“Blue Mountain Special” 407 Point Chaos / AR – Survival Build

TSW Guides – “Blue Mountain Special”

Chaos / AR – Survival Build

407 Points

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The Blue Mountain Specials are 400 point survival builds that are built around dps and healing.  The builds are targeted at 400 points, which is approximately the number of points you will have at QL 6.  

These builds are not intended to be “end-game” builds, they are solo friendly survival builds that should help you live longer when moving out of Savage Coast into the Blue Mountains.  While these builds are not guaranteed to survive all fights in Blue Mountain (some fights in BM have special effects that hinder success with some builds), it is a good direction for progression.  

Note:  If you can not find the ability in your wheel, click on the menu to the right of your wheel screen, and do a search on the skill name.

Weapons:  Assault Rifle and Chaos

Escalation – Builder
Fire at Will – AR Closer #1
Anima Outbreak – AR Closer #2
Karma – Chaos Closer
Tactical Retreat – Escape #1
Razor Wire – Escape #2
Anima Shot – Healing Builder, if needed

Perseverance (Sword)
Outbreak Alert  (AR)
Immortal Spirit (Sword)
Shoot Em Up (AR)
Unholy Knowledge (Blood)
Fatal Flourish (Sword)
Leeching Frenzy  (AR)

This build plays nearly identical to the previous “My first 60″ AR/Blade build, however instead of running with Sword, it uses Chaos. It does, however, branch OFF the AR/Blade “My first 60″, therefore it is intended to be a followup to that build. Once you complete the AR/Blade my first 60, you should start working to this build if you wish to run Chaos instead of Sword.

First, Be sure and start the fight with the rotation: 1x Anima Shot, followed by Anima Outbreak immediately so Outbreak Alert (reduced chance of glance) procs before you take any damage.  Then you would build using Escalation, then close (as with the “
My first 60″ AR/Blade build“, close with an alternation of Fire at Will and Anima Outbreak.  The Chaos Closer for the build is Karma, which has a Frenzy effect.

The primary focus of the build is to make sure of Frenzy attacks to proc Perseverance (Heal), Shoot Em Up (adds an affliction from a Frenzy), and Leeching Frenzy (Gives Leech effect on Frenzy).  The Affliction from Shoot Em Up causes the effects - Dark Potency & Fatal Flourish (Gives Penetrate from Affliction), thus increasing your penetration rate.  Finally, penetrations cause Immortal Spirit (heal from penetrate) to give you even more sustainability.  

Your primary dps will be from your AOE attacks.  If you wish to replace either with a single target attack, you will lose the Frenzy effects, so I would be leery of making this change.  

By using this build you should have enough passive direct self healing, as well as leech effects that you might not even need Anima Outbreak.  This ability, however, procs the outbreak alert, which is very nice.  If you need less healing, I would recommend possibly swapping a passive for Gunsmoke.  You can even remove any combination of Dark Potency, Fatal Flourish, and Immortal spirit and replace either with something that does more damage (off affliction or weaken).

Good luck!

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5 Responses to “Blue Mountain Special” 407 Point Chaos / AR – Survival Build

  1. azhrione says:

    Fatal Flourish and Dark Potency stack? It seems they are pretty much the same, could replace one with Gunsmoke, Lethality, or Turbulence.

    I also prefer using Suppressing Fire. It gives multiple hits and greatly increases the amount healed from Leeching Frenzy per application and makes it equal to the healing Anima Shot does plus triggering all the Frenzy effects.

    Not running Intensity in a survival build with Escalation seems criminal.

    This is how I run this build:

    Cost: 362

    Escalation (c)
    Karma (c)
    Suppressing Fire (ar)
    Anima Outbreak (ar)
    Fire at Will (ar)
    Fire in the Hole (ar) – I take this due to the single target weakness of the build.
    Domino Effect or Illusion (c) – This is the escape ability.

    Intensity (c)
    Turbulence (c)
    Paradigm Shift (c)
    Shoot'Em Up (ar)
    Leeching Frenzy (ar)
    Perseverance (ar)
    Dark Potency (bm)

    This should give you a pretty good setup to mash through PvE content, however this build is just bad in dungeons as the single target DPS cannot keep up.

    I have not been able to conclusively test it, but would be awesome if Leeching Frenzy/Shoot'Em Up could combo with Leech Therapy as that would turn you into a healing machine with a balanced gear set. Would allow for the elimination of Perseverance and bring this down to a sub 300 build.

    • Ryahl says:


      Thanks for the question. You are correct, there isn't a point in carrying both Dark Potency and Fatal Flourish – they provide the same bonus. Unholy Knowledge is an alternative to Dark Potency and it reduces the build cost a small bit.

      We will do some tweaking to the numbers and see if this build can be improved upon!


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  3. Diego Fox says:

    I have a question for the those of you with more experience with AR.

    Will Leeching Frenzy proc Anticoagulant? If so, would that give all Frenzy attacks a DoT which does slightly more damage thank Shoot ‘Em Up?



  4. Diego Fox says:

    Ah. Just re-read the description and I see my error. Leeching Frenzy is a Buff.

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