Gravity – [Spoilers] Full Walk through

TSW Guide: Gravity

Investigation Mission, Savage Coast Amusement Park

Gravity: Step 1

“Decipher Nathaniel Winter’s Last Will and Testament.”  Pickup the will off the chair.
The will, used as a clue in the investigation mission Gravity

Hint: Have you received anything from Nathaniel Winter recently?


There isn’t anything very interesting there, is there?  What about the Monacle from the Bogeyman in the prior quest?  Use the monacle and then read the will again and you see something very different…


The ingenious design was acquired from a very rare architect at great cost.  I outbid the sailors for it on a steamship to Cairo.  The design was worth every penny – I attest to the mechanics work.  That is why the sailors continue…  Only a small piece of Henderson’s farm remains.  Those who know me will understand why I didn’t have the heart to tear it down.  Son, if you are reading this, I can only assume you have inherited something essential from me.  I dare not reduce it to a name.


Quest updates to “Go to the location hinted at in the will.”


(Henderson’s farm).  Enter barn at 505, 567

Gravity: Step 2

“Find the second part of the plans.”
Use your monacle and view the plans.  You see a squiggle line running from the bumper cars, south past the ferris wheel.  You find the plans at 558, 520 on a pillar.

Gravity: Step 3

“Find the third part of the plan.” 
There is broken glass near the Ferris Wheel, pick it up.  Combine the red glass and monocle in your crafting window.


The new set of plans is at 627, 562.  The lens is across on the ground.  Disassemble the old monocle in your crafting interface.  Put the monocle and the blue lens in and assemble it.

A clue to the next step in the quest Gravity

Gravity: Step 4

“Find the fourth part of the plan.” 
The blue monocle sends you over by the roller coaster.  The plans are on the ramp onto the coaster.  Disassemble the monocle.

Gravity: Step 5

“Find the final parts of the plans.” 
Combine the blue and red lenses with the monocle.  There is a shed at 613, 472.  Quest updates to “Complete the circuit diagram.”  A symbol is clickable.
the final step for the investigation mission Gravity
Start in the middle at the purple AC voltage source, then blue resistor, red diode and then white inductor.
TSW Guide, Gravity, final solution
The tidbit about the sailors references the Phoenicians. This is the group that sent the purple militia after you on the last step of Gravity.  The Phoenicians are peripheral players in the Secret World and seem to be either linked to a higher power or perhaps on their own separate agenda.
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