Carter, Unleashed

Carter, Unleashed: Patch 1.1 Headline Quest

Full Walk-through with Spoilers

Carter, Unleashed is the headline quest for the first Secret World update.  As the name suggests, the quest involves letting Carter Unleash her powers.  You receive this quest from Carter, herself.  She’s quite the powerful mage and you will need some protection in case things get out of control!  This TSW Guide, as with all of our quest guides, features spoiler text so you only get help on the step you need.  Before attempting Carter, Unleashed, players must complete the action quest the Rec Center can not hold.

Carter, Unleashed: Step 1

“Read Montag’s Notebook.”   

Want some advice?
This is more than just lore fluff.  Montag is literally telling you what you need to do if (when) Carter gets unhinged.

Grab an anima resonator and a portable ward generator.

Need Help finding the portable ward generator?
This can be found upstairs in the headmaster’s office.

“Assemble a restraining ward.”

 Need Help with the assembly?
Place the portable ward generator and the anima charges into your crafting interface.  Place the anima manipulator in the tool slot, hit combine.

 Carter, Unleashed: Step 2

“Meet Carter in the basement.”

Escort Carter to the source of the familiars.  “Go through the maintenance door.” It’s locked, “Find a way to open the maintenance door.”

Need Help keeping Carter from killing you?
As you are walking Carter through the instance, she fights along side you.  If you don’t kill things fast enough, she charges upto a very large blast.  If you hotkey the item you created above, it makes a shield for you to stand in that will protect you from Carter.  There is a cooldown on the ability however, so make sure you wait until things get really bad for Carter before you click it.

There is a control panel at 108. 151.  Use it.

Carter, Unleashed: Step 3

“Destroy the flesh abomination.” During the fight with Carter make sure you use the ward on this fight when Carter starts to spin fire around the room.  it will protect you from her blast.  When she does, the fight is over and you can turn in the quest.

The exit is a ladder in the same room you completed the quest in.

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