2012 Halloween Event

TSW Guide for 2012 Halloween Event

Patch 1.3.2

Offical Patch Notes!

Focused on the Gaelic Harvest Festival of Samhain, the upcoming 2012 Halloween Event adds all new quests, costumes, and achievements.  The event will run for a two week period, from the latter half of October through he first week of November.

Irusan, The King of the Cats

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what Dr. Seuss had in mind.

Tanya Short’s Halloween Preview Blog

Seasonal Achievements: Samhain 0/5

  • Hop-tu-naa, Trol-la-laa – Complete all Samhain Achievements
  • Harvester of Horror – Fill out all lore entries in the Samhain Section
  • Tails from the Crypt – Complete the seasonal mission The Cat God
  • Head Start – Find a Head-O-Lantern (see below for info)
  • Dead Ahead – Find a Bloody Pumpkinhead (see below for info)
The Head-O-Lantern is dropped from the Creature “Incognito” found at multipule locations in the world. Some of these include: 305, 36 (Kingsmouth),  260, 656 (Kingsmouth) and in Whispwood (during the Testlive play time).  Additionally, Ariensky Crowley provided this map of his known locations (unconfirmed by TSWGuides).   The Bloody Pumpkinhead is dropped from the “Trick-or-Treat bags” a random drop from creatures during the event, as well as quest rewards.

 Lore Objects (5 Total)
1 – London – House of Chalk (128,156) | 2 – Blue Mountain Crypt – Step4 of Meowling | 3 – Stonehenge – Dungeon | 4 – Kingsmouth Graveyard (298,504) | 5 –  Kingsmouth Rowboat (704,420)


Three new Halloween missions are available. A phone call from Madame Rogêt will get you started.  (The call will come in at 16:00 GMT / noon EDT / 9am PDT on 10/18/12)


Baron Samedi outfit

The Baron Samedi outfit is the reward for completing the Halloween 2012 event. Cowboy hat, rocket launcher and sword not included.

There are  a number of new outfits for Halloween.  This will be updated later with more information.

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    Thanks for the article, was searching for that head-o-lantern in trick or treat bags :P

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