Filth Buster (Wild Hunt)

Filth Buster

TSW Mission Guide

Shadowy Forest

Filth Buster is given out by the Lele, a fantasy creature in the Shadowy Forest.  The quest is currently mis-labled as “the Wild Hunt” on the Lele’s qeust list.  However the quest loads as Filth Buster and completes achievements associated with Filth Buster.

This is one of four Shadowy Forest quests that awards a signet bag upon completion.  These quests should be repeated whenever the timer allows to help with your advanced gearing needs.

Step 1

“Pickup some wooden spikes.” Then destroy fungal creatures.

These items do not actually appear in your inventory, nor do you actually interact with them during the quest.  At the completion of the quest you will be mounting bug heads on these wooden spikes – they manifest as needed at that time.

 Step 2

“Locate the Fungal Hive.”  Exterminate critters.

Need Help finding spore sacs?
The spore sacs sit around the hill.  Killing them triggers spawn swarms.  Both update the quest steps.

 Step 3 

“Search for the source of the corruption.”

Need Help finding the source of the corruption?
Kill more critters and pickup stuff they throw on the ground.  These are elite spawns and deliver a number of effects.  A partner can be helpful here.

 Step 4

“Impale Fungal Creatures.”

Need Help Impaling Creatures?
Simply click the actionable squares in the quest area to complete this quest.  Very anti-climatic, felt like there should be another step.
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