Haughbui Mother

Haughbui Mother

Polaris Instance: Normal and Elite Versions

Previous Encounter - The Varangian

After completing the Varangian encounter, players will face two groups of trash and also have the opportunity to solve a puzzle to unlock a lore piece prior to encountering the Haughbui Mother.  Entry to the Haughbui Mother’s battle arena is through a shipping crate.  The battle arena is a large, vaguely rectangular arena with an entrance blue barrier on the far side of the player’s entrance.

Adds will come through this barrier periodically.  I typically ask dps to hold off agro until I can position the Haughbui Mother.  I like to carry her right over to the area where the adds come in.  I then place myself in between the mother and the adds-entrance area.  Done this way, the adds are usually picked up immediately by my aoe agro generating skills as they come in.  The mother has a few important effects:

Column effect – this is an easily avoidable effect, no one should get caught in this.  The damage is not-lethal, but can create problems for sloppy play.  As soon as players see the column drawing, they should simply step outside of the effect.  The Haughbui Mother will not reposition until she finishes her cast, once she is done, the tank should step back in front.

Eversion – As the fight nears its end, the mother will place a large circular effect on the ground.  It is imperative that you avoid this effect.  When it completes casting, the Haughbui Mother will explode and turn into three sea horrors.  Players inside the circle will take enough damage to immediately kill most dps and healers.

Adds – throughout the fight, Volatile Host adds will enter the playfield and assist the mother.  The adds do not have many hitpoints, and should be quickly killed.  They can create problems for the dps and healers, but should not be a substantial problem for the tank’s health.  It is possible that these adds can explode if left standing for too long.  However, using the tactic I recommend above and having dps aoe the adds on arrival, you should never face an explosion.

Sea Horror’s – once the Haughbui Mother is destroyed, the three sea witches need to be killed as quickly as possible.  They do moderate damage to the party with the Corrosive Expectoration attack.

Next Encounter - Primordial Dweller

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