Everything Must Die, a 400 Point Claw/Blade Survival

Everything Must Die

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Claw and Blade AOE Survival

A Blue Mountain Special, by Ryahl

Everything Must Die is an upgrade to our popular My First 60 Blade/Claw build.  There are a few noteworthy changes here. Primarily, the damage component for this build shifts to penetration with the afflictions merely setting up the kill count.  This build is a highly reliable soloing build.  I still use this as my go-to build for outdoor game play in Romania.  While the build excels in aoe fights, it still performs well in single target fights thanks to the guarantees penetrates.

It comes in at just a bit over 400 points invested (408 using TheSecretSandbox) and would be a bit higher coming from the My First 60 build since we used some Blood Passives in that one.  None the less, this build should be very achievable in Blue Mountains and should really put a dent into packs of… well, pretty much anything.

Everything Must Die has worked very well in solo instances.  In fact, it’s the build I used to handle the vampires, flesh golems and Mara in the Mortal Sins story line.  There will be links in that write-up to this build.

Import Build:

If you are using Viper’s Deck Manager, you can import this build by coping and pasting the above code into his import section.

Active Abilities

  • Blade Torrent
  • Clearing the Path
  • Hog Wild (Tear em up)
  • Inner Spark
  • Surging Blades
  • Stunning Swirl
  • Steel Echo

Passive Abilities

  • Perfect Storm
  • Twist the Knife
  • Sudden Return
  • Fortunate Strike
  • Renewal
  • Fatal Flourish
  • Immortal Spirit

All of the damage in this build comes from three abilities and a host of passives.  You begin using Blade Torrent, the same low dps builder from the My First 60.  As there, the Perfect Storm passive causes Blade Torrent to add an afflicted state to all of its targets.  That’s where the fun begins.  Further attacks on afflicted targets will trigger Fortunate Strike for occasional extra damage.  More importantly, though, Fatal Flourish begins stacking up penetration buffs because of your application of affliction.  This helps to setup future Blade Torrent penetrates.

Your blade finisher is Clearing the Path and here is where the damage gets ugly.  Clearing the Path has a guaranteed penetration on afflicted mobs (which your builder just did).  Welcome to AOE penetrates.  Now, with those penetrations processing, you will begin seeing Twist the Knife increasing your damage output.  Sudden Return also adds some damage to the penetrated hit.

For a low cost version of the build, Hog Wild serves as your fist damage finisher.  However, once you have the points, Tear ‘em Up becomes your go-to fist finisher damage finisher since it adds a damage output buff to your next attacks (penetration * damage buff = yes please!).

Your penetration also plays a role with your healing, since Immortal Spirit processes a heal over time on penetration.  However, most of your healing comes from Inner Spark and Cauterise.  Inner Spark places a reactive heal on your defensive target (you when soloing), causing every hit on them to heal them.  Cauterize becomes your go to heal when it is needed.

The build features three utility abilities.  Surging Blades is a nice dash attack (returning from the My First 60), it has a fairly fast recyle which can be handy.  Surging Blades is more than just a combat starter, you can use it to get away from a pack to give yourself enough lead room to start cauterising on the run!

Stunning Swirl returns as your AOE impairment ability.  This time, though, impairment plays a nice heal benefit since Renewal will place a heal process on any of your impaired targets.  Hitting those targets will trigger heals (that AOE builder and finisher come in handy here).

Finally, Steel Echo is in for those moments where you just want extra special damage.  Throwing Steel Echo adds damage to every hit and has the extra benefit of creating a second hit counter on each of your hits – causing even more processing for your passives.

Variant to the Build

Recently, I have made a few small changes to this build.  Renewal has been replaced with Perseverance for more heal uptime.  Additionally, Fatal Flourish has been dropped in favor for Flight of Daggers.

