Dr. Klein and the Colossus, Melothat

Dr. Klein and the Colossus, Melothat

The Ankh – Normal/Elite

The final encounter

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The last encounter in the Ankh has multiple stages and mechanics.  This encounter requires players to counter both the Doctor and the Colossus, in successive sequences.  The fight culminates with a hasty run up a dizzying catwalk for the final showdown with Doctor Klein.

Throughout the encounter, there are environmental effects to avoid.  Ranged DPS is extremely useful in this encounter.

The encounter area is L shaped, with players entering on the bottom side of the L.  Around to the left, at the top of the L, is the beginning of the catwalk that players will use to climb up to Dr. Klein at various points in the encounter.

The Colossus

The fight opens with Dr. Klein standing high on a podium, charging up the Colossus who stands below in a lake of filth.  The Colossus has two mechanics in the opening phase.

Targeted filth attack – the colossus will wind up periodically and smash the ground, leaving a pool of filth where the blow landed.  Filth effects are persitent effects and stay in place for some time.  Because of this, players should move the Colossus carefully between attacks, so that there remains safe places to stand after a few filth effects land.

Agro Mechanics – the Colossus, apparently, is proactive in his defense of Dr. Klein.  Players who ascend the catwalk, early, draw his ire immediately.  Additionally, we have observed agro swapping during this fight that appears to be proximity driven.  Because of this, we prefer to engage the Colossus on the bottom of the L, with only the healer rounding the bend.  The tank moves the Colossus from right to left along the base of the L as filth stacks accumulate.

Attack - the basic attack from Melothat is fairly minor (until it gets Filth buffed).

Dr. Klein Engages

At several points in the encounter, the Colossus goes idle and sinks into the filth.  At this time, Klein comes out to the edge of his platform and fires a glowing beam towards the Colossus.  This beam places a stacking buff on the Colossus that adds a progressively larger filth component to the attacks of the colossus.  Players must ascend the cat walk and fire on Klein to drive him off.

The fight vacillates between Colossus and Klein stages for a few exchanges.  About the time the Colossus is near death, Klein teleports down to join the fight directly.  Klein initially lands at the right, bottom edge of the L.  On his teleports during this phase, he goes to the top left side of the L and swaps between these two spots.

Klein uses everything he threw at the players earlier in the dungeon.  Waves of motes and blasting waves travel the length of the L.  Players can avoid these effects using the bend in the L. However, some damage must be done to Klein or he persists his attacks.  Klein gives up and flees back to the top after taking moderate damage.

The Final Klein-Down

Once the Colossus is defeated and after driving Klein up to the top again, the players must head up the cat walk and finish off Klein. He travels to the very top and the ground will be shaking during this ascent, as Klein powers up a filth machine.

At the top, Klein becomes a strait up DPS race.  His machine stacks a buff on him, allowing him to churn of more and more damage.  While a good tank and healer can take this well over 1500 stacks (in normal mode), it is advisable to defeat Klein well before this happens.

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