Darkness War Overview

The Darkness War is the dungeon located in Blue Mountain, Solomon Island.  Unlike the prior two dungeons, this one is a flashback.  The players travel backwards in time to help the Wabanaki and Vikings (with Excalibur) defeat an invading host of Mayans and Filth beasts. 
Darkness War LORE

Number Zone Loc Notes
2 Darkness War 181, 650 Starter Village
1 Darkness War 445, 451 Hidden area
3 Darkness War 186, 588 Before first boss
4 Darkness War 447, 546 Hidden area
5 Darkness War 96, 508 Near boat
6 Darkness War 102, 599 After Dark Horse Sorceror
7 Darkness War 69, 452 By anima well
8 Darkness War 57, 573 After Dark Horse Sorceror
9 Darkness War 138, 803 After Mayan Battle Mage behind pyre
10 Darkness War 468, 417 Hidden area
11 Darkness War 585, 507 Wayeb Xul
12 Darkness War 488, 542 Hidden area
The normal version is a Q6 dungeon.  It is intended for players in Q5 and Q6 green gear from Blue Mountains.  Players in the Q5 gear from Hell Rising are quite well equipped for this zone.
The elite version of Hell Rising is a Q10 instance.  The instance is tuned for players in blue Q8/Q9 gear from the final normal dungeons.  Players entering the dungeon in full green, Q10 gear may find progress difficult.  The elite bosses have the same mechanics as the normal bosses.  However, damage is substantially increased.  DPS and Healers should consider a minimum of two hp talisman to survive periodic special effect damage.

Darkness War fights virtually all involves some environmental effects and adds, often simultaneously.  Several encounters feature walking bombs that require ranged DPS.  There is only one trash encounter in the instance and there are three “hidden” mini-bosses.

First Boss – Batab Crusher

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