Black Sun, Red Sand (Spoilers: Steps 1-5)

Black Sun, Red Sands: TSW Guide

Scorched Desert Steps (steps 1-5)

The story previously – Sign of the Times

Black Sun, Red Sands continues the central story for the Secret World.  Players move on from Solomon Island and their faction city and travel to Egypt to investigate the emergence of a new sun cult.  This TSW Guide, as with all of our quest guides, uses spoiler text so that you only receive a solution for the step you need help on.  Simply click the appropriate help spoiler to reveal the solution you need.

Black Sun, Red Sands: Step 1

“Meet the council of Venice delegation in al-Merayah.”

Black Sun, Red Sands: Step 2

“Search al-Merayah and its outskirts for the cultists hideout.” 

Need help finding the cultists?
You find the doorway at (loc 622, 377) below the city proper.  “Infiltrate the Atenist Gathering.”  Kill Atenists to get an [Atenist Garb].  Wear garb and enter the doorway.  Garb goes into your wardrobe as a multislot item once you right click it from inventory. “Find a route to the inner sanctum.”  Take hidden passage on left.  You are treated to a cutscene with a Phoenecian and an Atenist.

 Black Sun, Red Sands: Step 3

“Follow the suited man.” 

Need help finding the suited man?
Follow him around and into an alley (loc 557, 367).  You get a cut-scene with the Phoenecian and a Kingdom follower.

“Reach the Marya camp.”  When you arrive (loc 839, 297), the camp is under attack.  “Defend the Marya camp.”  Defend several waves.  Defeat Usirtasen and enter camp.  You are given an obscure warning about being wary of whom to trust.”

 Black Sun, Red Sands: Step 4

“Investigate the Oxford archeologists’ dig site.” 

You meet up with two of my favorite NPC’s in the game.  They are unabashedly over-the-top archeologists.  “Locate the door marked with the symbol of Aten.” You might want to pickup the quest “not by bread alone” while doing this step.  The water bottles are in the area you will be working in next.

The door is downstairs at (loc 636, 941).  “Examine the note.”   Of specific interest is the observation ‘where are Stis, Mertzeger and Anubis?”  Quest updates to “Collect Singh’s research to open the door.”

Clues to this step

  1.  The Final god in the procession has a longer name than the two previous gods
  2. Gods whose names contain same number of letters never follow one another
  3. The gods whose names start with the same letter will follow one after the other
  4. Horus comes before Satis, but after Ma’at
  5. Neither of the southern gods shall lead the procession or end it.

You have three northern gods (left to right facing north) Horus, Sekmet and Meretsegar (on ground).  You have three southern gods (left to right facing south) Ma’at, Bast, and Satis (on ground).

Need help solving the puzzle?
The correct order is







“Find statue of Anubis.”  

Need help finding Anubis?
Anubis is out front.  Underground at location 682, 925.  “Operate the statue of Anubis.”Click on the Anubis head for update.

“Enter the sealed chamber”  Go back to sealed door near Singh’s note.  Enter the tomb for “Recover the tablet.” Beware the Ancient Guardian.

Need help with the Ancient Guardian?
This is not an easy fight.  Beware the lava cracks on the ground, watch out for his aoe, and use some heals to get past him.  You can pull him back to the steps at the entrance and thus not have to deal with the cracks on the ground.  However, if you get too close to the door, he resets!

The quest updates to “Bring the tablet to Singh and de la Roche.”  

Black Sun, Red Sands: Step 5

“Find the entrance to the north.”  Follow the dashed path on your mini-map.  Beware Khemi, Dune Tyrant (he can be avoided).  ”Enter the City of the Sun God.”

The Quest Continues in the City of the Sun God

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