Hell Fallen – Overview

Hell Fallen is the last “normal” dungeon in the game.  You can enter this dungeon from the City of the Sun God – it’s quite out of the way to the far north.  This is the second dungeon in the “hell saga.”  In this version, you will be helping Wicker defend himself from a demon onslaught.

Hell is a Q9 dungeon.  It is doable with groups in Q6/Q8 blue gear from the prior dungeons.  If you can handle Ankh reasonably easily, you are more than ready for hell.

Hell Dimensions Lore

Number Zone Loc Notes
16 Hell Fallen 197, 727 Entrance
17 Hell Fallen 349, 723 Storm area
18 Hell Fallen 370, 658 Up ramp
19 Hell Fallen 318, 635
20 Hell Fallen 492, 541
21 Hell Fallen 523, 661 Wicker area
22 Hell Fallen 509, 672 Wicker area

Right away entering the zone, you are greeted with “hell winds.”  These storms lock out your abilities and do progressive damage to you.  The only way to avoid them is to hug walls of buildings or platforms.  Unfortunately, these often have demons waiting.  It is important to move, and stay, as a group as you progress.  The hell winds will let up when you get to the first major ramps!

Tanking Stats with Damage Taken – See Spreadsheet

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