Batab Crusher

Upon entry to Darkness War, players find themselves in a Wabanaki village besieged by Mayans.  Old Joseph provides the narration and gives you the backstory and context for this dungeon.  Players moving forwards will quickly find the battle arena for the Batab Crusher.  The battle arena for this fight is rectangular with entrances on the two short ends.  The Batab Crusher enters the arena on the left side, from where the players enter.  He is joined immediately by several adds who come in along the same side.  Batab Crusher has several effects:
Adds – throughout this fight, adds will join in.  After the first wave, though, the adds come in from the far side opposite where the players entered.  The Batab Bloodletter adds do minor damage in and of themselves, but their presence is a component for one of the Crushers major effects (and one players will see in two other encounters).
Weaponized Mayans – Batab Crusher will cast a red aura spell that surrounds the head of an add.  Upon completion, the add has been “weaponized” and is now a walking bomb.  Walking Bombs move very slowly (which is good), but they explode if a player gets near them.  The explosion does significant damage along with a knockback and stun.  In the elite version of the game, walking bombs are incredibly lethal.  During this encounter, you rarely run into more than a single walking bomb (slower groups may face another).  These should be killed at range.
Blood Boils – Batab Crusher will periodically become surrounded by a red circle.  When this casting animation completes, the effect does a pbaoe with knockback and stun.  Damage from Blood Boils is fairly high, players should avoid this effect at all costs.
Attack – the basic attack from the Crusher is moderate, particularly since tanks at this level often have relatively low hitpoint pools and mitigation.
After this fight, players may be inclined to go running off to the next boss.  They should be warned that the only trash group in the dungeon appears immediately after exiting this battle arena.  Disorganized groups may find this out at their own peril!

Next Boss – Xibalban Bloodhound

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