Nightmare Tanking Basics: Sword and Chaos

The Basic Nightmare Tank

Sword and Chaos

by Ryahl

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After putting it off for some time, I finally put together a basic nightmare tank sword/chaos tanking build.  If you look at the tank builds I have assembled, it’s easy to see that I have run hammer/chaos for a long, long time.  However, just about everyone recommends sword/chaos.  Well, in general, I think the hammer/chaos builds are fine.  This build, however, does some things (one in particular) better than the hammer/chaos tree.  This basic nightmare tank build (with some tweaks on a boss by boss basis) has successfully cleared the first three nightmares and done a good dent into the next two.

Active Abilities

  • Escalation
  • Karma/Four Horseman
  • Steel Palace/Binding Wounds
  • Chaotic Pull/Surging Blades
  • Art of War/Stoicism
  • Crimson Theater
  • Reality Fracture

Passive Abilities

  • Hardcase
  • Agitator
  • Shadow Play
  • Forged in Fire
  • Fever Pitch
  • Immovable Object
  • Blindside/Intensity

Key Features

This is a pretty bread and butter tanking build.  It picks up most of its mitigation from gear (see below).  The build uses Agitator, Reality Fracture and Crimson Theater for primary agro generation.  Most nightmare tanking builds need a pair of interrupts and this build has two fast recycling ones with Art of War and Chaotic Pull.  Fever Pitch helps solve your glancing problem.  With FP in my build, I can get away with only slotting hit on my weapons, saving all of my talisman for defensive stats.

The build picks up some important basic survival from Steel Palace (minor ward if the target is afflicted) and additional defense from Crimson Theater/Shadow Play.  If your party doesn’t have an affliction starter (get one?) swap out Blindside for Intensity.  If you are finding yourself a bit too squishy, simply do the Blindside/Intensity swap (or cycle Shadow play more often).

I put this build together for a single boss, Wayeb-Xul.  Art of War is a decisive ability with the way Concussion works prior to 1.1.3.  In its current form, Concussion is a knock around, blind and agro dump.  If you save AoW and use it right near the end of a Concussion cast, WX is still on mandatory agro to you, saving one of your DPS!  To do this, though, you need another teammate helping with the breath impairs for WX.

Alternate Builds

For single target fights, I tend to switch Karma for Four Horseman (Call for Eris would work too) and Steel Palace gets swapped for Binding Wounds.

For fights where interrupting is bad (Ur’Draug, I’m looking at you), I tend to move Art of War out and Stoicism in.  Additionally, I also move Chaotic Pull out and replace it with Sling Blade for UD.

For fights where mobility matters (Mayan Battle Mage), consider dropping Chaotic Pull and putting in Surging Blades.


Gear is critical to make this build work.  I run about 80/20 hp/atk gear.  I use two minor talisman for ATK and the rest HP.  Block is a very important stat in your first nightmares as the bosses tend to have very high penetrate.  I’m running well over 600 block these days, but when I started NM’s it was hard to break 500.  If your block is only about 500, drop Blindside and replace it with just about any other defensive passive.

Once you have enough block to push the boss penetrate off the table (600 is fine), it’s usually a good idea to focus on a second stat.  I tend to use physical protection or magical protection based on the damage output of the boss (see our Nightmare at a Glance for ideas).  This means you need a lot of gear bags, but such seems to be the nature of tanking in the Secret World.


If you are using AoW as an impair (and you should), you can’t really afford to open with it.  This means you have low agro at the start of the fight and your DPS needs to give you a rotation.  This is, perhaps, the single biggest frustration with this build (and its a minor one).  I’m quite spoiled with the huge spike agro of a Stoicism/Razor Shards opener from the Hammer/Chaos side.

Instead, you have to open mild.  Pop a Crimson Theater, Escalate and immediately get a Reality Fracture and Steel Palace up.  This should get your hate generation going well enough to stay ahead of your DPS.

My normal rotation runs 3-5 escalations, reality fracture and crimson theater.  3-5 escalations and steel palace, karma.  Make sure you use CT and RF on recycle in this build, lower your builder rotation to whatever number is comfortable at keeping both of your pulsing aoe’s and steel palace up (for minor ward).

