Lore Locations – Maine multi-zone

The Buzzing (missing items are in base cities)

Number Zone Loc Notes
1 London 227, 383 Middle of street
2 London 197, 260 Eadwyc Station
3 London 378, 305 Middle of Templar HQ
4 Agartha 508, 384 Main hub
5 Agartha 473, 243 Kingsmouth entrance
6 Kingsmouth 22, 165 Agartha entrance
7 Kingsmouth 57, 141 Jack Boone’s camp
8 Kingsmouth 90, 187 Back of a pickup

The Fog
1 Kingsmouth 351, 92 Norma Creed’s porch
2 Kingsmouth 379, 409 Near Derrick Creed
3 Savage Coast 436, 654 Slide near John Wolf
4 Savage Coast 846, 274 House near lighthouse
5 Savage Coast 375, 128 House at S. end of island
6 Blue Mtn 152, 905 Near Spinecrusher
7 Blue Mtn 110, 793 Boat on beach

Thanks to Slava for #6 and #7 finds!

League of Monster Slayers

Number Zone Loc Notes
1 Savage Coast 481, 796 Behind Black House
2 Savage Coast 491, 897 Top of tree house
3 Savage Coast 491, 895 In the treehouse
4 Savage Coast 561, 969 Along a rocky passage, near “the body”
5 Savage Coast 412, 989 In a cave
6 Savage Coast 359, 908 Devil’s Fork
7 Savage Coast 242, 777 Near Agartha entrance
8 Savage Coast 585, 689 jump up at 708, 601
9 Savage Coast 312, 586 Large rock near river
10 Savage Coast 237, 632 Rock along river
11 Kingsmouth 412, 680 Skate part

Thanks to Ollie for discovery of LMS #8!
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Lore Locations – Kingsmouth

The 1712 Fire
Category Number Zone Loc Notes
1712 Fire 1 Kingsmouth 250, 510 Graveyard behind church
1712 Fire 2 Kingsmouth 468, 525 Fire station 2nd floor
1713 Fire 3 Kingsmouth 173, 616 Near charred remains pit
1714 Fire 4 Kingsmouth 165, 563 Near witch-trial victim pit
1712 Fire 5 Kingsmouth 388, 258 Kingmouth Tourism
1712 Fire 6 Kingsmouth 361, 350 Upstairs in town hall
1712 Fire 7 Kingsmouth 339, 456 Behind Priest House sign
1713 Fire 8 Kingsmouth 40, 747 North of Blue Ridge Mtn tunnel
1714 Fire 9 Kingsmouth 227, 782 Under the Langmore Bridge
1712 Fire 10 Kingsmouth 48, 650 Uphill from Cannonball Bill

Map provided by Cue

The Lady Margaret
Category Number Zone Loc Notes
The Lady Margaret 1 Kingsmouth 506, 135 the deck of the Lady Margaret
The Lady Margaret 2 Kingsmouth 582, 306 Boat wreck north side
The Lady Margaret 3 Kingsmouth 645, 227 Boat wreck east side
The Lady Margaret 4 Kingsmouth 700, 177 Top of a wrecked ship
The Lady Margaret 5 Kingsmouth 687, 176 Atop a water tower, climb ladder
The Lady Margaret 6 Kingsmouth 569, 363 Deck of Lobster Trap in a tent
The Lady Margaret 7 Kingsmouth 508, 302 Behind boxes
The Lady Margaret 8 Kingsmouth 528, 170 Under a dock
The Lady Margaret 9 Kingsmouth 616, 117 Pyramid Point
The Lady Margaret 10 Kingsmouth 567, 275 Center of bay
The Lady Margaret 11 Kingsmouth 533, 439 Porch rooftop, use ladder, tricky
The Lady Margaret 12 Kingsmouth 573, 398 Atop the Lobster trap, use ladder, tricky
The Lady Margaret 13 Kingsmouth 459, 379 Roof of house, use ladder behind house
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Black Helicopters – [Spoilers] Walkthrough

Black Helicopters: TSW Guide

 Infiltration Mission, Full Walk-through

Black Helicopters represents the players first opportunity to meet with and interact with the mysterious Orochi group.  The player may have already encountered the Orochi during the Men in Black Vans quest, however this time the quest actually comes from Orochi representative Ann Radcliffe.  Ann is questioning her involvement with Orochi and wants the player to look into the activities happening out at the Kingsmouth airport.  This TSW Guide, as with all of our quest guides, uses spoiler text so that you only receive a solution for the step you need help on.  Simply click the appropriate help  spoiler to reveal the solution you need.

