S.T.A.R. – Single Target Assault Rifle [by Braz]

S.T.A.R. Single Target Assault Rifle

A Nightmare Dungeon DPS Build

By Braz

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S.T.A.R. is a DPS build prepared by Braz and submitted through our Submit a Build form.  It is designed for nightmare dungeons.  The build is one of our more popular DPS builds.

Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun

Active Abilities

  • Safety Off - Burst builder
  • Three Round Burst - burst finisher
  • out for a kill – shotty finisher
  • suppressing fire - aoe builder
  • frag grenade / tear gas / high explosive grenade – aoe finisher (choose based on group synergy)
  • breaching shot - party penetration buff
  • do or die – 45 sec cd personal 25% bonus damage buff

Passive Abilities

  • Twist the knife – 9% damage buff
  • Ferocity – 9% damage buff
  • Live wire – crits build charges to 4 then discharge for big damage
  • Sudden return – extra damage on penetrate
  • One in the chamber – extra damage on crit
  • Fever pitch – 50% buff to hit (absolutely clutch)
  • Extra bullet – adds an extra hit to safety off burst

Key Features

This deck is based on maximizing your chances of proccing extra damage from passives while keeping your overall damage as high as possible. Basically, each time you hit your builder you hit four times within a second. That gives you 4 opportunities to crit/pen every second. This is perfect timing for the internal passive cooldown of one second, so you’re not wasting any time or losing out on any potential passive procs. Also, you can get by with a relatively low hit rating thanks to fever pitch (which will probably be nerfed, but hey, use it while you can) which should be up at all times considering that even with only a 10% chance to proc, you’re looking at a 40% chance every second. Once it gets rolling, the damage is obscene, consistent and ranged.

Looks something like this:
safety off – sudden return – one in the chamber
safety off – sudden return – one in the chamber
safety off – sudden return – one in the chamber
three round burst – sudden return – one in the chamber – live wire
out for a kill (maybe with an SR or oitc)

If you can afford to stand in melee range for the entirety of the fight, you can swap out shotgun for chaos and use four horsemen for your secondary consumer for even more chances to proc passives, and (if you’re having trouble with hit rating) you can use pulling the strings to give yourself another 10% hit rating)

NOTE: this is a PURE dps build and parts of it are reliant on your teammates providing support like debilitate (note from Ryahl – or any other weakened state).


Start fight – 5x safety off – breaching shot – do or die – three round burst – out for a kill – safety off x3 – three round burst – out for a kill – safety off x3 – and so on until buffs are off cd then build to 5 weapon resources before hitting buffs and repeating rotation.

Gearing Needs

150 hit?, but it could be relying on Fever Pitch)
500+ crit
500+ pen


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Ashardis’ Hammer/Shotgun DPS build

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Ashardis’ Hammer/Shotgun Build To Blast!

This build is a pure dps build that depends on Blast AoE & Weakness stacks build to give you buffs with some interesting CD’s.

Active Skills :
1. Rupture. (Hammer) – Main resource builder. 4x5m Blast AoE. Does more damage with 0 Hammer Resources which you’ll make sure you never have by spending it all right away!

2. Hell To Pay. Hammer Spender. 4x5m Blast AoE. The go-to spender when you used No Mercy and you’re starting another pack. Does ~5% more damage than No Mercy without the autocrit buff.

3. Both Barrels. Shotgun Spender. 60° 7m Cone Blast AoE. 4s CD. The OTHER spender. I will explain below. Does same damage as Hell To Pay.

4. No Mercy. Hammer Spender. 4x5m Blast AoE. It will autocrit if you use it within 30s of killing another mob. This makes it a very nice finisher when the mobs start dropping as you’ll crit each time from then on, critting = maybe killing one more. Rinse n repeat

5. Pump Action. Shotgun Resource builder. Mainly used for single target damage, since some things doesn’t take AoE damage to well. Easily replaced.

6. Touchdown! Mainly a mobility CD. 20s CD. Does 50% more damage AoE, although not Blast, than the other spender skills and you move to your target.

7. Shockwave. 4x8m AoE. Big damage Elite skill. 30s CD. Has an Impair component that makes it attractive for interruptions

Passive Skills :

1. Improved Blasts. This is the key passive for this build. Builds Weakness stacks when you hit mobs with Blast effects for less damage done.

