Just a Flesh Wound

Just a Flesh Wound

Chainsaw Auxiliary Weapon Quest

Content Update 1.4 – Big Trouble in the Big Apple

Just a Flesh Wound was added in content update 1.4.  This is the quest that gives you access to the auxiliary weapon, chainsaw.  The quest starts with Dr. Aldini at Modern Prometheus in New York.

Pick up Dr. Aldini’s tool bag to get started.

Just a Flesh Wound, Step 1 – Enter Dr. Aldini’s Meat Locker

This is an instance nearby, head in.  The quest updates to “Retrieve a tool from Dr. Aldini’s bag.”  Using the tool bag gives you a hammer.  Removing it updates the quest.

Just a Flesh Wound, Step 2 – Kill a Rotten Nurse

Not the greatest retirement plan at Dr. Aldini’s I guess.  Kill the nurse and right click on the  body to get the update.  Take another tool fro Dr. Aldini’s bag.  The quest updates to “Cut limbs from the corpse with the sword.”  Repeat this a few times (new tool, new body, etc.)  Once you get to work with the chainsaw, the quest updates.

Just a Flesh Wound, Step 3 – Collect body parts from Rotten Nurses

Rinse and repeat, kill nurses, saw parts.  The quest updates to “Deposit the body parts into the drop box.”

Just a Flesh Wound, Step 4 – Find fresh meat in the meat locker.

Follow down the hall past the rotten nurses.  You will find a Flesh Cordon (large lump of flesh on pipes) you can interact with.  Go through it, the quest updates to “Take a piece of the Flesh Blob.”  You have to alternate fighting and sawing, repeat four times total and the quest updates.

Just a Flesh Wound, Step 5 – Deliver the flesh to Dr Aldini

On your way out you will have an escapee issue.  Take care of the loose limb and resume the quest.  Congratulations you have a new chainsaw.  The chainsaw abilities lend themselves to tanking or melee dps.




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