Impair based Survival build using Hammer and Chaos by Kallypso

Impair based Survival

Hammer and Chaos Build

by Kallypso

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This impairment oriented hammer and chaos build was submitted to us by Kallypso using our Build Submission Tool.  This build is designed to handle solo fights in the Blue Mountains and on.  The build is designed to advance a My First 60 tanking build and evolve it towards more solo play as your ability points open up.

Active Abilities

  • Escalation
  • Razor Shards
  • Call of Eris
  • Trucker
  • Furnace
  • Domino Effect
  • Amor Fati

Passive Abilities

  • Chaos Adept
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Brick Wall
  • No Pain No Gain
  • Pressure Point
  • Breakdown
  • Forged in Fire

Export this build

Follow this link to see the build in Drakkashi’s Deck Manager.  From there, you can export the build (Deck Panel, Export) to TSW using Viper’s Deck Manager (assuming you are using the excellent VDM add-on).

Key Features

This is the build I used to solo Dawning of an Endless Night, even Tier 15/18 is doable solo with this, but I got some help halfway through. (did the first step solo and halfway through the second step I got help, during the 3rd step I was the help, try not to draw aggro from all the enemies at once and you should be fine during all steps) The equip I had where QL6 Blue weapons from the Venice vendors in Blue mountain and random QUL 5 and 6 Talismans I picked up while questing in Savage Coast and Blue Mountain.

What makes this build tick?

Forged in Fire!
I recommend getting this as fast as possible, I died numerous times during questing in very close fights, most of those wouldn´t have happened if I had Forged in Fire. This is probably one of the best solo abilities in game.

I would recommend to go for the Hammer/Chaos tanking build from the My first 60 Section first and put all points into Battering Works from there. So, just do all the quests in Kingsmouth until you have the tanking build and then hit Polaris a few times and then continue to Hell raised. With the equip from Hell raised and Forged in the fire you shouldn’t have any problem doing the quests in Savage Coast and Blue Mountain.  (Disclaimer: I didn’t do this, I only did Polaris once, so my equip is worse than what you get from Hell raised, but was enough to finish Dawning of an Endless Night)

If you are hell bent on solo play (this is a solo build after all) you can replace Razor Shards with another Hammer finisher like Hell to Pay as you won´t need the hate generation.

The main purpose of the build is to survive solo encounters by using some self heal and Impair/Weaken abilities and AOE attacks to survive multiple enemies.  Feel free to try out other abilities like Gnosis, Intensity or Stonewalled.  After finishing this build you can go and get Karma for more self heal in group situations, but on single targets the big damage of Call of Eris is better imho.  From this build you should be able to work towards any of the Chaos/Hammer tanking build in the build section without man problems.

I now just entered Egypt, I might write an update to the build once I finished the next storyline as well. (or write a warning if I failed miserably, lol)

If you got questions or suggestions I would be delighted to hear them, you can also find me on Twitter under @VeganCATS

Gearing Needs

Block rating is the only thing your abilities actually need, so you are free to pick what you like, just make sure to take enough +hit so that you actually hit the targets and don´t glance, but Amor Fati helps out with this a bit.

If you can get enough Penetrate going you could try the immortal Spirit Passive from the Blades Technique tree as it only costs you 1 AP and might be better for a passive heal than No Pain No Gain. (or just use both, I haven´t tried it yet)

Otherwise just use a mix of Health and Atk Power giving items.”


Start the fight with Trucker into Razor Shards

Save Trucker for later when fighting enemies that try to get away from you to close the distance faster.

Then 5x Escalate -> Razor Shards -> Call of Eris

Use the other cooldowns early in the fights when needed so that you can reuse them faster, but be careful when using Domino Effect, use it after the Brick Wall and Pressure Point Impairs happened and when you can get healing from No Pain No Gain. Disrupting an Enemy cast with the impair is also nice.”

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3 Responses to Impair based Survival build using Hammer and Chaos by Kallypso

  1. spda242 says:

    I been using this build since early BM and now I am somewhere in Egypt and it works for me! Great Thanks!!!

    I have been playing around with Haymaker as hammer finisher for singletarget stronger mobs also. Seem to work quite well.

    Do/did you use tank or DPS gear or a combination there of when you run/ran this build?

    • Kallypso says:

      Clad that you like it. I am still using the build as I haven´t played much.

      I finished Egypt and several quests in the Contested Farmlands in Transylvania. I actually found Egypt to be pretty easy with this build and I died a lot less than in the Solomon Island Zones. (and deaths often where unrelated to build)

      Contested Farmlands is doable as well, but I made a few changes:
      I now use Beatdown instead of Amor Faati for more Impair and I dropped No Pain, No Gain for Resilient Defender.
      Resilient Defender turned out to be a game changer like Forged in Fire and makes it really hard to take you down, even against bigger groups of opponents.

      For gear I use a mix of Tanking and DPS gear, but if I can i use DPS Items and glyph defensive stats for them (block>dodge>defense) to trigger resilient defender.
      I will try out a piece of healing gear next to see how much it affects Resilient Defender heals.
      So: attack power gear with block/dodge/defense and 1 or 2 tank/healing pieces thrown in. Some +Hit doesn´t hurt either, I usually put that on the weapons.

  2. Kallypso says:

    I am now in the Shadowy Forest and things are looking bad for this build now, at least against some enemies.

    There are several Nightmare monsters in the Besieged Farmlands and the Shadowy Forest that are immune to Impair and there is a new type of Creature, the Deathless, that silence you when they get impaired.

    While it´s possible to defeat normal Deathless with the build it´s a pain in the ass and takes long. Against Boss or Nightmare versions you don´t stand much of a chance.

    If you want to solo in Transylvania I recommend diversifying so that you have at least 2 different builds that don´t rely on the same mechanic.

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