2. Punishment. Builds Crit Power stacks whenever you hit a Weakened mob aka. all the time.

3. Paradigm Shift. Stealing a little from Chaos/Theory, this builds Hit stacks whenever you hit a Weakened mob aka. all the time.

4. Hard Impact. Hammer attacks does 10% more damage.

5. Tenderizing. Does X extra damage whenever you hit a Weakened mob.

6. Dead on Target. Shotgun attacks does 10% more damage.

7. Brawler. Gives you 15% more Crit Power.

Key Features.

Everything pretty much does AoE for loads of damage on packs of mobs.  Weakness stacks on the mobs for less damage done, +Crit Power and +Hit stacks on you!  Strong finish on dying packs that are low on health, since No Mercy will automatically Crit.

The way I play this is like this : 1 2 1 2 3. So builder, spender, builder, spender, spender. Note that I can use the Both Barrels after Hell To Pay because the blasts also builds Shotgun Resources on the target, making it possible to use 2 “Consume All” spenders in a row for Big Damage. HtP uses all the Hammer Resources, BB uses the Shotgun ones. If I had killed something just before I engaged a pack, I’d push : 1 4 1 2 3 and then return to normal rotation.

There are many ways you can go with this build. If you think No Mercy is too weak for it’s limited use, you can replace it. Same with Pump Action, although if that’s taken away, you’d need to find something other single target’y. If this isn’t a Shotgun attack, consider replacing Dead on Target aswell for some other useful passive.

Perhaps an defensive stacker like Bullheaded/Hardcase (Physical/Magic Protection) Offensively, you could go for Gunsmoke (Shotgun/Control), essentially another “Tenderizing” for more damage per hit.

Thanks for reading :)

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End Game DPS – Elemental/Shotgun Strike build by Johrel

Strike Build

Elemental and Shotgun – End Game DPS

by Johrel

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Johrel, one of our guild mates in Ohana, provided us with a strike build.  The build takes advantage of synergies between strikes and uses critical hits to maximize damage output.  The build has been road tested through elite dungeons during the closed beta.

Active Abilities

  • Raging Bullet – Close Encounters – 16 AP
  • Ignition – Resonance – 9 AP
  • Flame Strike – Zero Crossing – 16 AP
  • Thor’s Hammer – React – 4 AP
  • Kickback – Restricted Access – 12 AP
  • Anima Charge – React – 2 AP
  • Do or Die – Subversion – 50 AP

Alternative Actives Abilities

  • Arc Flash – Mortality Curve – 9 AP
  • Electrical Storm –Spark – 3 AP
  • Magnetic Wipe – Resonance – 27 AP

Passive Abilities

  • Violent Strikes – Zero Crossing – 21 AP
  • Strike Force – Close Encounters – 12 AP
  • Social Dynamo – Resonance – 21 AP
  • Elemental Force – React – 1 AP
  • High Voltage – React – 3 AP
  • Under the Radar – Subversion – 21 AP
  • Live Wire – Altered States – 50 AP

Alternative Passive Abilities

  • Chain Reaction – Mortality Curve – 34 AP
  • Criticality – Altered States – 16 AP


This is a PvE single target build, focusing on dealing heavy damage through critical strikes. This is a mid-range to far-range build that utilizes 4 Strike abilities that are buffed by other active and your passive abilities. Raging Bullet is the only ability with a benefit for standing closer to the target. Anima Charge andDo or Die have very similar cool downs, so you will see big hits often.
Violent Strikes and Strike Force gives your Strike abilities flat increases to Critical Chance and Penetration, respectively. As you land critical hits you gain an increasing Critical Rating buff to a maximum of 5 stacks, equivalent to 150 Critical Rating. Additionally, your critical hits give you counters for Live Wire. You don’t even have to rely on luck to land critical hits. Elemental Force guarantees you one on every 8th attack, while Anima Charge (coupled with High Voltage) provides one every 45 seconds.

Threat is never a problem with Under The Radar. Every critical hit lowers your threat on the target by a substantial amount. Kickback, your only non-Strike damage ability, provides great mobility during a fight and keeps your damage per second up. Kickback dashes you backwards, so keep in mind of the terrain behind you. With short cast times and backward mobility ability, avoiding damage should be very easy.