I tend to use Chaotic Pull as my first impair and save AoW for the second.  They both recycle reasonably fast (35 and 30 seconds), so you will rarely have a problem keeping a major boss ability on lockdown with this build.

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Sanguine Assassin: Blade/Blood DPS, by TheFieryFox

Sanguine Assassin

Blade/Blood DPS

by TheFieryFox

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The Sanguine Assassin build was designed by TheFieryFox and submitted via our build submission tool.  The build works from blades and blood  magic and is designed for elite level dungeons.

Active Abilities

  • Grass Cutter,
  • Bloodline,
  • Bloodshot,
  • Destiny,
  • Blade Torrent,
  • Infection,
  • Clearing the Path

Passive Abilities

  • Bloodsport,
  • Twist the Knife,
  • Destiny Fulfilled,
  • Fatal Flourish,
  • Sharp Blades,
  • Salt in the Wound,
  • Iron Maiden

Export This Build

You can find this build on Drakkashi’s Deck Manager.  From there you can import it into game using the Viper Deck Manager interface!  Use the Deck Panel on Drakkashi’s wheel and the Export Button.  Copy the VPM link using the “Copy Code” button and place it into your Viper Deck Manager.  Note – this assumes you are using Viper’s outstanding Deck Manager UI add-on.

Key Features

The main elements of this build focus on setting up an afflicted state, using powers than exploit this, and having powers generate higher penetration chance to fuel passives that proc during penetration.

The bloodsport passive allows the user to take any powers they want for setting up affliction. Otherwise you’d be stuck with specific powers to activate that on an opponent. The penetration builder will generate up to 5 whenever you cause affliction, so in 5 hits, you’ll have all 5 stacks giving you 150 penetration rating that stays active as long as you connect an attack due to the bloodsport passive. You also have salt in the wound which isn’t a lot of damage, but because it is whenever you apply afflicted, every attack that lands will do the extra damage, so it becomes a flat DPS increase across the board.

The Destiny Fulfilled is there because consuming the effect does a lot of damage and can penetrate on its own, even if the Destiny blade strike did not. Twist the Knife and Iron Maiden play off of the penetration procs. Iron Maiden give you a 10% boost to penetration whenever you penetrate a target that is afflicted and Twist the Knife gives you a 3% damage buff stacking up to 3 times for 9% damage increase whenever you penetrate regardless of the target’s condition. Finally, Sharp Blades is to get more kick out of the Blade abilities because they are doing more DPS overall compared to the Blood powers, so you want as much damage out of those as possible with this build.

If you want to change this around, the thing to keep in mind is the passives are focusing on setting up affliction states and keeping penetration as high as possible with available passives. Also the active powers tend to exploit afflicted states and penetration is just icing on top of that. There are other powers that can exploit affliction and you can feel free to tweak the AoE type abilities for whatever works best for you. Infection may not be the best Blood based AOE power, but works well for the situations I’ve been in so far.


This build is best at melee range. Use Grass Cutter to deal damage and build resources. The bloodsport proc will have a short dot on the enemy allowing Destiny to exploit that. Once destiny is used, you should ideally have 5 Blood resources. Use three consecutive bloodshots (The self-inflicted dot from not having six blood resources should be negligible but can use a quick Grass Cutter to avoid it) and once you are out of resources repeat the process.

There are AOE abilities as well. Use Blade Torrent as an AoE spam attack to deal damage, leave a dot b/c of bloodsport, and build resources. B/c of the DoT, the Clearing the Path ablity will penetrate all targets hit provided they still have the DoT on them. The Infection ability can be used twice in a row to deal damage and leave a dot on the enemy. The DoT will detonate if the enemy dies with it still on from Infection.

Bloodline is in the build when ranged is necessary. Because melee sometimes has to back off due to a ground effect that would kill or incapacitate you, having something to run around and hit an enemy at range is useful. This will build a resource for each weapon to if you need to stay at range, stick to your Bloodshots and then when you can reengage at melee range, toss off a Destiny if there is an active DoT on the target.

