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Funeral Crasher: TSW Guide

Full Solution – Spoiler text


Funeral Crasher is an investigation mission added in the 1.1 patch, Carter Unleashed.  This quest, given by Eleanor Franklin in the Blue Mountains is a puzzle mission, requiring a Morse Code and a sound-matching solution.  As with all of our TSW Guides, this guide features spoiler text so you only get help on the step you need!

Eleanor informs you that the ghosts (and cats) are spooked.  She notes that it all began the other night with a large commotion taking place just down the road (no specific direction given).  She also tells you she isn’t getting out the Quija board to find out what’s got them upset.

Funeral Crasher: Step 1

“Find the Board.”  

Need help finding the Quija board?

The board is upstairs on a table at 848, 289.

Funeral Crasher: Step 2

“Find the location indicated by the board.”  The board tells you that:


Need Help with IT RAGES LOCKED INSIDE 23383 IY?

The 23383 IY Google matches to a Steven King novel which tells you that those numbers match a license plate in Maine.  There is a van off the road near the mansion at 763, 450.  Use the license plate.

Funeral Crasher: Step 3

“Find a clue about the protocols used by the Orochi team.  Find a clue about what the van carried.” There are two Orochi tablets nearby.

One tells you that the item was transported (or to be transported) to the Orochi base camp.

The other gives you the protocols for “highly dangerous Condition 4.”

1.  Report to Orochi Core
2.  Review Special Protocols Documents
3.  Respond to the situation
* barring the statistically unlikely event of a thaumaturgical security failure

Funeral Crasher: Step 4

The quest updates to “Find a clue about where the spirit went.”  Clicking on the document again gives you a flashing set of headlights.  Morse code!

Full Speed Morse Code

Need a hand transcribing the Morse Code?

-.. . .- - …. .– .-.. -.- … - …. . .-.. .- -.. -.– .—-. … .–. .- - ….

Half Speed Morse Code

Need a solution to the Morse code?

Which translates to “Death wlks the Lady’s path.”

Curious about why the message is spelled the way it is?

When we initially worked on Funeral Crasher, the typo in WLKS through us.  We have gone back over it a few times and don’t see the “a” that would in theory be in WLKS.  We transcribed WALKS into morse, which would be  .– .- .-.. -.- …  There is clearly a .- missing.  Considering the situation going on in the story, it seems likely that the Orochi agents messed up their code.

Need help to find where to go?

Joanna’s path is directly behind the Franklin Mansion.  Joanna is part of the Franklin mansion history, she’s very deceased.  You need to be dead to walk the lady’s trail.  Either find a cooperative Ak’ab, or simply use /reset and suicide.  The quest updates at a corpse at 919, 184.  ”Examine the corpse.”

“Find the spirit’s hiding place.”

The Funeral Crasher spirit “Condition 4” is a Wraith, per the Orohchi protocols.  These are apparently very nasty manifestations!

Need help finding the spirit?

You are looking for one located at the back of the mansion.  Approaching the spirit gives you the update.

Funeral Crasher: Step 5

“Banish the angry spirit.”

The Spirit can be interacted with.  This is a musical puzzle.  If you get the puzzle wrong, using the spirit should reset the puzzle giving you a fresh start.  We recorded just the sounds in the video below.  You can use this, pause and repeat at your leisure, to help solve this step of the Funeral Crasher puzzle.

Notes for the Musical Puzzle

Need help with the musical solution?

If you stand where the spirit is, facing the sirens, the tone of the puzzle matched 3, 1, 4, 5.  However, you want to BANISH her, not summon her.  So, use 5, 4, 1, 3.

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  2. Monsta says:

    Funeral Crasher: Step 5, correct Order is 1-2-5-3 , if u turn ur back to sprit right to left 1 to 5.

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