Additionally, I have begun looking for a replacement to Steel Echo.  While it is a decent ability, the recycle is a bit too long for my play style.  Depending on the situation, I will cycle in a second 45-second recycle impair, allowing me to double lockdown in a fight.  In other situations, you might consider a second dash over the second impair.


Open combat with a Surging Blades, Blade Storm, Clearing the Path and Inner Spark.  This uses up your free resources (you used a builder to set affliction-only).

From there, the build cycles between two rotations, the damage rotation of Blade Storm x5, Clearing the Path and the fist DPS finisher.  This is followed by the Blade Storm x5, Clearing the Path and Inner Spark rotation.

Use Stunning Swirl to put everything on the ground every now and then (and help get your heal processes moving).  Ideally, precede your impairment with a Steel Echo once and watch your next regular rotation mop  up the map.

Gear Concerns

This build will generate its own penetration, so you don’t need PEN on your weapons.  However, the build is deeply vulnerable to GLANCING.  Glancing will cause your passives to fail, which will cause you to die.  Make sure you have enough HIT and SKILL with your weapons to nullify your glance rate.  Once you have addressed your HIT, focus on getting up some ATTACK POWER to take advantage of all those sweet, sweet penetrations.

You should also consider a couple of minor talisman in healing to help out your heal actives and passives.

Note – when I ran Mortal Sins, I used a tanking set (6 tanking talisman with a head DPS talisman).  That’s not by design, it’s just my tanking gear and the best I had available.  However, the build still works well enough with that structure.  It just becomes better optimized with a talisman blend.

Build Priority

Assuming you are transitioning from the My First 60 build, your first priority should be picking up Clearing the Path.

Once you have that, begin subbing in the penetration passives in this build over the affliction passives in the MF60.

Once that’s done, work on acquiring the heal skills from fist.  Until you have them the Fist consumer and heal in the MF60 will more than suffice.

Your last priority should be Steel Echo.  It’s a nice add to the build, but you will be seeing all sorts of fun things happen well before applying it.

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48 Responses to Everything Must Die, a 400 Point Claw/Blade Survival

  1. What's the 7th passive used?

  2. Howgie says:

    Hi there,

    thanks for the build. Looks great and I am working on it coming from the 60p claw/sword survival build.

    I have a few questions concerning the passives mentioned:
    1. Does the additional hit of Sudden Return also have a chance to proc Fortunate Strike? Since it is not considered a “full” hit (see Steel Echo), I would guess no (otherwise it would be possible to proc itself again and again)
    2. If not, might it not be better to take Inscision instead of Fortunate Strike (since it is a guaranteed DOT against inflicted targets upon penetration)?

    Thanks a ton and keep up the good work.

  3. Ryahl says:


    Thanks for the questions. Sudden Return should not be treated as a second hit (as you note) and many passives have a 1-second internal cool down to keep them from infinite processing.

    You may be right, then, that Incision might tweak the DPS up a bit on this build. I am starting to use this on my outdoor game play, so I can check out some number differences.


    • Howgie says:

      Thanks for the answer, Ryahl!
      Actually one more thing: Just found out, that the tooltip of Fatal Flourish is bugged and the penetration buff only stacks up to 5, same as Dark Potency. So if you are not aiming at Incision you can save the points for something else.


  4. Tenofas says:

    Just a couple of ideas:
    1) In the active bar, why don't you use a Fist consumer? This way, you build both finishers with Blade Torrent, then you use two finishers CLearing the Path and Hog Wild (for example), for greater damage.
    2) I would use Bloodsport (from Fist) instead of Perfect Storm, this way every attack will set afflict on targets.
    3)I would use Salt in the Wound instead of Fortunate Strike, to have a sure small damage bonus (11 I think is the base) instead of a 10% chance to apply a larger bonus (21 should be the base). Not sure about the values, anyway one is twice the other, but with a smaller chance to happen.
    4) I would use Sharp Blades with a 10% increase in blade damage instead of Renewal that will give me a small HoT.
    What do you think?

