Crit Build [by: Rednose]

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High Damage Number Build

Rednose submitted some interesting builds to share. These builds have limited group testing, but they all received extensive solo testing in the Egypt areas of the game (Q7-Q9 content).

Weapons: Pistols, Elemental MagicTriggers/Mechanisms: Critical Hits, Affliction

Glyphs: Crit or Crit Power

Description: This build focuses on doing high damage numbers using crits and high damage skills with longer casting time. Not that great for soloing, but it might turn out well as DD in a party with the self-increasing crit chances.

Active Skills:
1. Arc Flash; builder, chain, applies afflicted through “Chain Reaction”
2. Flashpoint; applies high affliction damage on AoE if hitting an afflicted target
3. Blaze; Ele consumer, always crits on afflicted due to “Aidelon”
4. Big forty Five; gun consumer,
5. Turn the Tables(survivalism tree); selfheal
6. Deadly Aim; party-wide crit buff for a few seconds
7. Gun Crazy/Bullet Ballet(Elite); high single target or PBAoE damagePassive Skills:
1. Elemental Force; every 8th hit crits
2. Death Density; increases crit chance after a kill
3. Aidelon; makes Blaze always crit on afflicted
4. Mad Skills; buffs crit when you crit
5. Chain Reaction; chain skills(aka no1) apply afflicted
6. One in the Chamber; extra damage on crits
7. Live Wire (Elite); huge extra damage after your 4th crit

Usage: start fights with 1,2,4, then use 3, 4 and 7 as often as possible.

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6 Responses to Crit Build [by: Rednose]

  1. Mal Camber says:

    I've a build very similar to this that uses Chaos instead of Pistols. The reason I chose Chaos is partly for concept, but also because Chaos has one of the best setups for delivering constant multihit attacks.

    Multihits, while not at the level of power they were in Beta, are still very strong for obtaining Critical or Penetrating attacks, because each hit in the multihit sequence can potentially crit or penetrate, which means the attack as a whole registers a crit or penetrate, which results in significantly greater One in the Chamber and Live Wire procs.

  2. How many AP are we talking about for this build? Is this an Egypt-only build or can it be reached in late Kingsmouth?


    • Ryahl says:

      I need to add a disclaimer to that on these builds!

      Rednose built these near the end of closed beta using the FATE bufer (available on Testlive). It gives you enough AP to buy out the entire skill wheel.

      So, some of the Rednose builds are very, very deep builds requiring substantial point allocations.

      That said, this looks to be a fairly straight forward elemental/pistol build. I don't think its a Kingsmouth build, but you should have the AP before the end of Solomon Island to make a go of it.

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  4. spencer says:

    Can someone tell me if this build is still viable?

    • Splitlocked says:

      Viable, yes. But note that Aidelon has been nerfed to only grant 40% crit chance versus Afflicted targets rather than the previous 100%. Which is still a good number, but not quite a guaranteed crit.

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