Dawning of an Endless Night – the Kingsmouth Steps (Spoilers)

Dawning of an Endless Night – TSW Guide

Kingsmouth Portion (Steps 1-7)

Dawning of an Endless Night is the main story arc for Solomon Island.  TSW is a story-driven MMO with the main story divided between Dawning of an Endless Night; Black Sun, Red Sand (Egypt); and Mortal Sins (Romania).  In between each chapter of the story, players participate in a faction specific interlude.  This TSW Guide, as with all of our quest guides, uses spoiler text so that you only receive a solution for the step you need help on.  Simply click the appropriate help  spoiler to reveal the solution you need.

Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 1

“Go to the Sheriff’s Office in Kingsmouth.”

The step updates when you approach Sheriff Bannerman.

 Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 2

“Locate Kingsmouth survivors to learn more about the fog.”

Need Help Finding Survivors?
While there are survivors all through the Sheriff’s station, Helen specifically referenced three (Henry Hawthorne, Madame Roget and “Norma with a shotgun.”  The quest updates when you approach Norma Creed.

 Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 3

“Investigate the Lady Margeret.”  Updates to “beat the captain” when you board ship.  Updates to “Examine the Captain’s log” when you defeat the Captain.

Need Help finding the log?
In my experience, the captain tends to drop this right on the main deck of the boat.  It won’t necessarily be right where he died, either.  Look around for a very small, yellow-outlined object.

 Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 4

“Talk to Dr. Bannerman.” Use the dialog box for Dr. Bannerman.  Quest updates to “Locate Dr. Bannerman’s clinic.”  The clinic is immediately next door to the police station.  As you approach the clinic, the quest updates to “Examine Dr. Bannerman’s files.”  The files are in the room downstairs, back on the right as you enter.

Need Help with the Pasword?
There is a picture frame on the ground beside the computer.  It has an important clue for the computer password.  Access the computer.  The password is “Vivaldi.”  Run the file for the Lady Margaret incident for the update.

 Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 5

“Find Derrick Creed, Find Lawrence Creed.”  Follow your map to Derrick.  He is currently eating his deceased brother Lawrence Creed.  Inspect Lawrence for access to his drivers license.  The quest updates to “Find Joe Slater.”  Follow your map to Joe’s house.  As you approach Joe’s door, you will get a cutscene drawing your attention to the green goo puddles from Joe’s door to an adjacent sewer.  Head into the sewer.

Dawning of an Endless Night, the family that eats together...

Once inside the sewer, take a right, then a left, followed by another left.  You will get meet the Broodsource shortly after taking a right bend.  Once she is defeated, you find what’s left of Joe.  Once Joe is done talking, you update the quest.

Dawning of an Endless Night, now THAT is ugly

Dawning of an Endless Night: Step 6

“Use the Siren Song and follow it.” 

The song is in your inventory, put it in an easily accessible bag spot, you will use it a few times as you approach its target.  The first use directs you towards a stairwell exit.  The song is directing you to the Blue Ridge tunnel on the northwest side of Kingsmouth.  Follow it into the tunnel.  You may have already found this doorway, working on the Pickup.  If not, you might want to go do that quest first. It helps keep the narrative straight.  Just inside the tunnel is a doorway, enter it.

Dawning of an Endless Night, tie-in to the Pickup

Need help with some lasers?

Once inside, you are confronted with a number of tricks and traps.  The first one you see is a set of vertical lasers.  The ones to the left are shorting out – wait for them to drop and then step through.
Dawning of an Endless Night, lasers

Proceed forwards until the hall bends to the right.  Be careful, you are once again confronted by a laser – this time floor mounted, jump over this one.

Dawning of an Endless Night, still more lasers

Your next obstacle will be a room on your left.  The doorway has three vertical lasers.  Once again, though, these are shorting out.  Simply wait for them to fail and walk through.

Dawning of an Endless Night, the final room!

The song leads you to a map of the island, walk up to it to trigger your next cut-scene.  You are introduced to the primary villain of the first story arc, Beaumont.  You are also re-introduced to Cassandra, Cassie, King.

 Dawning of an Endless Night: Step -7

“Examine Beaumont’s notes” 

These are sitting on the table where you are standing.  The notes suggest Beaumont was using an airplane to look for “the Black Heart of the Island.”  Head to the airport.  The notes you need are sitting on a table in a hangar.  Read them.  The map location referenced is in the Savage Coast section of Solomon Island.  You get there via a tunnel just down the road past Jack Boone.

Next Steps - the Savage Coast steps


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