    • Howgie says:

      This comment has been removed by the author.

    • Howgie says:

      1. Inner Spark is the fist consumer in this build. Not for damage though, but a consumer for healing.
      2. Bloodsport does tick for lower damage and needs to be stacked. If you glance the affliction state is removed. I would stick with Perfect Storm or Shoot em' Up.
      3. Salt in the Wound is worth a try.
      4. The build is meant to give you some healing (as far as I understood it :) ), so exchanging the heal passives for more dmg is always an option if it does not hurt your survivability too much.


    • Tenofas says:

      I use Surgical steel in place of Inner Spark, but still want a Fist finisher for damage, this way I can start the fight with a burst of damage and only if my life is getting low I will use the healing finisher from fist abilities.
      I use bloodsport since I use two blade builder, one for single target (Grass Cutter) and one for aoe (Blade torrent). This way I can deal a lot more damage on single and harder mobs.
      So far I never had healing problems playing solo, this is why I'd rather have a more offensive build.
      Right now I have:

      Active Abilities:
      1) Stunning Swirl (usually my opener)
      2) Blade torrent (builder for aoe fights)
      3) Grass cutter (builder for single target fights)
      4) Clearing the Path (finisher with Penetrate 100%)
      5) Hog Wild (fist finisher if health is ok)
      6) Cauterise (fist healing builder)
      7) Surgical Strike (fist healing finisher)

      Passive abilities:
      1) Sharp blades (+10% blade damage)
      2) Bloodsport (all hits apply afflicted. small dot)
      3) Fatal fluorish (for higher Penetration rating)
      4) Salt the wound (in conjunction with bloodsport deal +26 damage each hit)
      5) Immortal spirit (hot when penetrate)
      6) Twist the Knife (damage increase, up to +9%, when penetrate)
      7) Sudden Return (additional hit when penetrate)

      At the end we have two very similar build, but yours is more conservative and has less risk, mine is probably a little more risky and focus on higher damage.

    • Howgie says:

      First of all: It is not my build, credits go to Ryahl :)
      I just like the build a lot and try to improve it as far as “improvement” goes in TSW ;)

      The problem I have with Bloodsport is that it completely removes the affliction state if you glance. If you don't, fine….but if you do you loose the guaranteed crit from a (possible) following Clearing the Path.

      Yours looks like a good build, higher damage, lesser heal…as you mentioned (but I wouldn't go with Bloodsport for the given reasons).


    • Tenofas says:

      Ooopsss, my bad, sorry. It's Ryahl build, you are right.
      Anyway, you are right about Bloodsport, it has lower DoT and has the glance problem, but on the other hand it allow you to use a single target builder like Grass Cutter that deals a larger damage.
      I will try to go back to the Blade torrent-Perfect Storm combo and see if I can see an improvement.
      Anyway, I love this conversation, I am learning a lot from the post by Ryahl and all the comments below. Blade-fist is not a very common build, so it's hard to find someone to talk about it!
      Thanks Howgie!

    • tselliott says:

      I don't see how/why you would ever drop Sharp Blades as a passive. 10% dmg buff on blade attacks.

    • Ryahl says:

      TSElliot, I have been returning my thoughts to those passives (the whole family of 10% add). I need to do some parsing to see if a 10% increase to active [weapon] powers would justify removing some of the gimmick passives we tend to use.

      You may be right, a simpler build may turn into a better build.


  5. so you post a build you didnt test…? WTF?

    • Howgie says:

      That's what theorycrafting is about…propose, discuss, test!
      Since TSW builds are all about synergies it is pretty obvious that you don't have to test every build to say if it is good or not. If you get the synergies right it will work, tested or not.

      Sorry….but this is YouTube comment quality.