Gearing Needs

Because this is DPS +hit is the first priority.  Extra bonuses will be largely irrelevant if you can’t hit anything.  Aside from that, the main bonus here is penetration.  This build focuses on gaining multiple penetration bonuses or benefits that come from penetrating.  The more penetration you have, the more damage output you’ll get out of the build.

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Deck Builders

Advice for our international audience

TSW Build Listing: My First 60

Our “My First 60″ builds are targeted for about 60 ability points — Q2/3, Kingsmouth obtainable. They represent the initial builds for a player starting the game, but wanting to play a focused role. Thus, My First 60 builds are incomplete and NOT intended for mid-game or later play.

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TSW Build Listing: “Blue Mountain Specials” – 400 (Q6) point builds

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The Brandish Tank – by Arctus

Designed by Arctus
Submitted 19-Jul, via our board submission tool

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Weapons – Blade/Chaos

Utility level – this works in Nightmare dungeons


Crimson Theatre
Pulling the Strings


Brandishing Support
Sixth Sense
Fuel to the Fire
Master of Illusion

Key Features

This is a standart build for NM. Its tested by many players, but you need to know the boss and adapt your build to the boss.  Usually you are expected to bring exposed debuff (30% more dmg)! In exchange 1 dd brings the 30% less dmg debuff.   Chaos is the only reasonable source for the exposed debuff and usually you dont see any melee’s in NM.

1.  Escalation also offer’s a good aggro generation, aoe aggro, 7,5% less dmg and minor evade chance.
2.  Cornerstone is brandish. Use it as often as possible.
3.  Crimson Theatre is a filler, usually this is the spot where you fit in abilities you need for a boss. Taunt, Crimson for aoe (use shadowplay instead of brandish support), 3. CD
4.  I really like Pulling the Strings because it has some range and gives you a decent hit buff, but of course you could use Karma or Consequence instead for more defense)


1. Use escalation to build 10 stacks exposed
2. use matador for 5 stacks defense
3. Brandish on CD or on a strong attack from the boss (depends on the fight)
4. Crimson Theatre for additional AOE aggro
5. Illusion and Stoicism as CD’s
6. Pulling string for hit cd and to have a medium range attack.

Gear Needs

1. defense
2. evade
3. phys / magic protection
4. block


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That which doesn’t kill me – Blade/Hammer mitigation

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This is a work in process build. I am considering moving towards a blade/hammer build to improve overall mitigation against bosses who have a high penetration (block helps here). The build has not been tested, yet, but I intend to run it through some dungeons fairly soon.

It is a very expensive build, clocking in at well over 700 points to get up and running.  Additionally, there are very few build synergies between hammer and blade, so there are few build paths that will be useful as you move towards this build.

Active Abilities
Crimson Theater

Passive Abilities
Improved Blasts
Brandishing Support
Shadow Play
Brick Wall
Sixth Sense

Key Features

This build uses a single column attack builder, which may make it problematic in fights with extensive kiting.  However the builder, Rupture, is placing AOE debilitates thanks to Improved Blasts and it is also bumping up your physical and magical mitigation thanks to Blowout.

You have two short duration closer, Aftershock which can provide a minor ward and Brandish which gives you substantially reduced incoming damage on use.

You have two moderate duration closer abilities. Crimson Theater, which helps with AOE threat and also provides additional chances of glancing thanks to Shadow Play.  With all that defense coming in, Sixth Sense should be firing off fairly frequently, dishing out AOE damage and a 10% self heal.  Blowout is your long duration hammer closer and it stacks 25% more hitpoints onto you since everything is already debilitated.

You have two utility abilities, each on 30-second recycles.  Trucker gives you a closer ability which also buffs your block ability.  The increased Blocks give you a better chance of processing Brick Wall.  Stoicism takes the final spot in the build, giving you a dependable hate generator and damage mitigator.

Threat comes from Stoicism, Agitator, Crimson Theater and Brandish.


This will be a bit of a tricky rotation to manage.

Open combat with Trucker, this picks up your block chance and gives you some opportunities to impair.  Immediately fire off a single Rupture to get the Debilitate effect in play (use a second if weakened is resisted).  Now its time to fire off Stoicism to help with your hate generation.  Then use your long duration consumers, Crimson Theater and Blowout.

