My Bloody Tank Build: heal tank with chaos blood

My Bloody Tank Build

Heal Tank Using Chaos and Blood

An Elite and Nightmare Dungeon Build

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I have had an opportunity to run this heal tank build through the first three elite dungeons.  It has fared admirably and should work within gearing requirements for those zones.

I have now used this build for Primordial Dweller (Polaris-E) and Wayeb-Xul (Darkness War) Nightmare.  For Primordial Dweller, the ability to generate ranged agro via Open Vein (see the alternate at the end) proved useful.  For Wayeb-Xul, packs of Mayans cluster tightly around you when you cycle a pair of blood 2-pt consumers each rotation cycle!

The heal tank build excels at maintaining agro in fights featuring a lot of tank movement as well as fights with adds coming in from different directions.  The build has successfully held agro off a high-nightmare geared DPS.

Please remember, though, that this heal tank build has not yet been put through its full paces.  While it is no longer purely a conceptual build, it may undergo some tweaks as we finish it up.

Active Abilities

  • Escalation
  • Karma
  • Hematic Rights
  • Exquisite Corpse [Transfuse and Abuse or Smoke and Mirrors replaces as situation warrants]
  • Stoicism – maybe replace with my Bloody Valentine (more uptime)
  • Reality Fracture
  • Ruby Curtain

Passive Abilities

  • Intensity
  • Fever Pitch (reduces glances)
  • Agitator (for threat – may not be needed with this build)
  • Ebb and Flow – increases barriers (helps with low +heal gearing)
  • Perseverence – [re-slot on a case by case basis]
  • Sanguinous – more self-healing (use vessel walls if scarlet arts is replaced with infection)
  • Clotting – makes barriers a lot better


Key Features

This heal tank build takes advantage of healings tendency to create playfield wide agro.  This is a play on the heal tank appearing in other games (most notably, the build is quite similar to the Paladin from EQ2).  Conveniently, it turns one of the weaknesses of blood healing into a strength.  Healers often eschew barriers because they can’t stack.  However, with your lower +heal level, your barriers are largely gone every attack.  Your barriers never get in conflict with yourself and you pickup a flat mitigation bonus via barrier.

This heal tank build uses a number of passives that enhance barriers.  Ebb and Flow, Sanguinous, Perseverence and Clotting all work together to add either passive healing or barrier enhancement to a number of your abilities.  Clotting is a weak elite passive for a healer, but in this build, the enhancements to self-barriers and boosts to physical and magical protection essentially make this slot a two for one of Coagulation and Hardcase.

Collectively they turn modest +heal gear into reasonable, constant barrier deployment.  Your barriers are not intended to function as a heal, but rather as additional mitigation and threat development.  The role is a heal tank, not a healer.

The build features the classic Chaos tank functions of Escalate, Intensity and Reality Fracture.  You also draw from chaos for Fever Pitch to help with your hit rate on chaos abilities.

Agro generation comes from Stoicism, Agitator and the natural hate bonuses on Escalate and Reality Fracture.  However, don’t discount the hate coming from Hematic Rights.  Being able to spam a couple of group bubbles creates wide radius hate.


This heal tank build does not have the front loaded hate potential of a melee weapon (which starts with full resources).  You have to begin building as you approach your target.  Your opening threat rotation is:

Ruby Curtain (as many as possible), Stoicism, Hematic Rights, Reality Fracture.

You alternate two standard rotations because of cooldown on chaos abilities:

Escalate x5, Reality Fracture, Exquisite Corpse

Escalate x5, Hematic Rights, Karma, Hematic Rights

Use Stoicism to intercept major damage or as a means of creating quick spike agro.  Ruby Curtain is best used whenever you need to move away from the boss.

While you CAN swap your defensive target and use Ruby Curtain for heal support, in practice I find it best to keep myself as the defensive target and use Hematic Rights.


70/20/10 HP/Heal/DPS.  In my initial notes, I projected running 80/20 HP/Heal, but I have been running it with an extra DPS piece simply because of gear available.  Your Heal and DPS gear pieces should be glyphed to the appropriate defensive stats for your build.

Glyph load out needs to maximize survivability.  For most of the early nightmare dungeons this is high block with physical defense (there are a few fights where magic protection matters).

You can actually slot your blood weapon with critical rate or a blend of crit rate and crit power.  You do not use any blood abilities offensively, so +hit on your blood weapon is relatively pointless.

Healer in party can NOT be a blood healer or too many effects will overlap.  This is perhaps the most important element of this build.  You will find this build at cross purposes of a blood healer.  However, since nightmare healers seem to eschew blood, this works to your advantage.

 Alternate Loads

There are a number of possible situational adjustments to this build.  The one that seems most promising is to replace either Ruby Curtain or Exquisite Corpse (depending on needs of the fight) with Transfused and Abused.  This ability gives you a self cleanse that transfers afflictions over to your offensive target.  Very nice in the right places.

There is also the possibility of dropping Ruby Curtain in favor of Open Vein and then swapping Perseverance with Vessel Walls.  This may actually turn into the dominant load out for this build (still testing its possibilities).

This build becomes a two impair build by substituting reality fracture and stoicism for two impairs of your choice (Domino Effect and Chaotic Pull work).

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One Response to My Bloody Tank Build: heal tank with chaos blood

  1. RawkRobot says:

    I was just looking for something exactly like this! Seems like a good way to break away from the typical Chaos/Blade and Chaos/Hammer builds.

    Hella mage tanks!

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