Dark House Sorceror

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On a run, recently, a person in group referred to this fight as the “hokey-pokey” fight.  “You put your whole self in, you take your whole self out…” That’s a pretty accurate way to think about DHS.  This fight involves reacting to a number of spell effects.  
The tried and true adage of “stay out of the goo” certainly applies in this fight.  In general, if DHS has a particle effect up, stay out of it or stay off it.  This fight is relatively easy, it is a simple personal responsibility check.  Pay attention, move with the effects, and you will quickly win this fight.  Effects for this fight:
Blood Out – One of the more frequent effects, DHS will surround himself with a red bubble.  During this stage, players have to get away from him.  The red bubble does reasonably high magical damage with a knockback.  During this stage, DHS also summons Ak’ab Shock Troopers to protect him.  The bubble will not drop until the adds are defeated.
Ak’ab Shock Troopers – these come out during the red bubble stage and invariably swarm the healer.  Also, since the party just had to spread out to avoid the bubble, there’s a good chance that you are all on opposite sides of the bubble.  The tank and healer need to get together as quickly as possible to pickup the adds and the DPS need to focus fire the adds down.  In normal mode, the damage from a single Ak’ab is pretty low, but a number of them on a healer can be painful.
Blood In – During this phase, DHS places a red donut around the outer areas of the fight.  Players must move in close to the boss or they will take persistent damage, each second.  A single tick of this damage isn’t lethal, but lower HP characters cannot afford to stand in this more than a few seconds.
Ceremonial Cross/Cut/Line – During the Blood In phases, DHS will place a geometric shape on the ground in the safe area where the players congregate.  Players must absolutely stay off the shape or they will take moderate damage and be knocked back (into Blood In, where they will take persistent damage).  Complicating matters, one of the geographic shapes will rotate (clockwise), requiring players to strafe sideways keeping up with the circular rotation.
Attack - The basic attack from DHS is magical, moderate, and relatively slow (about every 2 seconds).

Next Boss – Unbound Ak’ab

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