Your regular rotation will be Rupture x5, Aftershock, Brandish.  Use Crimson Theater and Blowout on cooldown, even if you have minimal resources up (1 is fine).  Fire off Trucker on cooldown to keep your block rate high.

Stoicism can be used on cooldown in non-transition fights.  In engagements with transitions (or phases where a boss is inactive), save Stoicism for the bosses return to action.  Make sure to use Stoicism before engaging in these situation.


There are a few different modules possible with this build.  First, consider swapping out Sixth Sense with Forged in Fire if you anticipate taking a single major spike of damage in an engagement.

I also debate between the use of Brick Wall and You’re Next.  Particularly for Impair immune encounters, Your Next is clearly better.

If you are not blocking often enough to take advantage of Brick Wall/You’re Next, consider Enervate to help your damage output.

Gear Considerations

Unlike my other tank builds, this one generates no +hit as the combat progresses.  Therefore, you need some +hit on your gear to avoid glancing.  Additionally, this will be a low damage output build, you might need to go 30% or more attack rating talisman to offset the lower damage output.

You want +defence both for the mitigation benefits but to also increase cycles of Sixth Sense.

Additionally, you want +magic defense or +physical defense depending on the damage type of the encounter.

Finally, consider some +block.  Other than Trucker, nothing in this build improves your block rating.  However, unless (a) you have every other stat well covered or (b) you are facing a high penetrate boss, +Block is your last gearing concern.

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Everything Must Die, a 400 Point Claw/Blade Survival

Everything Must Die

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Claw and Blade AOE Survival

A Blue Mountain Special, by Ryahl

Everything Must Die is an upgrade to our popular My First 60 Blade/Claw build.  There are a few noteworthy changes here. Primarily, the damage component for this build shifts to penetration with the afflictions merely setting up the kill count.  This build is a highly reliable soloing build.  I still use this as my go-to build for outdoor game play in Romania.  While the build excels in aoe fights, it still performs well in single target fights thanks to the guarantees penetrates.

It comes in at just a bit over 400 points invested (408 using TheSecretSandbox) and would be a bit higher coming from the My First 60 build since we used some Blood Passives in that one.  None the less, this build should be very achievable in Blue Mountains and should really put a dent into packs of… well, pretty much anything.

Everything Must Die has worked very well in solo instances.  In fact, it’s the build I used to handle the vampires, flesh golems and Mara in the Mortal Sins story line.  There will be links in that write-up to this build.

Import Build:

If you are using Viper’s Deck Manager, you can import this build by coping and pasting the above code into his import section.

Active Abilities

  • Blade Torrent
  • Clearing the Path
  • Hog Wild (Tear em up)
  • Inner Spark
  • Surging Blades
  • Stunning Swirl
  • Steel Echo

Passive Abilities

  • Perfect Storm
  • Twist the Knife
  • Sudden Return
  • Fortunate Strike
  • Renewal
  • Fatal Flourish
  • Immortal Spirit

All of the damage in this build comes from three abilities and a host of passives.  You begin using Blade Torrent, the same low dps builder from the My First 60.  As there, the Perfect Storm passive causes Blade Torrent to add an afflicted state to all of its targets.  That’s where the fun begins.  Further attacks on afflicted targets will trigger Fortunate Strike for occasional extra damage.  More importantly, though, Fatal Flourish begins stacking up penetration buffs because of your application of affliction.  This helps to setup future Blade Torrent penetrates.

Your blade finisher is Clearing the Path and here is where the damage gets ugly.  Clearing the Path has a guaranteed penetration on afflicted mobs (which your builder just did).  Welcome to AOE penetrates.  Now, with those penetrations processing, you will begin seeing Twist the Knife increasing your damage output.  Sudden Return also adds some damage to the penetrated hit.

For a low cost version of the build, Hog Wild serves as your fist damage finisher.  However, once you have the points, Tear ‘em Up becomes your go-to fist finisher damage finisher since it adds a damage output buff to your next attacks (penetration * damage buff = yes please!).

