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Lairs are special persistent, outdoor, contested group content available in the Secret World.  They are intended for full groups (5 players), but most can be completed with a partial group.

In its initial version, most of the heavy lifting figuring out lairs was conducted by Goon Squad.  Additionally, Agetor has done a nice write-up on lair content as well.  However, lairs received a significant overhaul beginning with patch 1.2.  This guide incorporates information from the modern lairs.

Our guild, Ohana, has recently started working lairs into our weekly rotation.  We will be updating our lair page based on our completions, and drawing from the above references as well.

Lair Basics

Each playfield has a lair.  Lairs are Q10 content, so don’t let the overall Quality Level of the Playfield fool you.  Lair bosses are nightmare, quality content and tend to be immune (or highly resistant) to impairs and hinders.  Additionally, the lair in each playfield generally features some form of gimmick that you need to be aware of (for example, Kingsmouth lair mobs heal on glances).

Lair mobs drop two things: patterns and signets.  The drop rate is only part of the process, though.  As of patch 1.2, Digging Deeper, and patch 1.3, the Cat God, there are a set of quests associated with each lair.  Each lair quest is tied to the patterns for a specific lair boss.  This makes gathering your patterns a reasonably quick affair.

The patterns are used to create summoning rituals, which can be used to summon lair bosses.  It takes nine specific patterns to summon each lair boss.  Each playfield has three unique lair bosses.  Lair bosses, in turn, drop regional patterns, tool kits and blue signets.

The regional boss patterns can be assembled to summon a super-boss for the region.  Regional bosses should drop world boss patterns that can, in theory, summon a world boss.  Goon Squad is credited as the first team to take down every regional boss in the game, but as of this writing I believe no one has summoned a World Boss.


Solomon Island Lairs

Regional Boss: Aspect of the Long Toothed


The Kingsmouth lair is located just north of the airport.  You can reach it by jumping over the fence (barrels near the Kingsmouth respawn point) or through the access tunnels on the northern side of the airport.

Kingsmouth lair mobs are Keelhauled, Hellrisen and Hellrisen Volka witches.  Kingsmouth lair mobs heal themselves when glanced, so bringing an appropriate amount of +hit (or hit increasing passives) is important.  Be aware that Keelhauled drop a ground aoe which can eat through players rather fast.  Further, the Volka witches also have cone attacks that are easy to miss when fighting in/near water.

The Kingsmouth Lair Quest is Unto the Beach.  There are three lair bosses affiliated with the Kingsmouth Lair.

Savage Coast

The Savage Coast Lair is located in a cover just east of the Overlook Motel.  You can reach it via several paths into the area, or by following the coast line east from the Hotel.  The Savage Coast quest are “that sinking feeling” and “Nobel Calling.”

Savage Coast lair mobs are filth oriented.  These mobs come in small groups consisting of a swarm pack (three dot) and a single dot normal filth creature.  Additionally there are wandering single dot filth monsters throughout the cove.  These filth beasts place stacking debuffs on their target, cleanses are helpful in this lair.  Savage Coast lair mobs explode on defeat, the single dot mobs can do a bit of damage on explosion, so do pay attention!

There are three bosses affiliated with the Savage Coast lair.

Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain Lair is located in the Golden Wigwam.  This is accessible from the western road in Blue Mountains and is quite close to the Agartha portal.  The Blue Mountain lair mobs are golems and construction workers.  This is probably the friendliest of the three lair zones in Solomon Island.  Only the Golem jump attack does significant damage and it is easily avoided.  You will want the ability to penetrate here, though, as the various lair creatures lose their armor on penetration.

There are three bosses affiliated with the Blue Mountain lair.  The Blue Mountain Lair Quest are the House Always Wins and Picking up the Pieces.

 Egypt Lairs

Regional Boss Aspect of the Many-Limbed **NEW FULL GUIDE**

Scorched Desert

The Scorched Desert lair is located in the northern portion of the play field near the Temple of Glory (past the eastern scar).  There are a few camps of cultists and locusts.  There are no significant elements to this lair, although the large locusts do drop quite a bit of persistent ground goo.

The lair quest for this zone are Return of the Red Night and Blood Garments.  There are three bosses affiliated with this lair.

City of the Sun God

The lair for the City of the Sun God is located in the center of the zone atop a plateau.  Quests associated with this lair include Citadel of Pain and the Trinket Trail.

Creatures in the City of the Sun God lair are undead.  Mummies, Priests and Guard beasts roam the area.  These creatures have a damage ward of 50%.  However, when under effect of Hinder, they take 200% damage.  So, slot your hinders for this lair.  The creatures are immune to Impairs.  The Priests have a fairly serious heal, so prepare corruptions.  The Bosses asscoiated with the City of the Sun God lair are:

Romania Lairs

Regional Boss Aspect of the Great Winged [Summoning info only]

Besieged Farmlands

The Besieged Farmlands lair is on the SE corner of the zone near the Hermit’s Crossing anima well.  These are monks and silent brother type NPC’s.  They have an effect where they fireball if they do not have 10 weakened stacks up quickly.   They also silence on impair and are immune to hinder, so do not slot either.

All damage in this lair is magic damage and thus you may need to slot MR during these fights.  The quests for this lair are Blessed are the Makers (the Plague) and Midnight Mass (Red Revere).  Lair bosses associated with the Besieged Farmlands include:


Shadowy Forest

The Shadowy Forest Lair is in SE portion of Shadowy Forest near the Spoiled Garden Anima Well.  The two lair quests associated with this lair are the Seedy Underbelly and the Spoils of Cold War.  The tower defense lair quest for this zone is the Kreep Rush.

This lair contains creatures common to the Iele quest lines (filth forest creatures).  There are a number of persistent ground effects and cone attacks during these fights.  Additionally, most attacks leave stacking dots.  Slotting Cleanup or other regular cleanses should be considered.

The mechanic for this lair involves non-glancing hits.  The lair mobs have a high hit rating and build a stack on each successful hit.  After 3 hits, they process a chain attack which can be fairly painful if you are clumped up.  The bosses associated with this lair include:

 Carpathian Fangs

The Carpathian Fangs lair is in the NE corner of Carpathian Fangs.  The mobs in the area are all Red Hand experimental types.

The primary mechanic for this lair involves affliction immunity.  If mobs are afflicted too many times, they gain supression which reduces their damage intake by 50%.  The two quests for this area are The Mortal Coil and From Beyond the Iron Curtain.  Lair bosses for Carpathian Fangs are:

  • Vulkan
  • The Voivode
  • Devourer



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