DPS – Elemental and Assault Rifle Strike Build [by Seraph-X]

Elemental and Assault Rifle

End-Game DPS

By Seraph-X

This elemental and assault rifle DPS build is designed for elite dungeons and serves as a foundation build for progressing into Nightmare.  Seraph-X, one of our Ohana guildmates, updates Johrel’s build with a twist!


  • Arc Flash – chain builder
  • Blaze - single target elemental consumer
  • Fire at Will - aoe rifle consumer
  • Fire in the Hole – single target rifle consumer
  • Red Mist – singe target rifle elite
  • Electrical Storm - aoe elemental consumer
  • Turn the Tables – self heal


  • Sick Society – hit under 35%, additional dmg
  • Molecular Exploitation – hit afflicted, additional dmg
  • Aidelon - Blaze has 100% crit chance vs afflicted
  • Chain Reaction – hit with chain, cause affliction (for Arc Flash)
  • One in the Chamber – on crit, additional dmg
  • Elemental Precision – 10% more elemental dmg
  • Forged in Fire – 40% heal if you drop under 50%

The concept is you use Arc Flash to put affliction on the target, then hit them with and auto crit+multiple extra damage hits from Blaze. Use Fire at Will to consume your second resource and Red Mist on cooldown.


RM->5 AF->FaW->Blaze->1AF->Blaze. Use AF to build 3 elemental then Blaze, as soon as you have 5 AR resource FaW. Every 5th rotation start again (other than RM which just watch and use on CD).

Alternate Ideas

You can replace the two heals (one active, one passive) with others if you don’t take much damage, but your actives are really locked into getting as many Blazes as possible.

*a couple good passives you can swap in and play with are:

  • Seal the Deal, +20% dmg on next resource consumer
  • Highly Strung, +10% dmg for 6 seconds after depleating elemental resource
  • Closer, 7.5% dmg on all consumers
  • Brawler, 15% increase to crit power


Gear wise, I got enough hit to reduce the glance chance significantly. Then stacked CritPower (no need for Crit rating since Blaze automatically crits, guaranteed).

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5 Responses to DPS – Elemental and Assault Rifle Strike Build [by Seraph-X]

  1. Chris says:

    Is there a blue mountain special version of this build? Been searching around forums and Google but can only find end game builds

  2. Anon says:

    This not a “Strike” build. It’s a “Blaze” build.

  3. snekadid says:

    Aedoleon is only 40% increase crit chance. Either out of date, incorrect from start or I am misunderstanding some of the information here. Either way, an update to the build would be appreciated.

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