Hell Rising: Normal and Elite

Previous Boss – Anitomony Misinitrix

Immediately after leaving the Anitomony Misintrix battle arena, you enter the arena for the Corroder.  The Corroder is a mini-boss fight and a DPS race.  The area approaching the Corroder is winding and hilly, featuring a pipeline running along your right wall.  All of these features are important in this fight.  The Corroder has three effects:

Attack – His basic attack is not too bad.  A tank will hardly notice the effect and a DPS or Healer will be able to survive several rounds, plenty of time to pick agro back up if lost.

Caustic Outpouring – The more important effect is the green dome the Corroder periodically casts.  This dome does damage to anyone in its area.  There are two safe spots – right up close to him and far away from the effect.  Given the winding nature of the paths, up close is the only constant place to stay and maintain DPS.

Fire Wall – the Caustic Outpouring damages the pipelines, causing them to rupture into a fire wall.  This wall of flame creeps up the hill every Caustic Outpouring and will instantly kill anyone caught inside it.  Because of this, it is useful to pull the Corroder uphill at the start of the fight and move him again if needed as the fight progresses.

 Next Boss – Hardwired Fleshtank

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