Hardwired Fleshtank

Hardwired Fleshtank

Hell Rising: Normal and Elite version

Previous Boss – Corroder

The arena for the Hardwired Fleshtank consists of a lava filled field, with a large square metal plate in the center.  Surrounding the center plate are four metal platforms.  As previously, the layout of the battle arena is quite important.  There are several sources of damage in this fight:

Lava – only the metal plates are safe, the ground itself does a mild damage effect.  Players should move over the lava and onto plates quickly.

Attack – the generic attack from the Hardwired Fleshtank is relatively low and easily healed through when hitting an appropriately geared tank.  However, damage values can periodically hit fairly high values, so DPS and Healers should try to avoid picking up agro.  This is important because the next mechanic requires movement.

Searing Brand – The Hardwired Fleshtank will light up one or more of the metal squares periodically.  You will first notice a pulsing effect in the center area of the targeted metal square.  A few seconds later, that square will begin pulsing with a searing white light.  This light does reasonably high magic damage and players should avoid it.

The challenge in this fight is managing safe spots for the Searing Brands and not losing agro during movement transitions caused by Searing Brand.  As with the prior two fights, this fight is not terribly lethal and serves as a trainer in avoiding environmental effects.

 Next Boss – Traumadriver

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