Your penetration also plays a role with your healing, since Immortal Spirit processes a heal over time on penetration.  However, most of your healing comes from Inner Spark and Cauterise.  Inner Spark places a reactive heal on your defensive target (you when soloing), causing every hit on them to heal them.  Cauterize becomes your go to heal when it is needed.

The build features three utility abilities.  Surging Blades is a nice dash attack (returning from the My First 60), it has a fairly fast recyle which can be handy.  Surging Blades is more than just a combat starter, you can use it to get away from a pack to give yourself enough lead room to start cauterising on the run!

Stunning Swirl returns as your AOE impairment ability.  This time, though, impairment plays a nice heal benefit since Renewal will place a heal process on any of your impaired targets.  Hitting those targets will trigger heals (that AOE builder and finisher come in handy here).

Finally, Steel Echo is in for those moments where you just want extra special damage.  Throwing Steel Echo adds damage to every hit and has the extra benefit of creating a second hit counter on each of your hits – causing even more processing for your passives.

Variant to the Build

Recently, I have made a few small changes to this build.  Renewal has been replaced with Perseverance for more heal uptime.  Additionally, Fatal Flourish has been dropped in favor for Flight of Daggers.

Additionally, I have begun looking for a replacement to Steel Echo.  While it is a decent ability, the recycle is a bit too long for my play style.  Depending on the situation, I will cycle in a second 45-second recycle impair, allowing me to double lockdown in a fight.  In other situations, you might consider a second dash over the second impair.


Open combat with a Surging Blades, Blade Storm, Clearing the Path and Inner Spark.  This uses up your free resources (you used a builder to set affliction-only).

From there, the build cycles between two rotations, the damage rotation of Blade Storm x5, Clearing the Path and the fist DPS finisher.  This is followed by the Blade Storm x5, Clearing the Path and Inner Spark rotation.

Use Stunning Swirl to put everything on the ground every now and then (and help get your heal processes moving).  Ideally, precede your impairment with a Steel Echo once and watch your next regular rotation mop  up the map.

Gear Concerns

This build will generate its own penetration, so you don’t need PEN on your weapons.  However, the build is deeply vulnerable to GLANCING.  Glancing will cause your passives to fail, which will cause you to die.  Make sure you have enough HIT and SKILL with your weapons to nullify your glance rate.  Once you have addressed your HIT, focus on getting up some ATTACK POWER to take advantage of all those sweet, sweet penetrations.

You should also consider a couple of minor talisman in healing to help out your heal actives and passives.

Note – when I ran Mortal Sins, I used a tanking set (6 tanking talisman with a head DPS talisman).  That’s not by design, it’s just my tanking gear and the best I had available.  However, the build still works well enough with that structure.  It just becomes better optimized with a talisman blend.

Build Priority

Assuming you are transitioning from the My First 60 build, your first priority should be picking up Clearing the Path.

Once you have that, begin subbing in the penetration passives in this build over the affliction passives in the MF60.

Once that’s done, work on acquiring the heal skills from fist.  Until you have them the Fist consumer and heal in the MF60 will more than suffice.

Your last priority should be Steel Echo.  It’s a nice add to the build, but you will be seeing all sorts of fun things happen well before applying it.

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“The Blue Mountain Special” – 400 Point AR/Blade Survival Build

Assault Rifle and Blade Survival

A Blue Mountain Special

By Aela

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The Blue Mountain Specials are 400 point survival builds that are built around dps and healing.  The builds are targeted at 400 points, which is approximately the number of points you will have at QL 6.  This particular build is designed to do substantial AOE damage utilizing sequenced finishers.  It works wonderfully against pack fights, but suffers in single target encounters.

These builds are not intended to be “end-game” builds, they are solo friendly survival builds that should help you live longer when moving out of Savage Coast into the Blue Mountains.  While these builds are not guaranteed to survive all fights in Blue Mountain (some fights in BM have special effects that hinder success with some builds), it is a good direction for progression.  

Note:  If you can not find the ability in your wheel, click on the menu to the right of your wheel screen, and do a search on the skill name.

