Doctor Klein

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Your (minor spoiler) first encounter with Doctor Klein occurs immediately after you traverse a gauntlet of motes.  The mote gauntlet helps remind you of the importance of quick reaction to motes, which is helpful in the Dr. Klein fight.

The battle arena for Dr. Klein is a ledge overlooking an abyss (you can’t fall off).  There is a broken column on the ground where you enter, this is important for the retreat phase.  Otherwise, note the long bridge– the fight with Dr. Klein occurs at the far side.  Dr. Klein, himself, will not move during this encounter, but you will!
This fight is an extreme mobility fight.  Throughout the encounter, players have to adjust to evolving mechanics of Dr. Klein.  This involves strafing from side to side as well as two retreat phases.  Dr. Klein alternates between a normal phase and a charged up phase.

Normal Phase
During his normal phase, Dr. Klein fires off two repetitive magical attacks on the tank.  Profane in the Membrane and Spray and Prayare both relatively low damage for a Q6 geared tank.  However, his big attack comes from his summons.  Dr. Klein will turn slightly to the right or the left – when he does this, he begins to summon things from the filth void.  The pattern of summons is random (e.g. he does not alternate right-left-right-left).
It is imperative that players avoid these effects.  This is easy enough if you simply strafe to the opposite side of the ledge from the way Klein is facing.  The middle of the bridge is NOT far enough, you must get to the opposing side.
Column Blast – this effect is a starburst which travels the length of the bridge.  It does moderate damage and a knockdown/stun, which virtually guarantees you will get hit by more effects.
Motes – just like in the prior fight, motes come out from the void. These travel the length of the bridge and dissipate.  If players are positioned well, they simply bypass the team.  If someone is too near the middle, they will pickup the mote and the team will need to DPS it off the “silenced” teammate.
Retreat Phase
At some point, Dr. Klein starts talking about “wanting to show you something he learned in the dark places.”  Frankly, any time a scary man wants to show you things in dark places you should run away, and this is no exception  Immediately run to the far side of the bridge and jump over the column.
Dr. Klein will fire off a huge column blast that covers the entire bridge.  It travels to the column and explodes, killing anyone not on the far side of the column.
Once this is done, head back in to Dr. Klein, but beware.  Klein will fire off a series of effects as you close.  You must move from side to side on the bridge to avoid those effects and re-engage Dr. Klein.  Once you re-engage, he returns to his normal phase.
Encounter Instructions
You should proceed through three normal and two retreat phases in this fight.  During the last normal phase, Klein periodically goes haywire and fires of multiple streams of effects.  Stay on your toes and keep fighting him and he’ll run away to meet up with you another day!

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