Hard to Kill – Agro and Mitigation from Hammer and Chaos

This is an upgrade to my elite Hammer/Chaos build.  The build continues to work from the weakened synergy, but now benefits from a number of outer wheel abilities.
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Active Abilities
Escalation (Chaos Inner)
Rupture (Hammer Pit)
Consequence (Building Blocks)
Razor Shards (Hammer Pit)
Stoicism (Turbulence)
Reality Fracture (The Fourth Wall)
Blowout (Hammer Pit)
Passive Abilities
Improved Blasts (Excessive Damage)
Bullheaded (Hammer Pit)
Fixation (Shell Game)
Gnosis (Inner Chaos)
Turbulence (The  Fourth Wall)
Inevitability (Building Blocks)
Agitator (Turbulence)
Escalation applies  exposed and Rupture with Improved Blasts applies Debilitate.  Both weaken multiple targets, meaning you should have your opponents doing 30% less damage and taking 30% more damage very quickly.  Rupture is also causing Bullheaded to process gradually increasing both your magical and physical protection.
Since everything is weakened, Gnosis will trigger more damage and Fixation will make sure you hit plenty often.  Inevitability is also firing off improving your evade chance, while escalation as a frenzy is causing  Turbulence to process stacking up your evade rate. Since these are different buffs to evasion, you get both benefits.

BUILD UPDATE – If you are facing smaller pack fights (e.g. three or fewer mobs) consider slotting Gunsmoke instead of Gnosis.  For small fights, Gunsmoke does 2x the damage of Gnosis.  For larger pack environments, Gnosis outperforms.  Hell Rising – Gunsmoke, Darkness War – Gnosis, Ankh – Gunsmoke, Hell Fallen – Gnosis.

The build features several threat generating skills. Agitator is a nice passive hate increase while Stoicism on a 30-second cooldown also provides a healthy agro increase.  One of  your long finishers, Reality Fracture gives you a targeted AOE  pulsing hate field, while your Razor Shards instant finisher gives a PBAOE hate gain and provides a bonus hate to your next attack – which should be Rupture since it benefits from firing with no hammer resources.
The build also carries an abundance of mitigation benefits, beyond those already mentioned.  Stoicism gives you a reliable 30-second mitigation buff.  Consequence, similarly should keep a mitigation buff up between long recycle closers.  Finally, Blowout doesn’t add mitigation, but it extends your hitpoint bar since it’s hitting weakened targets.  With all that stacked mitigation, that’s a lot of effective hitopint acquisition.
This is a fairly complex build, since it features three long-recycle abilities with different lengths (Stoicisim, 30 seconds; Blowout, 15 seconds and Reality Fracture, 10 seconds).
Open with a Razor Shards, since you get free hammer resources.  From there, fire off Stoicism to begin hate acquisition.  Alternate Rupture and Escalation to begin applying debuffs.  On your first closer cycle, use Blowout and Reality Fracture.  Return to rotation your Escalation and Rupture builders.  Replace instant closers with Reality Fracture and Blowout on recycle.  Also work in Stoicism on recycle.
Alternate Ideas
Consider dropping Inevitability in favor of Forged In Fire for passive hitpoint regeneration.  Additionally, consider dropping Gnosis for Crap Shoot (Hunkering Down) in fights where purges are important.
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7 Responses to Hard to Kill – Agro and Mitigation from Hammer and Chaos

  1. Howgie says:

    Hi Ryahl,

    just one tiny (possible) improvement: Replace Fixation with Paradigm Shift to quicker stack the Hit Rating buff. It's a 33% chance of getting a stack versus 100% when you apply weakened (Escalation, Rupture and Consequence).

    Thanks for the build

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  3. Rob R says:

    I like the build concept, but it’s built on the premise that Escalation applies the Weakened effect, but unless you have the Intensity passive it won’t.

    I find the Breakdown passive a better option

    • RyahlRyahl says:

      True enough, but back when this build was assembled Escalate/Intensity was your only choice for exposed. The second option is fine too, but it does require a bit deeper point intensive build. Escalate/Intensity is still a very cheap way to get the job done.

  4. Wonkey says:

    Without intensity, i assume this build no longer applies the exposed debuff. Or am i missing something? I was just starting to work towards this, from the my first build.

    • RyahlRyahl says:

      Intensity still applies exposed. Escalate can no longer be used for Minor Ward. The escalate/intensity combo is still the cheapest AP to the exposed debuff. You will likely build out of it later, but it’s a solid start.

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