  6. Ryahl says:

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for the comments and I apologize for missing the discussion. Some responses in semi-random order:

    @Ricardo – Most of our builds are tested and we are specific where we use them. Survival builds, though, present a problem for us for two reasons. First, I spend most of my game time in dungeons, tanking. Second, in my limited outdoor playfield sessions, I tend to duo with Aela. That makes it hard to really see what a survival (solo builds in general) can accomplish. That said, I just finished using this build (with the tweaks I’ll talk about below) to wrap up Mortal Sins. The build eviscerated Mara’s Vampires, the Flesh Golems, and Mara herself without breaking a sweat. It’s a pretty nasty build!

    @Tenofas – Surprise, surprise, we apparently are running on a similar wavelength. I decided the build had a bit too much healing in it and not enough fist consumers. I ended up dropping cauterize in favor of Hog Wild. The rotation now cycles once with Clearing the Path/Inner Spark finishing and once with Clearing the Path/Hog Wild finishing. Since Inner Spark has a 10-second duration, that’s about perfect for keeping 100% uptime on the effect.

    @Howgie – your answer on perfect storm is spot on for my thinking. Affliction in this build isn’t there for the damage. It’s there to setup Clearing the Path. The real damage from the build comes from the guaranteed penetrates.

    To all, thanks for your interest in the build. The comments here are entirely valid alternatives to the build, in many cases overlapping a good bit. The build works well as written, but can easily be tailored around a bit as play style preferences and situations warrant!


  7. Kifaya says:

    At 191ap my build is already very similar. Heavy on the swords and just 9pts on the outer ring with fist. This got me to the end of Savage Coast.

    Blade Torrent
    Clearing the path
    Hog wild
    Wild at heart
    Surging blades
    Stunning swirl
    Martial Discipline

    Perfect storm
    twist the knife
    sudden return
    salt in the wound
    lick your wounds
    Immortal spirit

    I didn't go with Fatal Flourish as I think clearing the path already gives you your penetration (and I'd like to swap one of these passives for Sharp blades probably lick your wounds)


    • Ryahl says:


      Thanks for the comments. Yes, this build actually starts to come together quite early and there are a lot of small tweaks you can do to customize it to your playstyle.

      As you note, Fatal Flourish has good reason for substitution. The benefit of FF in this build is hopeful penetrations on your builder and fist finisher. You do, already, get a ton of damage out of Cutting the Path, though, so taking FF out for something else will certainly work.

      Another commenter, in another thread, raised the question of using the 10% damage adds. They may be on to something. Particularly if you derive a lot of damage from a single weapons heavy hitting (e.g. Cutting the Path in this build). I'm planning on playing around with that to see what I think of it.

      I think you'll be pleased when you get to Tear 'em Up. It's a nice damage bump (albeit single target) and that +10% on your Cutting the Path penetrates is kind of fun.

      • Birdsong says:

        Wondering why no Blade dps builds make it through to end game… Is Blade really not able to be up there as a viable DPS build? Or is it simply not something you have tried yet? Have used your Blade/Fist and blade/AR builds through Trans without issues, but since i’m forced by rl factors to play mostly solo, have not had a chance to try elite dungeons yet.

        • RyahlRyahl says:


          Thanks for the question. The main reason (for our site) is that we’re just not running any Blade end-game DPS builds. However, because TSW has a tendency to layer on the splash, chain, and area of effect damage, you find a lot of DPS moving to ranged specializations come end-game. TSW isn’t alone in this regard, it tends to happen a good bit in many MMO’s.

          Our Blue Mountain builds will be receiving a “fully grown” build at some point. While the BM’s seem to play very well through Carpathian Fangs (I still use the Blade/Fist BM as my primary outdoor build), there are some options that open up as your ability wheel completion goes deeper. Putting together some of those “when points aren’t a concern” survival builds is on the to do list (but there’s a LOT on that to do list).


          • Birdsong says:

            Thanks for the response – will look forward to more advanced blade/fist/ar combos. Y, can’t say i’m surprised at the ranged bias… as you say, it tends to happen, often because ranged is just easier to play in the early days. As someone who suffered as a fury warrior from vanilla wow, the fustration of non-rogue melee dps is rather familiar :) But we shall persevere!