Black Helicopters: Step 1

“Sneak past the security perimeter.”

Need Help sneaking past the security perimeter?
There isn’t a direct way in.  However, down at the waterfront, there is a sewer entrance (near loc 671, 846). Go inside and take a left, which will update the quest.

Black Helicopters:  Step 2

“Get into the Orochi camp.”

Need Help Entering the Orochi Camp?
There is a Nar-Falr Mauler sitting against the wall to the left.  When you defeat him, you notice there are two dead Orochi sitting along the wall.  The body next to the Mauler has a note:

“This rotation the code is 739241.  **DO NOT PRINT!!!**  Seriously.  It’s bad enough that we’re sending passcodes in plaintext email.  The code lowers the barrier at a nearby staircase.  The quest updates.

 Black Helicopters: Step 3

“Download an autopsy report.  Download an occult report.  Download a field report.”

Need help with a Field Report?
The field report is to the SW.  The safest egress point is behind the helicopter.  You can hide behind a set of crates to use the laptop.  Warning, there are guard rotations at the front and back of the helicopter.
Black Vans, Field Report
Need Help with an Occult Report?
The occult report is topside to the north.  You can use a container as a hiding place while waiting on the guard rotation.  Come at the laptop from the small metal building.
Black Helicopters, Occult Report
Need Help with an Autopsy Report?
The autopsy report is downstairs in a sewer entrance across from the one you entered.  Enter and jump off to the left.  There is an interactable object that starts a fire alarm.  Throw the alarm, let the room vacate, run up and finish pulling the report.
Black Helicopters, Autopsy Report
 Throw this Fire Alarm!

Black Helicopters: Step 4

“Get to the helipad.”  Come back outside and examine the helicopter on the north side.  Quest updates to “Examine the cargo.”  This can easily be inspected from the north side of the helicopter.

Black Helicopters: Step 5

“Find an unattended laptop.” 

The laptop where you acquired the occult report is where to head.  There is a second laptop on the table, this one a bit closer to the guard.  Nonetheless, it is still easy enough to sneak up and access.

Black Helicopters, Unattended Laptop
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Horror Show – Walk through (with spoilers)

Horror Show: TSW Guide

Infiltration Video Enhanced Walk-Through

Horror Show is the first infiltration mission you come across in the Secret World.  It is given by Sheriff Helen Bannerman at the Kingsmouth police station.  Infiltration missions are stealth oriented, in fact there are achievements and awards for completing (some) infiltration missions without being detected at all!  This TSW Guide, as with all of our walk-throughs use spoiler encoded text so that you only get help on the step you need. Simply open the box for the step you are interested in to see the spoiler.

Horror Show: Video Enahced, Walk-Through

Horror Show: Step 1

“Click a phonebook for secured business.” 

There is a phone book available in the sheriff’s station near the supply closet and the Bingo soda machine, click it.  The quest updates to “Retrieve the camera from the Sycoil station.” 

 Need Help Retrieving this Camera?
The station is at the end of the street, but the camera is not easily accessible.  It is on the roof.  Head to the back of the building and use a dumpster to jump up to the roof.  The camera should be just to the left of the Sycoil-L.  Interestingly, Sycoil is a member of the Orochi group.  The Orochi group has nothing to do with this specific quest, but they do seem related to the real Horror Show happening in Kingsmouth.

The quest updates to “Retrieve the camera from the Kingsmouth Savings and Loan.”

