Lives on Snakes

Lives on Snakes

Lair Boss

Scorched Desert

Lives on Snakes is a lair boss, located in the Scorched Desert playfield of the Secret World.  Lives on Snakes is the pattern reward boss for the quest Blood Garments added in Content patch 1.3, the Cat God.

Of the three bosses in Scorched Desert, he is potentially the hardest, having a mechanic making the fight progressively harder.  Lives on Snakes uses two basic mechanics throughout the fight:

  1. He has a series of ground targeted AOE’s.  Keep your eyes at your feet and be ready to move about.
  2. More importantly, though, he gains a stacking buff (Ungirthed) over the course of the fight.  This buff makes him progressively stronger and harder to heal.

The Ungirthed buff lists as being able to remove via obstruction.  We can not, at this time, figure out how that should happen.  There are summoning urns up in the ritual area, but you can’t track him past those.  Additionally, we tried pulling him down the stairs to break line of sight.  That didn’t work.  He is also highly resistant to impairs and you can not purge the stacking buff.

At this time, it is best to consider this a DPS race.

Need summoning patterns for Lives on Snakes?


  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Iota 01]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Nu 07]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Alpha 05]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Mu 04]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Chi 06]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Eta 08]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Omicron 08]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Nu 08]
  • [Summoning Ritual Fragment: Zeta 05]

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One Response to Lives on Snakes

  1. Qal says:

    Restraint (Fist Passive) works for removing the Ungirthed debuff.

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