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When we started putting the site information together, we never imagined we would have as many, or as diverse, of a readership.  The actual numbers and diversity of our audience continue to astound and humble us.  We very much appreciate your readership.

We understand that our international audience speak an array of languages and that, sometimes, there is difficulty following this site.  We are trying to make the site international friendly.  Some of the things we are doing include:
1.  There is an auto-translate widget.  On the right side of the screen there is a pop-out window with widgets.  The very first widget allows you to translate the current page into any of .the languages supported by Google translate.
2.  We are also aware that some terms don’t translate well.  Game specific terminology, for instance, often becomes horribly misrepresented in translation.  To that end, we are beginning to work in support features for our builds:
  • You can take the ability names from any of our builds and use a searchable build page.  For, example, the Drakashi wheel, has a search panel.  Additionally, Drakashi has modeled his UI to identically match the TSW wheel.  This should help with identifying names of abilities.
  • We are beginning to incorporate “import” links for our builds.  People who use Viper’s Deck Manager modification can import and export builds.  Once again, the Drakashi wheel deck builder is compatible with Viper.  
These are fairly small steps, but they are steps all the same.  TSW Guides has a very small staff, Aela and myself primarily, and we are limited in the number of projects we can simultaneously manage.  We do recognize the international audience of a game like TSW and we are interested in improving our features.  To that end, we welcome suggestions.  Please use the comments button below if you have ideas we might incorporate.
Thank you for reading
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