Weapons:  Assault Rifle and Blades

Active Abilities: 

  • Suppressing Fire (AR – Bombardment)
  • Forking Paths (Sword – The Cutting Artist)
  • Fire at Will (AR)
  • High Explosive Grenade (AR – Bombardment)
  • Crimson Theater (Sword – The Cutting Artist)
  • Steel Palace – (Sword – The Cutting Artist) *you may chose to replace this ability with a dash or other ability.
  • Anima Vessel (AR – Ground Control)

Passive Abilities:

  • Shoot Em Up
  • Leeching Frenzy
  • Fatal Flourish
  • Perseverance
  • Salt in the Wound
  • Bloodsport
  • Killer Instinct

This build plays nearly identical to the previous “My first 60″ AR/Blade build, however I have replaced a number of abilities to better utilize the effects and procs from the build.

First, instead of starting the fight with Blade Torrent, you will start the fight with Suppressive Fire (allowing some range), and then you will trigger Forking Paths x4.  During these 5 attacks, you will have (1) Leeching Frenzy Proc, (2) Shoot Em Up cause the target to be Afflicted, which makes the Forking Paths trigger its heal, (3) Perseverance to trigger, (4) the affliction status will also cause Salt in the Wound, Fatal Flourish to stack, plus (5) every swing will case Killer Instinct and Blood Sport (Triggering Salt in the Wound and Fatal Flourish again).

Then as with the “My first 60 build” you will trigger off the finishers.   However, unlike before, you now have 2 AR AOE finishers you  can use.  Fire at Will and High Explosive Grenade. These two abilities will trigger extra damage on affliction and since one is a frenzy, it will recycle the frenzy effects.

Once all AR resources have been used, I have replaced the blade finisher with Crimson Theater and Steel Palace (if you need the ward effect).  Though as stated earlier, you may chose to replace one of these.

You will then start back with your Suppressive Fire and restart the rotation.

Finally I have replaced Anima Shot with Anima Vessal, for extra healing if needed.  However you may choose to use something else in its place, or try one of the other healing abilities if needed for extra survivability.

Please leave me any feedback and suggestions.  This build is a work in progress and you might find some replacements more productive for your play style. If anyone ends up using this and feels like sharing, I’d love to see it.  I haven’t spent much time in Sword, so I won’t be getting to it anytime soon :(

Good luck!

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Crafting in TSW

Crafting in the Secret World

Using Assembly for Glyphs, Talisman, Weapons, and more

Welcome to our updated assembly information page.  All assembly works from your crafting interface (Y by default).  Assembly is used to create, deconstruct, or improve a number of the items that drop in the game world.

Crafting should not be overlooked as (a) much of the best gear in the game comes from crafting recipes, (b) crafted gear is far more customizable than dropped gear and (c) some quests in the game require crafting steps to complete.

The crafting interface is very simple.  As you can see below, there are three main areas of the crafting interface.  The first area is a 4×5 rectangle.  This is where you place materials used in crafting and it is also where you find the materials gained form deconstructing items.

Below the rectangle are two boxes.  The first is the TOOL box.  This is where you place your crafting kits.  Each kit (weapon, talisman, consumable, glyph or gadget) is used to create items of its specific type.

The Toolkits used in TSW Crafting

Weapons create all nine types of weapons,
Talisman create all seven types of talisman
Consumables create both potions and animas
Glyphs create all nine base types of glyphs as well as all of the 36 possible 2-effect glyphs
Gadgets create the three types of gadgets as well as the various kickback gadgets

The final box is context specific.  When you are crafting, this is where you see the Result (as in the picture below).  However, when your assembly window is empty, this is where you place items you wish to deconstruct.

Crafting in TSW – Assembly Recipe Patterns

The following spreadsheet contains all known recipes in the game.  The recipe PATTERN remain the same regardless of the quality level of the utlimate item or the echelon (green, blue or purple).  However, the material quality increases with both the quality level of the item AND in some cases, the echelon of the crafting kit.

Additionally, there are potions that can be crafted that can last through death.  They can be made for Hit Points (water), Attack Rating (Fire), or Healing Rating (Dust).  They use the pattern shown below in the third tab (under Potions).