Alternate Overview:

The original build is for single target PvE fights, however not all boss fights are like that. With a few ability swapping you are able to do massive AoE damage without losing too much single target damage.

For fights that have a lot of adds, switch out the following skills:

Active Abilities

  • Thor’s Hammer -> Arc Flash
  • Anima Charge ->Electrical Storm

Passive Abilities

  • High Voltage -> Chain Reaction
  • Strike Force -> Criticality

This “new” build cause your AoE builder, Arc Flash, and AoE consumer, Electrical Storm, to Afflict enemies hit with a small damage over time effect. Any critical hits on Afflicted targets, either with single target or AoE damage, will cause them to “explode” for more damage to those around them. To further increase your damage, you can switch between targets and hit them with Raging Bullet.

To add some utility to original build, switch out:

Active Abilities

  • Thor’s Hammer -> Magnetic Wipe

This gives you a purge to help your team with certain fights. Keep in mind to have 3 Elemental Resources or Anima Charge available for when the purge is needed. Purges need to happen very quickly for them to be effective.

Starting from 0 resources, I build until I have 5 of each resource. I then activate Anima Charge THEN Do or Die. The reasoning for this specific order for the 2 buffs is to bring their cool downs more in sync with each other, and to prevent wasted Do or Die uptime due to human reaction/movement. After activating my 2 buffs, I cast Thor’s Hammer followed by Raging Bullet. After that, I cast 2 Flame Strike.

I build back up to 5 resources for both weapons. (You end up “wasting” 1 Elemental Resource.) As I am casting my last Ignition, queue up Raging Bullet followed by 2 more Flame Strikes.

After building up to 5 resources again, Thor’s Hammer should be available (if not 1 -2 seconds from coming off cool down) and should be used first, then followed by Raging Bullet.

Build back to 5 resources for both weapons again, and consume them with Raging Bullet and 2 Flame Strikes.

As you build your 5 resources, Anima Charge and Do or Die should be off cool down. If not delay your consumer abilities a bit and fill in with a couple more of Ignition casts. Activate Anima Charge THEN Do or Die, and the whole rotation just repeats itself.


When gearing for this build keep in mind the following:
Hit Rating > Critical Rating (10%) > Critical Power > Penetration

Monsters have a base 5% chance to evade/glance your attacks. This makes Hit Rating THE MOST valuable stat for damage dealers. The worst thing to happen to a damage dealer is to use all of their buffs and have their big attack be evaded or glanced.

You should aim to get enough Critical Rating to have a Critical Chance of 10%. With Violent Strikes, this would bring your Strike abilities to a 17.5% Critical Chance. As you land critical hits and gain the Social Dynamo buff, your Critical Chance should be around 20%. Any more after that and the value of your Critical Chance, Elemental Force, and Anima Charge tapers off.

When you reach the 10% Critical Chance mark, Critical Power becomes more effective. This will cause your critical hits to actually hit for more. You want to get as much of this as possible.

Penetration is negligible for this build. You already get 7.5% from Strike Force. Other than threat reduction there really is no synergy with it in this build.

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Crafting in TSW

Crafting in the Secret World

Using Assembly for Glyphs, Talisman, Weapons, and more

Welcome to our updated assembly information page.  All assembly works from your crafting interface (Y by default).  Assembly is used to create, deconstruct, or improve a number of the items that drop in the game world.

Crafting should not be overlooked as (a) much of the best gear in the game comes from crafting recipes, (b) crafted gear is far more customizable than dropped gear and (c) some quests in the game require crafting steps to complete.

The crafting interface is very simple.  As you can see below, there are three main areas of the crafting interface.  The first area is a 4×5 rectangle.  This is where you place materials used in crafting and it is also where you find the materials gained form deconstructing items.

Below the rectangle are two boxes.  The first is the TOOL box.  This is where you place your crafting kits.  Each kit (weapon, talisman, consumable, glyph or gadget) is used to create items of its specific type.

The Toolkits used in TSW Crafting

Weapons create all nine types of weapons,
Talisman create all seven types of talisman
Consumables create both potions and animas
Glyphs create all nine base types of glyphs as well as all of the 36 possible 2-effect glyphs
Gadgets create the three types of gadgets as well as the various kickback gadgets

The final box is context specific.  When you are crafting, this is where you see the Result (as in the picture below).  However, when your assembly window is empty, this is where you place items you wish to deconstruct.

