave of filth spawns.

The Eldritch Guardians primarily attack with physical damage.  This is a single target attack with no cleave effect.  The guardians, however, have two aoe type effects which must be managed well.

Downfall – Downfall is a cone breath attack.  This is a high damage filth attack with no persistent filth effect.  It is simply a high DD with major knockback/stun.  This effect CAN be interrupted, but it can also be easily avoided by strafing around the bird.

Death Circle – Upon death, the Eldritch Guardian lays out a large circular effect and will explode upon completing the casting animation.  The damage of this explosion is more than enough to kill a tank outright.  Dashes (Death from Above) come in handy here, but a simple active dodge and paying attention are more than enough.  Because of this effect, it is often useful to CEASE DPS on a bird if it is near death at the start of a Shadow out of Time wave.  Mistiming this can easily wind up getting a tank (fleeing from the Death Circle) being knocked back into it by the Unutterable Lurkers wave.

The Unutterable Lurker, Transition 2: Who got Whispered?

The Unutterable Lurker tends to fire off a Shadow out of Time right near the death spot for the fourth Eldritch Guardian.  This specific Shadow out of Time signals the end of stage-2 and the commencement of stage-3.

Managing this transition is the most important element of winning this fight.  It is very easy to lose a tank or healer at this transition, which effectively is a wipe.

Just Need to Know the tactics for this transition?


  • Move the 4th Guardian forwards to one of the rubble piles in the middle of the arena
  • Place the DPS at the far rubble pile
  • After the Shadow out of Time wave, the path to the boss clears.  Additionally, the Lurker opens with a Whisper of Darkness.
  • Tank-1 runs to boss and taunts.  Healers must cover Tank-1 as well as whomever picked up the Whisper dot before the tank arrived (this is usually your fist healer)
  • A Flak Jacket at this point of transition is often helpful
  • Tank-2 finishes guardian, avoids circle, and then helps clear adds
  • Tank-2 must then get into the Lurker and pickup Whisper of Darkness before it finishes countdown on Tank-1

The Unutterable Lurker becomes accessible immediately after the Shadow out of Time wave during the 4th guardian.  He also opens up with a Whisper of Darkness, this Whisper often targets a player other than a tank (often the fist healer).  It can hit all the way at the back of the battle arena and ignores line of sight.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that someone, other than a tank, will initially pickup this dot.  We use a Flak Jacket to help here and healers must put regens on the damaged non-tank.

More importantly, though, tank-1 must get into range of the Unutterable Lurker and hit a provoke to make sure no one else gets a Whisper of Darkness.

The remainder of the team needs to finish the last guardian and the wave of adds which follow the Shadow out of Time wave.

Once that’s done, tank-2 needs to hustle in and pickup aggro from tank-1 who is probably nearly out of stacks of Whisper of Darkness.

The Unutterable Lurker, Stage-3: Find your Buff Circle

At the beginning of stage-3, the game’s signature NPC’s (Zuberi, Alex, Mei Ling and Rose) come out and join the raid force.  They position themselves in front of the Unutterable Lurker – Zuberi casts a spell which surrounds all four in a particle effect.  This effect creates a 2x damage buff for specific weapons.

  • Mei Ling buffs melee oriented weapons,
  • Rose buffs short-ranged weapons like pistols and shotguns, and
  • Alex buffs long-ranged weapons like Assault Rifles and Elemental magic.

Do you just want the tactics for this stage?


  • Tanks must swap Whisper of Darkness
  • Avoid column attacks
  • Ranged attackers should drop filth pools behind the raid force
  • Ranged attackers should charge INTO the boss on Shadow out of Time
  • Respond to waves of filth mobs that come out after Shadow out of Time
  • Respond to pods
  • Beat the timer

During this stage you face every effect, except Eldritch Guardians.  Your tanks must counter Whisper of Darkness.  Your DPS must address Filth Pools and Pods.  Everyone  must watch out for the column attacks.  Finally, everyone must handle the Shadow out of Time attack and its subsequent adds.

Most of the more preferred DPS builds will find themselves unable to take advantage of the buff for both of their weapons.  For instance, AR/Shotty builds would require buffs from Alex and Rose.  While you could “dance” between the two, in our experience this leads to more frequent problems with the filth pools.  Because of this, we recommend simply going to the buff circle for your highest DPS contributing weapon (often AR).

We find that spreading the DPS out along the front of the Assault Rifle buff makes it easiest to deal with the filth pools.  Simply run yours out to the back and drop it off, then return to the fight.  Make no mistake, properly managing these filth pools is a significant part of this stage. (By staying near the front of the buff area, you might need to dodge pillar effects from the boss, however you seem to have fewer pods to manage. A poorly placed pod effect can wipe this stage due to the number of players who can get stuck in the pods).

On the Shadow out of Time mechanic, we have everyone charge INTO the Unutterable Lurker.  This causes the player to get knocked back, but you tend to land right back on the buff circle and thus avoid getting knocked farther back into the filth pools. Additionally, you can continue to DPS while you run in, and end up losing no more dps from the KB effect then if you had to run out of the effect in a traditional manner.

DPS should use aoe’s to take down the wave of adds that come in after Shadow out of Time.  These adds generally swarm the fist healer who is up with the tanks.

This final stage is simply an attrition stage (stay alive) and dps check (beat the timer).  By the time you finish the second transition, you have seen everything the Unutterable Lurker can throw at you.