From Carthage to Cairo

From Carthage to Cairo

Infiltration Mission – Scorched Desert

Content Update 1.5

Tanis, located in al-Merayah starts the quest From Carthage to Cairo.  This quest was added in content update 1.5, the Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn.  This quest is an infiltration mission involving solving a bombing in the city.  It is worth noting that Tanis doesn’t remotely react to the bombing.

From Carthage to Cairo, Step 1 – “Investigate the bombed area.”

You can access the bombed area through the doorway at 551, 407.  Once you ascend to the top floor, the quest updates to “Pick up the buzzing cell phone.”  You find a mysterious note, using it gives you a letter from someone named T to someone named S.  Picking up the phone updates the quest to “Check the message on the phone.”  The phone message tells you that a meeting is coming today.

The quest updates to “Eavesdrop on the meeting behind the café.”

You are treated to a cut-scene between Tanis and Said.  Said refuses to work with the Phoenecians, bringing Tanis back into conversation with the mysterious Fedora man from the story-line quest.  The quest updates to “Look around for Said.”

Heading around the corner updates your quest to “Check the phone for a new message.”

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.  You bees are everywhere!  Allow me to summarise since you’re so curious.  My organization has performed too well in the recent past and now everyone wants a piece.  If we can’t have them, no one can – that’s the going motto.  Gamel Saad is stuck at the butcher’s if you want to know more.

From Carthage to Cairo, Step 2 – Enter the abandoned butcher’s shop

The butcher shop is at 505, 258.  You enter a cellar and the quest updates to “Find Gamel Saad.”  You are now in a “stay out of the light” and “avoid the laser wall” steps.

You can pass through the first room by heading right and then jumping the laser.  From there, you can run through the middle of the room to the exit on the far side.  If you are seen by cameras, simply run past them and they will forget about you.

The next room features a laser fence,  The first passage is on the right side.  From here it is a simple zig-zag to get across the room.  Once across, you face another security camera.  This one shuts off every few seconds (the light blinks out).  When it’s out, simply run across and use the switch.

This updates your screen with a message that you hear a loud clanking.  Backtrack through and you will find an open doorway.  The quest updates to “Free Gamel Saad.”  Use the switch on the wall and then free Gamal from the cell.  The quest updates to “Check the phone for a new message.”

Get out of Cairo, I said.  Too dangerous, I said.  I assure you, we’re being much more careful with our associations now.  Some are none too pleased.  Received a distress signal from Saeed Hosni at the date packing plant.  Yes, another one of mine.

From Carthage to Cairo, Step 3 – Go to the Distress Signal Location

Head to the date packing plant.  This area is another stealth area.  At 361, 239 you find a blood stain, use it.  The quest updates to “Follow the trail of blood.”  Head north along the building.  Then head to 269, 247 where you find a badge on the ground.  Examine it, the quest updates to “Check the phone for a new message.”

We were the administrative genius behind the date shipping operation… Doing our best to make up for recent lapses in taste.  Hence our current affiliation.  Hassan Kamil is somewhere northwest of the date farm.  Be a dear, see what you can muster.

From Carthage to Cairo, Step 4 – Explore the ruins west of the date farm

Head towards 234, 473.  The quest updates to “Find Hassan Kamil.”  Watch out for dynamite on the ground.  You find a mortar at 202, 471, the quest updates to “Activate the detonators.”  A laptop nearby is your trigger.

“Defend Hassan Kamil”

You can use the various ordinance to help with the defense, after several rounds the quest updates to “check the phone for a new message.”

I find nothing so alluring as competence!  We have much to discuss, but under present circumstances I do not fully trust these channels.  You shall be hearing from me soon.  Very, very soon.


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