Blarbane Sorceress

Blarbane Sorceress

Polaris Normal and Elite Version

Previous Encounter - Haughbui Jarl

After defeating the Jarl, the party will encounter several weed-wreathed pods.  They are easily destroyed, but if left unchecked, they will eventually spawn a more difficult Viking sea-zombie.  The battle arena for the Blarbane Sorceress is a relatively small donut shaped field, with a shipping crate occupying the middle of the area.  This fight features adds, movement and an effect that players should ideally use line of sight (e.g. hide behind the shipping container) to break.  The Blarbane Sorceress has three effects players should be aware of:

IIIRunes – this effect appears to be a damage (or possibly a reflection) shield.  When this effect is up, DPS are advised to lay off of their attacks, as the damage output from IIIRunes can be quite high.  If a low hitpoint character takes a reflect from IIIRunes at the same time as any other effect, they will quite likely die.

Deathsquall – the major effect from the Blarbane Sorceress is her deathsquall.  When cast, this produces a large storm centered around the sorceress.  Lightning within the storm will do major damage to those inside it and the lightning can leap out and damage players outside the storm.  Ideally, players should retreat around the cargo container when this is cast and re-engage the sorceress when she follows the players and leaves the storm.

Adds – throughout the fight, and particularly whenever Deathsquall is up, the sorceress will summon adds.  Since the players are often taking damage from the storm, and losing los on each other during the movement to avoid the storm, these adds can pose a problem.  In general, they do not hit very hard and can be tanked by a dps character.  They should be cleared as soon as possible as they tend to pile up on the healers.

Next Encounter – The Varangian

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