Need Help Finding the Kingsmouth Savings and Loan?
The Savings and Loan is a blue house located on Lovecraft.  It does NOT look like a bank, this causes some confusion.  The camera is hanging right over the door and is easily grabbed.

The  quest updates to “Retrieve the camera from the mining museum.” 

Need Help Retrieving the Camera from the Mining Museum?
Once again, the camera is up on a roof.  Head around back.  The building behind the museum has a ladder.  Climb it and hop over to the museum roof.

 Horror Show: Step 2

“Enter the mining museum basement.” 

This is where the Horror Show infiltration really begins.  Go inside the museum and access the basement solo instance.  You are greeted by a cut-scene with a Filth covered human.  If you were paying attention, to the monster’s left (your right), you saw a laser beam.  That was your clue that you have things to avoid here.

 Horror Show: Step 3

“Find a way to bypass the booby traps.” 

The first three laser beams are jump-able, hop over them.  This brings you to a wall of lasers, you can’t just jump these.

 Need Help bypassing the Laser Wall?
Fortunately, there is a room to your right that has a mechanism to turn off some of these lasers.  Bad news, it’s trapped.  On entry, you will be hit by a spotlight, if it lingers on you too long, you die.  The mechanism is on the left wall, but this time the straight path is the wrong path.  Turn right as you enter and use the ramps to let you walk along the wall.  Keep the wall on your right hand and you’ll safely reach the mechanism.

One row of lasers is gone, but there is still what looks to be a non-traversable cage of lasers remaining.

Need Help Walking through Lasers?
That’s an optical illusion, so to the right wall and you will see a break in the wall.  You can walk through it.  Strafe into the middle to find the next break.  Then to the far left for the last break.

You reached another horizontal wall of laser beams.  Once again, a store room is your answer.  Once again, there are cameras of doom.  This time, there is a floodlight moving around the room (two actually).  Watch them and avoid the lights.  The camera is, once again, on the left of the room.  If you  hear a beeping, hustle out of the room as quickly as possible.

 Need Help Deactivating the Security Camera?
You have to make your way to the back of the room, while avoiding the camera on the back right corner.  You can use a crate to avoid the light catching you on the ground.  Once up the ramp, you can hide under the camera itself to find a safe spot.

Once you make your way along the scaffolding path, past the first camera.  It’s time to worry about the left camera.  When the camera rotates to the right, make your move.  Dash straight forwards, hop down, and turn off the mechanism.

You now have to fight off a Filth infected human.  If this is your first time doing so, beware that they leave a ground effect when they die.  Thus, as soon as he falls, move away from the body for a few seconds.

Once complete, loot the crate and the lore object.

Horror Show: Step 4

“Place camera on street light, place camera on house corner, place camera on street light, place camera on tree trunk.” 

Head back to the station and setup the security system.  You need to place cameras on a pair of lightposts, a tree and a porch.  The quest will point you to each spot.  Simply look for the interactive object (a big white square), right click it and advance the quest objective.

 Horror Show: Step 5

“Use the police computer to initialize the system.”  Use the computer.  Option #1 is “Station security system,” that’s your action this visit.  Press 1 and receive the instruction to “initialize camera system.”  Once again, press #1.  Operation complete (easiest software install, ever!).  Now the defenders of the Sheriff station can watch the Horror Show anytime they want.  It does beat Jeopardy reruns!

You can check out the camera feeds if you want, but you can simply just phone in the mission and you are done.

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Men in Black Vans – full walk through with spoilers

TSW Guides: Men in Black Vans

Investigation Mission, Danny Dufresne

Men in Black Vans is an investigation mission given by Danny Dufresne at the skate park in Kingsmouth.  Our TSW Guide to Men in Black Vans, as with all of our spoiler quests, leaves the answers to each step hidden.  Simply show the step you need help with.

Men in Black Vans: Step 1

“Investigate the black van.”

Men in Black Vans: Step 2

“Log in on the laptop.” Using the hint gets the message “my wife.” 
The male is Kitsune Hayabusa, 1688490.  Website Orochigroup.net.  The female is Emily Chan, 1689477.  Sally Andersen is his spouse, Sally is the password.  The computer, once unlocked states: “In case of emergency, each component has an individual signature on your tracker.  Do not leave advanced occult technology behind in the field.”


