Haughbui Jarl

Haughbui Jarl

TSW Guides – Polaris (Elite)

When you enter Polaris, you come across a single pack of trash.  Immediately after that trash fight, you come to the blue barrier for the Haughbui Jarl (HJ).  Upon entering the battle arena, your Orochi handler will tell you via voice-over that the water appears to be electrified.  This is obvious, too, visually as the water literally pulses with electricity.  Stepping into the water will snare and damage players.  There are several islands in the playfield as well as stretches of land around the water.  Players should avoid the water as much as possible.  However, in some cases, if movement is necessary, briefly touching the water is better than eating a large amount of damage.  The Haugbui Jarl has no gimmicks (other than the water) and only two special attacks:

Charged Hack – this is a generic big hit attack.  It can hit multiple parties and should be avoided by all but the tank.  The attack leaves a large visible circle prior to firing.  DPS and Healers will find this attack does substantive damage, tanks will take noticeable damage from this effect.

Deep Calling– Haughbui Jarl will periodically place a sea of black goo onto the ground.  This ground effect can be cast at range, although it is usually cast on the tank.  It is a high damage attack that also has a knockback/stun.  This effect should be avoided by all parties if possible.  Tanks, who are positioned safely to avoid being knocked into the water may absorb the hit (it does less damage than charged hack), but risk losing agro during the stun.

Overall, the Haughbui Jarl is not terribly difficult.  The encounter requires players to pay a bit of attention to environmental effects, but poses no significant risk for most pickup groups.

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