          • RyahlRyahl says:

            Hi Birdsong,

            I think the melee builds, with two dashes, probably play pretty well in PVP. In particular, the ability to charge, aoe stun, set affliction, add damage boost, aoe penetrate should make for a decent alpha (stun should wear off right after the penetration hits).

            Melee DPS plays well outdoors, I find, because you can control where and when the fights happen. In dungeons, they become more painful. Now, that’s not to say that I’d not let a teammate run melee DPS (we do have some that will on occasion), but ranged DPS in dungeons just generally makes things easier.

            Even if they have a melee required stage (for instance Corroder and Recursia have “get in close” moments). On those situations, ranged still works fine because they have no real penalties for fighting up close. Melee, however, suffers greatly at range.

            No MMO that I’m aware of has really found a good workable solution for this dilemma. TSW tries to get around this by letting melee move faster (ranged attacks self-snare), but you just can’t get away from the advantage of separation. Maybe if they let melee weapons accelerate the cool-down of active dodge…

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  9. MJ says:

    Hi Ryahl, thanks for posting builds, as a noob of TSW it gave me somewhere to begin. I do have some questions however!

    1) I have been using your First 60 build and just recently completed it. I am a complete noob though, so I have to ask – from this point and to 400, what is the best way to spend skill points for this build? I have been going mostly blade damage and fist damage, and upping talisman skill whenever I come across something I can’t wear.

    2) I read the previous posts where it stated that ranged dps is somewhat more viable in the late game, so my question is – in which direction does blade/fist naturally branch out into late game? I don’t have that much time to play the game, so I would prefer not to redo my entire skill build in the late game, and was hoping to keep either blade or fist, and was wondering how feasible it is to use either of them, and in what role – hopefully you understand what I mean!

    I realise my questions are really noobish but hopefully you’ll find the patience. :p

    • RyahlRyahl says:


      Hi and thanks for the comment.

      For MF60′s (and onwards), my thoughts on point allocation are generally:
      1. Get a finisher for each weapon (not relevant for a BM, but important for a MF60)
      2. Pickup any cheap passives that synergize with frequently used abilities
      3. Go deep in cells that have multiple abiliies you will use
      4. Grab remaining abilities based on the cheapest to equip.

      In general, the BM Blade/Fist works very well outdoor through Romania. It’s still my go-to build for outdoor questing. I will be putting together a more single-target oriented version for signet farming, though. My understanding is that this BM build can be fairly successful in PVP, although a quick check of my Chronicle stats will tell you that I just flat out don’t PVP!

      For group play, melee DPS isn’t impossible. It’s just harder, with more mid-fight downtime. Ranged DPS can maintain better uptime during transitions because of their range. Also, melee dps take more environmental damage and have to play on their toes much, much better than ranged dps.

      So, once you hit end-game, you will usually see Blade builds migrate towards tanking and fist builds migrate towards healing. The BM build is probably best positioned to migrate towards healing, since the blade abilities come from the DPS lines.

      Don’t worry about noobish questions. We were all noobs once and we all have moments and areas that we just don’t have answers for.


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  11. Edgerunner says:

    I’m wondering about Inner Spark.
    Is there something here I’m missing because I seem to have much better results using Martial Discipline and Regeneration. When using these two active/passive, which passive do you think would be best to replace?

    Now onto Steel Echo.
    I’m wondering if you have found a suitable replacement for it because I’m dreading buying the whole tree just for that one power.

    BTW Love the guide and it gels well with my Fist healer build and I can Finally DPS solo BM and keep my Fist heals at the appropriate lvl. “Two birds/One stone!”

    • RyahlRyahl says:

      I have been running a second impair most of the time, as a replacement for Steel Echo. It might turn out, that on nightmare outdoor content, it’s worth replacing this slot and the second impair with crimson theater and reality fracture to drop some persistent DPS.

