Dacian Pureblood

Dacian Pureblood

Lair Boss

Shadowy Forest

The Dacian Pureblood is a werewolf category lair boss associated with the Shadowy Forest lair.  He is tied to the lair quest Kreep Rush, added in content update 1.4, Battle in the Big Apple.

Need to know how to summon the Dacian Pureblood?


  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Kappa 01]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Tau 01]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Sigma 09]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Rho 09]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Sigma 04]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Rho 05]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment:Phi 01 ]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Delta 01]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Beta 05]

The Dacian Pureblood is a relatively simple fight which has a bugged finish.  The Pureblood features two mechanics:

Overrun – the Dacian Pureblood will periodically cast Overrun.  This is a column attack which can do lethal damage to people in it.  Simply avoid the effect.

Howl – This summons a non-targetable wolf add.  The wolf will run around doing a knockdown charge that does modest damage.  The Dacian Pureblood keeps summoning these throughout the fight, meaning you will wind up with two or more by the end.

The current bug with this fight involves the wolves.  As of content update 1.4, this bug is still present.  The wolves do NOT despawn at the end of the encounter.  Since they cannot be targeted, they cannot be killed.  This means you wind up with wolves knocking people down during the loot cycle.

The only work around for this is to either get killed or run them nearly out of the lair to get them to despawn.

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