Once you crack the computer, you receive instructions on disabling the device.


Then Arrow Down


1.        Engage PK Pulse Unit

2.       Affix Manifest Agitator to PK Pulse Unit

3.       Affix Etheric Transponder Antenna to Manifest Agitator

4.         Assume minimum safe distance before power up.


Do this in reverse order to disassemble.

Men in Black Vans: Step 3

“Use the tracking device.” Pickup the tracking unit beside the laptop.
The unit is at 570, 845 in this water.  As you approach, a control panel is lit up, clicking it gives the message that it is broken and you need to find another way to disable it.
 If you get the quest incorrect, you will spawn a Draug boss.  Kill it (or drive it off) and it will reset.
Manifest Agitator, Etheric Transponder Antenna, Manifest Agitator
The Orochi Group is a mysterious organization.  If you played the Tokyo flashback, you witnessed what was happening near the Orochi tower.  They are a central player through the entire Secret World story!
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Dead Air – Spoilers Included

TSW Guide: Dead Air

Investigation Mission

Ellis Hill, Kingsmouth


In our guide to Dead Air, as with all of our TSWguides.com spoilers, we use spoiler text for the juicy parts. Simply look over the text you want help with and solve it, without spoiling the rest of the quest.

Dead Air: Step 1

“Locate the Radio Mast.”
The Radio Mast is a large antenna, atop the control tower.  Use the ladder to climb up.

Dead Air: Step 2

“Examine the Radio Mast.”  Examining the radio mast updates to “inspect the serial number.” 
The number is at the bottom of the antenna.  It is a Manticore 3881999.
The quest updates to “source the components to repair the mast.”
It turns out that Manticore is part of the Orochi group.  Go to www.orochi-group.net and choose Manticore from the companies menu.  At the Manticore menu, choose products.  You can look up the mast using the search term “mast” or the serial number.  The text reads: “The cyclone series is specifically designed for remote area installation and maintenance.  No cranes are needed, sections of lightweight and provisional materials can be carried out without recourse to specialized parts and labour.  Primary components: bracket, anchors, antennas, lightning arrestors.  Provisional repair materials household adhesives, conductors and amplifiers.  
Grab a number of pieces and return to the antenna (quest does not update when you pickup the last piece)  It only updates when you return to the antenna with the pieces.

Dead Air: Step 3

“Listen for transmission.”  Click on the antenna and receive

Dead Air: Step 4

“Decipher the coded transmission.”  The image below is the pattern you heard in the video (image captured by Cescasa at.
Morse Code transmission from Dead Air
The actual code is: -.. .-. — .–./.-.. — -.-. .- – .. — -. / –… .—- ..— / ….. …– -…. (slashes are word separators).  You can use a morse code translation program to conduct the translation, or you can just use our handy solution:   DROP LOCATION 712 536.


Now that you figured that out, time to go check out that drop location!


The drop location is in an area just south of the airport, near the coastline not far from Kingsbridge.  It is a rocky outcropping with a small pond in the center of the rocks.  This is about ¾ of an inch south of the D in Dunwich Road.

Dead Air: Step 5

“Open the crate.” 
As you approach the drop location, you see a helicopter make a drop.  Two mercenaries have to be dealt with.  While the airlift box is lit up and open, but looks like the crate, it isn’t.  The actual crate is in the middle of the water.  Open it.  A Quarantine Beast comes out and attacks.  He is not an easy fight, he does two circular ground effect attacks you must avoid.  The quest completes when the crate opens.
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Dirty Laundry – Walk through (spoilers)

Dirty Laundry

Item Quest: Kingsmouth

Step 1“Examine the Phone.”  Pickup the phone and examine it, quest updates to “Find the Hidden Keypad.”

Head to the church, there is a rock to the left of the church entrance, activate it.  Quest updates to “Enter the code and forward the footage to HQ.”