Crafting in TSW – Assembly Recipe Patterns

The following spreadsheet contains all known recipes in the game.  The recipe PATTERN remain the same regardless of the quality level of the utlimate item or the echelon (green, blue or purple).  However, the material quality increases with both the quality level of the item AND in some cases, the echelon of the crafting kit.

Additionally, there are potions that can be crafted that can last through death.  They can be made for Hit Points (water), Attack Rating (Fire), or Healing Rating (Dust).  They use the pattern shown below in the third tab (under Potions).

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My First 60: the Boom Tank-Support Build

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Inner Wheel Support – A shotgun tank starter deck providing decent dps and group support through Polaris (and on).

Build Notes: Our My First 60 builds are targeted for about 60 total points. They represent the initial builds for a player starting the game, but wanting to play a focused role. Thus, inner wheel builds are incomplete builds and NOT intended for mid-game or later play.

This build explores a hybrid combination in TSW, putting together the support functions of shotgun with the tanking functions of hammer. Depending on your specialization and gear, this build also provides some potent burst damage opportunities. I have used this build successfully delaying weaponized Mayans in the Wayab-Xul fight (Darkness War) and also for the first Malothep fight (Ankh).

Active Abilities

Pump Action (Shotgun)
Out for a Kill (Shotgun)
Hell to Pay (Hammer)
Breaching Shot (Shotgun)
Shockwave (Hammer)
Haymaker (Hammer)
Stonewalled (Hammer)

Passive Abilities

Sawed Off (Shotgun)
Gnosis (Chaos)
Breach Party (Shotgun)
Paradigm Shift (Chaos)

Hit & Run (Shotgun)
Authority (Shotgun)
Street Fighter (Hammer)

Key Features

I often use this build when straight up tanking isn’t possible, but being “tank-ish” helps. It’s a good off-tank build and a build that supports a tank very well. Pump Action and Sawed Off take the bite out of your opponent (reduces incoming damage by up to 30%) and you can push that a bit higher by supporting your defensive target (shotgun support passive provides mitigation as well).

But this build isn’t all about support, it has some reasonably good damage potential. Since sawed off weakens everything it hits, Gnosis should be processing regularly, passively bumping your damage output. Additionally, Paradigm Shift synergizes off of weakened too, increasing your hit rate and thus reducing your misses and glances.

Whenever facing packs of mobs, you want to score a kill with shotgun resources still active. This makes sure Hit & Run fires off, giving you another round of passive damage.

The build also features the ability to Impair in a column, using Shockwave. That’s a nice interrupt/stun, but it’s also one piece of the builds burst damage. Street Fighter gives you a damage burst the moment you apply impaired. Additionally, Haymaker hits impaired targets harder, making it the finisher to use after you knock things down. But, since you are about to knock something down and punish it, maybe you should start the sequence off with a Breaching Shot to bump your penetration rate. Breaching Shot is modified by Authority (more effective) and Breach Party lets you use this combination more often.


Your bread and butter rotation is Pump Action x5, Hell to Pay, Out for a Kill. Use OfaK to soften up, not finish a target. Your rotation is much better when your kills come from Pump Action or Hell to Pay. Also, remember that you build shotgun resources on multiple targets. That means you can use Out for a Kill more than once a rotation.

Your burst rotation begins with Breaching Shot, followed by Shockwave and Haymaker. Make sure you have hammer resources before starting this chain.

When supporting a tank, or if you have a healer/dps taking damage, focus fire Pump Action repeatedly at the hostile target while using your defensive target on the group mate taking damage. A fully debuffed debilitated opponent coupled with your shotgun support can provide an effective 35% mitigation (or more at higher levels), stretching out those hitpoints quite a bit. The same applies to you when you are taking the damage. You also can fall back on Stonewalled if you are taking hits.


If there is one problem with this build, it’s that it tries to do too much. It has some DPS, a lot of support and some tankishness (without agro generation though). You might be better served dropping Stonewalled altogether and just picking up Buckshot or Both Barrels for an extra shotgun finisher.

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