Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment: TSW Guide

Sam Krieg, Savage Coast Lighthouse

Patch 1.1 (TSW)

Crime and Punishment investigates the back story of author Sam Krieg’s activity on Solomon Island.  Sam tells you, “Upon the wicked shall fall the rain of fire and brimstone,” during this cut-scene he also focuses on the amusement park and Innsmouth Academy.  Crime and Punishment is an investigation mission added in the 1.1 patch, Carter Unleashed.  This TSW Guide, as with all of our quest guide, features spoiler hints.  Simply reveal the solution you need without spoiling the remainder of the quest!
Finding Sam can be a bit tricky.  If this is your first trip to the lighthouse, Sam is upstairs.  Enter the elevator and use the box (it’s a bit hard to find it’s action spot).  Once upstairs, follow the ramp to the top of the lighthouse and talk to Sam.

Crime and Punishment: Step 1/5

 ”Find evidence of Krieg’s research into the island.”  
Read Sam’s discarded letter, beside him.  He had to abandon his car at an intersection with the stupidest sentimental name.  “Find Sam Krieg’s Car”
Need Help Finding Sam’s Car?
Head up the road to location 752, 375.  This is where Lover’s Regret meets Hopes End.

Crime and Punishment: Teir 2/5

“Trace Kring’s route back to the informant.”  Use the GPS to find the informant.  Right click on the GPS unit, it will play back to you the last directions that Sam took.
From the nearest road, go East 200 yards.  Take the second exit on the right and continue 500 yards.  (Along the way you will have a turn, stay on the road).  Turn left on the next road.  The GPS then shuts off.
Need Help solving the GPS puzzle?
In reverse order you will:  Head away from the lighthouse road by taking a right.  Go 500 yards, then turn left.  You should be heading West.  Go 200 yards.  It will leave you at the Gas station.  Go there for the update

Crime and Punishment: Tier 3

 Use the garbage can at the Gas station.  You get a picture, taken at a house, and a web address.
Crime and Punishment: One of Sam's best books

Sam Krieg’s book, The Resident Horror

Need Help Finding the House?
You need to find the house in the picture.  It is at 463, 717 (to the east).  This is the house across the street from John Wolf.Tier 4

“Find a way inside the house.”  There is a basement around the back of the house.  It requires a 4-digit code to enter.

Need Help Finding the Code?
It turns out that our fans website states that you know you’re obsessed when: “Your four-digit security codes all come from his books.”  The passcode is 8237, the final four ISBN digits of “the Resident Horror,” one of his favorite books.  Enter the basement.

Crime and Punishment: Tier 5

“Access the informant’s files.”  You need a password, “Foucault’s Pendulum – hardcover original” is your clue

Need Help with the password?
9780151327652 is the 13-digit ISBN for this book.  It also happens to be the passcode.  Go ahead and read all the entries, Sam’s fan was quite the nutcase!  NOTE:  This answer is language specific.  
Brauchen Sie Hilfe mit dem Passwort?
If you are playing on the German Client, your answer is 3446153950.   Thanks to Balin23 for the heads-up)
Avez-vous besoin d’aide avec le mot de passe?
I would suspect that if you are playing on the French client, your answer would be:  either 2724260783 or 978-2724260786 (with or without the dash).  However, the French version of this quest is bugged as of 3-Aug.
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