  12. Black-Satin says:

    I’m currently using a Blade/Chaos variant on Clearing the Path, and it’s fantastic all the way deep into Transylvania. (I use Escalation/Shoot’em Up to set up the Afflict). I run a tank/DPS hybrid instead of Heal/DPS. DPS gear glyphed defense, Sixth Sense, etc.

    Just one comment, in the extended writeup you mention your rotation with 5 builders. Granted I’m using a lower damage builder, but from fairly extended informal testing the damage on CtP doesn’t seem to scale that much from 1-pt to 5-pt, and with the auto-pen CtP outweighs your builder by a *lot*. I use a 1-1-1 rotation, Builder/Finisher/Finisher. It’s all about maximizing the number of CtP hits you can get off.

    Also, if you’re using Blade for both Builder and Consumer, and mostly using Fist for self-heal, the Sharp Blades passive almost has to be superior to whichever of the gimmick passives is judged to be weakest. Personally, the occasional trickle heal from Renewal just doesn’t look worth it compared to your active heals, and certainly not worth losing a flat 10% damage on Blades.

    • RyahlRyahl says:


      Thanks for the feedback. While I did conduct a run of resource builders for tanking, I haven’t ever really looked at it with survival builds. My eye ball math, though suggested that the 5-resource hits were a good bit higher than the 1-resource hits (but again, I haven’t done parsing runs, so you may very well be correct).

      The +10% blade damage argument makes a lot of sense. This build is really all about the builder and Clearing the Path. Tear-em-up (or whatever fist closer) is just there as a bonus. With that in mind, a 10% boost to Clearing the Path is a pretty substantial increase. I’ll do an edited update to the build slotting that in.

      • Black-Satin says:

        In my current gear, in Translyvania, Escalation hits for 100-150, ish. CtP 5-point openers are generally 1100 avg. CtP 1-point is 600-ish.

        In a 6-cycle, stacking 5 Escalations gets me 625 or so. The final CtP is 1100, for 1725 cycle.

        If I do three 2-cycle, I get 125+600=725×3=2175 cycle.

        Granted, these are all eyeball numbers, I haven’t installed ACT yet. And it neglects the effect of the second consumer (Four Horsemen, for me), which I think would tip it even further towards 1-builder cycles.

        It’s really fun seeing those 1500+ crit/pens sometimes, but it ends up being more effective when I drop CtP as often as possible, instead of trying to build up for big hits.

  13. tselliott says:

    Just like to say thanks to Ryahl and everyone else who is contributing to this post. It’s been very informative so far. I’m looking forward to some of the results on modifications to it.

    • RyahlRyahl says:

      Thanks TSElliot,

      One thing I have been playing with in this build is to sub in a second dash (from fist) for the #7 ability. This gives a nice double dash with an impair as well as the high damage.

      A fun build for my one time in Fusang. :D

  14. Jud says:

    im currently working towards this build from the MF60 it carries on from and im loving not feeling so squishy.
    question i have is in the MF60 build you use the Dark Potency passive and you have swapped it for Fatal Flourish in this build but other than the latter being a tier 2 ability the tooltips read identical, so are you using it because you’re using a lot from that section or is there some hidden synergy not mentioned?

  15. warren colvin says:

    I might be missing something but in your notes on the build you say this:

    Your penetration also plays a role with your healing, since Immortal Spirit processes a heal over time on penetration. However, most of your healing comes from Inner Spark and Cauterise. Inner Spark places a reactive heal on your defensive target (you when soloing), causing every hit on them to heal them. Cauterize becomes your go to heal when it is needed.

    However, Cauterize is not in your active abilities….so…how can it be your go to heal if it is not in your active abilities?

  16. LarrymLmaggitti says:

    As a new player, I am finding this very helpful (am around the 165 AP mark). But, unless I am wildly miscalculating, getting everything would take over 570 AP. Am I missing something?