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Glance Tank [by: Rednose]

Glancing Tank


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Rednose submitted some interesting builds to share. These builds have not been group tested, but they all received extensive solo testing in the Egypt areas of the game (Q7-Q9 content).


I used this build for solo-play in Egypt during the last few days of the beta. I used fitting weapons and talismans(QL7), but you actually might be a little hard pressed to unlock all skills that I use here by the time you reach the desert. This build provided me with a VERY high survivability, while still doing great damage, especially to groups. It mainly uses sword skills and then several passives that synergize well with penetrating hits.

I feel like this was my best build during my time in Egypt. In almost all cases where I didn’t succeed with other builds, I succeeded with this.

Weapons: Sword, Elemental Magic(only used for 1 skill, you can use whatever you want as 2nd weapon

Talismans: I used DPS equipment, but I feel like you shouldn’t go lower than 3.5k hp with this in the desert. I had around 4k most of the time.

Glyphs: High defense(important) and penetration values are most useful for this build.

Triggers/Mechanisms: Being glanced, Affliction, Penetration, PBAoE Damage

Active Skills:

1. Blade Torrent/Bamboo Cutter: Resource builder, they are basically the same skill with Blade Torrent creating more hate/agro. Triggers affliction together with “Shoot ‘Em Up”
2. Clearing the path: sword consumer, penetrates afflicted targets
3. Matador: builder for strong single targets, buffs defense rating, thus increasing the chance of glancing hits on yourself
4. 2nd weapon consumer, e.g. Lightning Manifestation: elemental consumer; 10 chain attacks with decent damage. Last 10 seconds with 15 second cooldown. It’s a cast and forget skill, which fits the rest of this build very well. You can use whatever consumer you want for your 2nd weapon here.
5. Martial Discipline: increase the chance for glance hits and self heal together with “Regeneration”
6. Utility slot: I either used Steel Echo for extra damage or Point of Harmony for extra self-heal(30% of your max health over 3 seconds)
7. The Art of War (Elite): PBAoE, aggros mobs, impairs for a short time, forces glancing hits

Passive Skills:

1. Sixth Sense (Elite): After 6 glanced hits, you deal a high amount of extra damage on the next attack and you heal 10% of your hp
2. Shoot ‘Em Up(AR Skill): triggers affliction when using Frenzy abilities, aka skill no 1. This is essential, because you need affliction to always trigger penetration on clearing the path. You can usePerfect Storm here to cause the affliction, it’s just not as strong damage-wise(and thus you have to use Blade Torrent as builder)
3. Riposte: deals damage to any target that glances you
4. Salt in the wound(Fists skill): small amount of extra damage when causing affliction
5. Sudden Return: medium extra damage on penetrate
6. Arterial Pulse(Blood skill): small extra AoE damage on penetrate
7. Regeneration: self-heal when using Martial DisciplineUsage: this build is geared towards taking on groups of up to 5, or more if you feel confident and have gotten a feel for this build.

Start off with alternating Blade Torrent/Bamboo Cutter and Clearing the path until you can use Lightning Manifestation. Blade Torrent or Bamboo Cutter will cause Affliction to up to 5 targets around you due toShoot ‘Em Up, which will consequently trigger a small amount of extra damage due to Salt in the Wounds. After that Clearing the Path will always penetrate up to 5 targets around you, because they are afflicted. This penetration will cause a decent amount of extra damage with Sudden Return and a small amount of AoE damage around every penetrated target with Arterial Pulse.

Lightning Manifestation lasts 10 seconds and does a chain attack in a 10m radius every second for decent extra damage.

Once you lost 25-30% of your hp, use Martial Discipline to recover some hp and start up the defensive mechanism of this build. It increases the chance that enemy attacks only glance. Every glanced hit on you causes damage back to the attacker with Riposte and brings you closer to triggering Sixth Sense.

Use The Art of War to start off the fight, if you feel you’re facing a strong group or generally if you need a breather. It will cause damage reduction(guaranteed glancing hits), decent PBAoE damage and a very short impair, while having a short cooldown for an elite skill. Thanks to the impair, it can even be used as interrupt.

Matador is used as builder on strong single enemies to buff your defense rating.