Need Help with entering the code?
The clue told you to look at the hymnal.  This is found inside the church on the wall.  The code is 576.
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Something Wicked (Hint Version)

Something Wicked:
Teir 1:  Find information about the murders in 2002.  The quest sends you looking for clues to the murders that occurred in 2002.  You need to find a place where records are kept.

Teir 2:  Find more information about the murder case.   Check your journal for additional clues.

Teir 3:  After checking your journal, you learn that the suspect got upset at the sheriff and told her to “talk to his ghost for the truth”.  You must find a way to talk to his ghost.   So, just ask yourself, “in movies, when someone needs to talk to a ghost, what do they usually do?” So, do that.  Now you can interact with the ghost!  Go you!  Figure out what the ghost is trying to “tell” you.

Teir 4:  Figure out what the cryptic message means.   The White Ravens Whisper, Golden Girls sorrowful, secrets are never told.  Your journal hints “…and the ordinary world”, so you need to stay away from the ordinary world. 

When you go outside you should see a white raven.  This is the place the quest often gets bugged.  It SHOULD fly away.  When it does, follow it until you get where you are going.  If it doesn’t fly away, you are bugged..If you are bugged…(the next section is a spoiler)…   you need to run to location 292, 165 on the map. 

Listen to their whispers.   Write down what they say.  
Again, this quest can get bugged.   If it does, you should easily tell.  There will be multiple ravens standing on one point.  If this happens to you, you have two options. (1)  Leave and come back later, or (2) try and find another version of Kingsmouth  to go to for the quest.  (You can do this by hovering over names in /general chat.  It will tell you who is in your version, and who isn’t.  I “THINK” those that aren’t have a star next to their name.  Get one of them to group with you, then right click on their name and “meet up”.  This will take you to their zone version.  Run back to the ravens and see if you are bugged at this place as well.  

Keep trying until you find a version that works.  Hopefully this will be fixed before release.

Once you solve the riddle, you only have a short time to find the real killer, so move quickly.  
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Something Wicked (Spoilers)

Something Wicked: TSW Guide with Spoilers

Investigation Mission in Kingsmouth

Norma Creed

Something Wicked: Teir 1

Find information about the murders in 2002.

Hint: Where would you find decade old records?

Check the newspaper clippings at the Town Hall.  They are upstairs.  Check the Q3 2002.

Something Wicked: Teir 2


Find information about the murder case.


Hint: The Journal states it was withheld by the sheriff’s office.  Check there.


Use the computer interface to review the suspect database.

Something Wicked: Teir 3


Hint: The statement from the computer said “Talk to my ghost for truth”.  You must find a way to talk to his ghost.


So go die (just use /reset).  Return to the cell and you find the ghost inside.   He is staring at the wall.  Inspect where he is looking for the update.

Something Wicked: Teir 4


Figure out what the cryptic message means.   “The White Ravens Whisper, Golden Girls sorrowful, secrets are never told.”


Your journal hints “…and the ordinary world”, therefore you should stay dead.

If you run outside, you can see a white raven on the police car.  It should fly away, however sometimes it is bugged,  run in the direction it is facing until you reach the next, or you see another raven.  If your raven didn’t fly, you need to run to location 292, 165 on the map.


Did you pay attention to what they said?


Your first time past each raven, record what they say.  The correct order is: gold girl sorrow secret.

If you see more than one raven standing at each location, it is bugged.  Leave and come back later, or try and find another version of kingsmouth  to go to for the quest.

Once you click the ravens, run after Jack.  He will despawn, follow him as he runs away to update your quest.
You aren’t done with Jack just yet.  He returns in quests a few more times in the story!
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Dawning of an Endless Night – the Kingsmouth Steps (Spoilers)

Dawning of an Endless Night – TSW Guide

Kingsmouth Portion (Steps 1-7)

Dawning of an Endless Night is the main story arc for Solomon Island.  TSW is a story-driven MMO with the main story divided between Dawning of an Endless Night; Black Sun, Red Sand (Egypt); and Mortal Sins (Romania).  In between each chapter of the story, players participate in a faction specific interlude.  This TSW Guide, as with all of our quest guides, uses spoiler text so that you only receive a solution for the step you need help on.  Simply click the appropriate help  spoiler to reveal the solution you need.

Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 1

“Go to the Sheriff’s Office in Kingsmouth.”

The step updates when you approach Sheriff Bannerman.

 Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 2

“Locate Kingsmouth survivors to learn more about the fog.”

Need Help Finding Survivors?
While there are survivors all through the Sheriff’s station, Helen specifically referenced three (Henry Hawthorne, Madame Roget and “Norma with a shotgun.”  The quest updates when you approach Norma Creed.

 Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 3

“Investigate the Lady Margeret.”  Updates to “beat the captain” when you board ship.  Updates to “Examine the Captain’s log” when you defeat the Captain.

Need Help finding the log?
In my experience, the captain tends to drop this right on the main deck of the boat.  It won’t necessarily be right where he died, either.  Look around for a very small, yellow-outlined object.

 Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 4

“Talk to Dr. Bannerman.” Use the dialog box for Dr. Bannerman.  Quest updates to “Locate Dr. Bannerman’s clinic.”  The clinic is immediately next door to the police station.  As you approach the clinic, the quest updates to “Examine Dr. Bannerman’s files.”  The files are in the room downstairs, back on the right as you enter.

Need Help with the Pasword?
There is a picture frame on the ground beside the computer.  It has an important clue for the computer password.  Access the computer.  The password is “Vivaldi.”  Run the file for the Lady Margaret incident for the update.

 Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 5

“Find Derrick Creed, Find Lawrence Creed.”  Follow your map to Derrick.  He is currently eating his deceased brother Lawrence Creed.  Inspect Lawrence for access to his drivers license.  The quest updates to “Find Joe Slater.”  Follow your map to Joe’s house.  As you approach Joe’s door, you will get a cutscene drawing your attention to the green goo puddles from Joe’s door to an adjacent sewer.  Head into the sewer.

Dawning of an Endless Night, the family that eats together...

Once inside the sewer, take a right, then a left, followed by another left.  You will get meet the Broodsource shortly after taking a right bend.  Once she is defeated, you find what’s left of Joe.  Once Joe is done talking, you update the quest.

Dawning of an Endless Night, now THAT is ugly

Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 6

“Use the Siren Song and follow it.” 

The song is in your inventory, put it in an easily accessible bag spot, you will use it a few times as you approach its target.  The first use directs you towards a stairwell exit.  The song is directing you to the Blue Ridge tunnel on the northwest side of Kingsmouth.  Follow it into the tunnel.  You may have already found this doorway, working on the Pickup.  If not, you might want to go do that quest first. It helps keep the narrative straight.  Just inside the tunnel is a doorway, enter it.

Dawning of an Endless Night, tie-in to the Pickup

Need help with some lasers?

Once inside, you are confronted with a number of tricks and traps.  The first one you see is a set of vertical lasers.  The ones to the left are shorting out – wait for them to drop and then step through.
Dawning of an Endless Night, lasers

Proceed forwards until the hall bends to the right.  Be careful, you are once again confronted by a laser – this time floor mounted, jump over this one.

Dawning of an Endless Night, still more lasers

Your next obstacle will be a room on your left.  The doorway has three vertical lasers.  Once again, though, these are shorting out.  Simply wait for them to fail and walk through.

Dawning of an Endless Night, the final room!

The song leads you to a map of the island, walk up to it to trigger your next cut-scene.  You are introduced to the primary villain of the first story arc, Beaumont.  You are also re-introduced to Cassandra, Cassie, King.

 Dawning of an Endless Night: Step -7

“Examine Beaumont’s notes” 

These are sitting on the table where you are standing.  The notes suggest Beaumont was using an airplane to look for “the Black Heart of the Island.”  Head to the airport.  The notes you need are sitting on a table in a hangar.  Read them.  The map location referenced is in the Savage Coast section of Solomon Island.  You get there via a tunnel just down the road past Jack Boone.

Next Steps - the Savage Coast steps


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