Dimensional Arachnid

Previous Encounter – Orochi Dead-Ops – the Triplets

The fourth boss encounter in the Ankh is a fairly straight forwards encounter.  Its purpose is to introduce two effects that will re-occur in the final boss fight.  The fight itself is relatively low DPS with only one important mechanic and a couple of effects from the boss itself.
Adds – throughout the fight, Orochi agents laying dead in the encounter area will reanimate.  When they do, they will begin buffing the Arachnid.  You can tell this is happening because a white beam leaps from the agent to the Arachnid.  Kill the agents as quickly as possible and return to the Arachnid.
Attack – the basic damage from the Arachnid is fairly low, physical damage.  This is true until the agents start spawning.  The agents “buff” the Arachnid, giving its basic attack a physical and filth component.  This can stack up to quite a high level and become deadly if not well managed.  However, if your DPS is staying on their toes, this should never be an issue.

Black Bile – This is a targeted filth attack coming from the Arachnid.  It is quite low damage.
Filth Undertow – the Arachnid also drops filth puddles onto the ground.  These persist for a few seconds and cause damage to anyone lingering in them.  Tanks should take care to position the Arachnid in such a way that the DPS can easily stay on the Arachnid while avoiding old filth puddles.
The Filth puddles and buffing effect will return in the final Ankh encounter.

Next Encounter – The Colossus, Malothet

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