Use your Utility skill whenever needed. Point of Harmony is the defensive option, while Steel Echo is supposed to give a decent amount of extra damage on every attack for 10 seconds. I didn’t check if it actually triggered on every hit of the PBAoE hits or only on 1 target per PBAoE.

For even more defense you could add Immortal Spirit for a small self-HoT, which triggers on penetrating hits, instead of Arterial Pulse

Most fights looked like this:

1,2,1,2,4, click(to place the manifestation), 1,2,5 and so on

Against stronger opponents:

7,1,2,3,4, click,2,3,2,1,2 (mostly use Matador as builder, but don’t forget BT/BC to apply affliction)How to unlock:

1. Sword basics(Blade Torrent, Martial Discipline, Regeneration, Perfect Storm, Immortal Spirit) – 38 points

2. Cleaning the path (and thus Bamboo Cutter and Sudden Return, too) – 85 points

3. Sixth Sense (+Point of Harmony) – 169 points4. Riposte + Matador – 58 points

5. The Art of War – 169 points

With this, the build should already be playable pretty well for 519 points

6. Salt in the wound – 47 points

7. Lightning Manifestation – 75 points

8. Arterial Pulse – 59 points

9. Shoot ‘Em Up – 96 points

10. Steel Echo – 119 points

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My First 60 – AOE and Survival Healing with Blade/AR


AOE DPS with Healing Support.

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Build Notes: Our “My First 60″ builds are targeted for about 60 total points. They represent the initial builds for a player starting the game, but wanting to play a focused role. Thus, inner wheel builds are incomplete builds and NOT intended for mid-game or later play.

I was trying to put together a My First 60 build using AR, and every-time I built one, I wasn’t too happy with the results.  I ended up swapping over to a support healing with AOE dps instead.  This build has serious AOE dps with a self proccing heal, while still giving the player the option to swap over to a targeted heal when needed.
Active Abilities

Blade Torrent (Blade)
Forking Paths (Blade)
Balanced Blade (Blade)
Stunning Swirl (Blade)
Fire at Will (AR)
Fire in the Hole (AR)
Anima Shot

Passive Abilities

Lick Your Wounds (Fist)
Perfect Storm (Blade)
Sharp Blade (Blade)
Expose Weakness (Blade)
Anima Boost (AR)
Fluid Defenses (Blade)
Immortal Spirit (Blade)

(NOTE: The 400 point updated version of this build can be found: HERE!)

Key Features
This build requires 63 total AP to put together.  The build uses two builder, Blade Torrent and Forking Paths.  The use of two builders allows you to use Blade Torrent to give an afflicted state (and has hate) then swap over to Forking Paths to take advantage of the afflicted state to give a self heal.  Further, by using an AOE builder with AR as your off-weapon, you can build full stacks of resources on each target in your AOE effect.  Once you have build up resources you would use Fire at will (AR AOE resource consumer) to use up the AR resources on that target, then tab to the next target and use Fire in the Hole (AR resource consumer), then tab and use Fire in the Hole again.  You would do this until no more targets have full AR resources, at that point, you can use Balanced Blade using up your Blade resources.  By combining AR with an AOE builder, you can fire off your AR consumers multiple times.
Additionally, you are kicking out self passive healing with both Lick your Wounds and Forking Paths.   Stunning Swirl gives a stun which triggers a penetrate buff that triggers Immortal Spirit the effect that when you penetrate you get a heal over time.
The build also has Anima Shot, and while it doesn’t have a healing finisher, it can allow single target healing when needed.
The default rotation is; as suggested above, starting with a Blade Torrent x1, followed up by 4x Forking Paths.  Then you trigger Fire at will and Fire in the Hole until your AR resources are used.  Once that is complete, you would trigger Stunning Swirl.

On difficult fights, you should trigger Sharp Blade fairly early so you can receive the penetrate heal effects.

For a main healing build, you would swap out Forking Paths for a similar build that instead of having you do AOE dsp triggers with your AR resources, you would trigger Shot of Anima.  This would take more then 60 points to be able to use both abilities, therefore a “My first 60″ will be devoted to this build instead of it being an alternative for this specific build.
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