Kreep Rush

Kreep Rush

Tower Defense Lair Quest

Shadowy Forest

Keep Rush is the tower defense lair quest in Shadowy Forest.  This quest was added as part of the Battle in the Big Apple, content update 1.4.  The quest consists of one objective:

  • Place the barrels to lure the tangled Kreeps

The quest takes place at 965, 392.  This triggers a defense quest wherein the party must defend against waves of lair mobs.  Triggering the quest ‘Seedy Underbelly,’ provides a barrel which helps with this quest.  The Seedy Underbelly token provides a short duration AOE cleanse.  This is highly useful for the 1-4 pack of this fight.

This quest involves progressive packs of Shadowy Forest lair mobs.  The most dangerous are the creeps which spew cone and persistent AOE dots.  These packs can come from opposite directions, so a 2-tank group pulling from opposite directions is helpful.

The hardest pull of this fight is a single creep from one side who is immediately aided by four of the same from the far side.  Our tactic is to focus fire on the solo and then have that tank pull one of the four-pack off the other tank.

This quest rewards patterns for the lair boss, Dacian Pureblood.

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