  17. LarrymLmaggitti says:

    Doh, I see what I did. I counted one ability twice, and I assume that you didn’t include tear me up in the count. Never mind.

  18. larrym says:

    Now approaching 300 points. Currently I have:

    Active Abilities
    Blade Torrent
    Clearing the Path
    Hog Wild
    Inner Spark
    Surging Blades
    Stunning Swirl

    Passive Abilities
    Perfect Storm
    Sharp blades
    Sudden Return
    Fortunate Strike
    Fatal Flourish
    Immortal Spirit

    With my final active the rather pathetic at this point Nurture. The question is, what next? I like having a heal (aside from Inner Spark). Maybe it’s a crutch, but it helps with my playstyle. So … any reaon not to take Cauterize?

    After that, steel echo seems so far away (110 points), and maybe not all that great. I’m thinking I need to get tear em up after cauterize. Also an option I guess is twist the knife, except what do I replace with it since I like Sharp Blades?

    Finally, further down the road, how would I improve this once I get into the 500-600 plus point range? Or should I start focusing elsehwere, e.g., on more group friendly skills for an alternate dungeon build, or even start working toward an end game build?

  19. larrym says:

    So I hate to keep bugging you guys with questions – and I’ve figured out my build for now. Going forward is a different matter … it just seems like transitioning to a ranged dps build is going to mean pretty much starting from scratch. Not complaining, it is what it is, but it just seems like this build is kind of a dead end. About the only non-solo build I could see this transitioning to might be a tanking build. Am I missing something?

    • RyahlRyahl says:


      That’s true, this build will not transition to ranged DPS and range is very useful for nightmares. The build isn’t a dead end, though:

      1. As you note, it transitions to tank (and actually healer) quite well.
      2. It’s an awesome build for farming AP to built out a ranged built.
      3. Lairs are great with this build. I actually tank our guild lair nights using this build (with agitator slotted).


  20. larrym says:

    Thanks for the response.

    I still haven’t found a guild (only been playing a week), and haven’t tried many dungeons yet – too afraid of messing up. In past MMORPGs. I’ve done best at ranged dps or heals – tanking was always harder for me. So initially at least, I think I’m looking so go ranged dps. But don’t get me wrong, this build has been great for solo. :) Anyway, I realize that this is mainly a manner of taste/playstyle, but I’m probably going to go for AR for my ranged DPS dungeon build. Any advice?

  21. Matt says:

    Out of curiosity, how does this build fair in the dungeons that aren’t terribly forgiving towards melee DPS?

    • RyahlRyahl says:

      I don’t generally recommend survival builds for dungeons. Most dungeons are tuned around Tank, Heal, 3DPS. A survival build usually sacrifices a bit of DPS for a bit more survivability – which usually makes it inferior. That said, the core of this build could probably be tweaked to turn it into a viable melee dps build.

      Which then brings you to the second problem. Some, but not all, encounters are deeply unforgiving for melee DPS. I wouldn’t see, for example, the first or last boss in HR NM being viable in a melee dps build. There is simply too much movement, leaving melee with too little uptime. On the other hand, some fights work out quite fine with melee dps – particularly with aoe frenzy oriented DPS. I find that the 5th boss in Polaris (assuming you manage the chain attack properly) and the 6th boss in Darkness War are each fights where a well-played aoe melee character can shine.

      When I need to DPS for our groups, I usually run a shotgun/blade variant. That’s not due to any specific optimization of the build, it just takes advantage of the trees I have fleshed out for tanking passives. Frankly, I can keep pace with our better DPS – and exceed them on some fights. I think, though, that since I tank 90% of the time I’m already used to the melee avoidance aspect of the fights. I don’t know that I would recommend someone starting up as a pure melee DPS. I may eventually post a few of these semi-melee DPS builds, but we’ll see.

  22. Pavel says:

    It will by nice to see shotgun/blade dps build. Tnx

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