Hell Rising (Normal/Elite) Overview

Hell Rising: Dungeon Overview

Normal and Elite Versions

Hell Rising is the first of three dungeons where the players travel into the dimension of Hell.  In this version, the players are introduced to Wicker and some of the other NPC’s in the hell story.  Apparently, hell is a steampunk inspired wasteland.

Hell Rising LORE (numbers wrong, all are approximates)

Number Zone Loc Notes
1 HR 207, 288 Office
2 HR 214, 293 Office
3 HR 250, 259 Parking Lot
4 HR 297, 318 Top of ramp
5 HR 311, 319 After jump off
6 HR 377, 279 After Anitmony
7 HR 386, 285 Before Corroder
8 HR 392, 347 Atop a gear
9 HR 392, 347 Atop a gear
10 HR 508, 385 After Hardwired Fleshtank
11 HR 569, 507 Among columns, after traumadriver
12 HR 570, 493 By double door
13 HR 447, 471 After Machine Tyrant
14 HR forgot to write loc
15 HR forgot to write loc

Hell Rising (normal) is a QL5 dungeon, intended for players in the QL4 to QL5 gear range.  None of the fights require specific builds, although the second to last boss benefits from ranged dps and possibly hinder effects.

The elite version of Hell Rising is a Q10 instance.  The instance is tuned for players in blue Q8/Q9 gear from the final normal dungeons.  Players entering the dungeon in full green, Q10 gear may find progress difficult.  The elite bosses have the same mechanics as the normal bosses.  However, damage is substantially increased.  DPS and Healers should consider a minimum of two hp talisman to survive periodic special effect damage.

Hell features more trash mobs and environmental effects than players saw in Polaris.  Many of the these encounters can be bypassed if players explore for alternate side paths.

First Boss – Antimony Ministrix

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5 Responses to Hell Rising (Normal/Elite) Overview

  1. Mateusz says:

    Is lore 3 up? I saw it in beta on the parking, but now I really can't find it

    • Ryahl says:

      It should be at the end of the parking lot just before you trek up the ramp towards the second set of trash.

      I did a very bad thing in HR. I grabbed the lore and just dropped a quick “Lore” annotation on my mini-map so we could move fast. I went back in later to update the locations and thus, they are all going to be a small but off.

      I will need to take a second character into there to get a good visual on all of them. But, that's going to be awhile before I can clean this one up.

    • Mateusz says:

      This comment has been removed by the author.

    • Mateusz says:

      Lore number 3 is in the other spot now. Its on wheel . about 390 340 but firstly u need to jump on the smaller wheel, than on rock and you can jump to big wheel

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