Machine Tyrant

Machine Tyrant

Hell Rising: Normal and Elite

Previous Boss – Recursia, Many-In-One

 The final boss of Hell Rising is an interesting encounter that mixes environmental effects with movement and significant aoe damage occurrences.  While this fight does not have clear stages like Recursia did, the Tyrant cycles through a few effects that require different types of responses.

Bubble – The Machine Tyrant begins the fight wrapped in a bubble.  While protected, he can not be damaged.  The only way to deflate the bubble is to pull the Tyrant through (or into) a circular effect on the playfield.  This effect dissipates with the bubble and will then reappear in another area of the playfield.  The Bubble effect will typically materialize a few seconds after the ground effect shows up, so it’s wise for the tank to drag the Tyrant towards the ground effect as soon as it appears.  Because of this movement, it is possible for the tank to lose agro to high damage ranged DPS.

Machine Tyrant: Bursting the bubble

Why yes, that is a My First 60 build, why do you ask?

Attack – the basic attack of the Machine Tyrant is a cleave that does reasonably high damage, frequently.  Because of this, all players (not just the tank) need to maintain awareness of where the next Bubble stopper will be.  When the tank starts pulling the Tyrant there, players need to get out of the way.

Circular Effect (Demolish?) – At fairly regular intervals (usually in close proximity to getting his Bubble popped), the Machine Tyrant will cast a circular ground effect.  Players caught in this effect will take moderate damage and be knock backed and knocked down.  It is very difficult for the tank to avoid this effect without using active dodge (ranged tanks wouldn’t have this problem, though).  Because this effect often follows a Bubble transition, it is very easy for the tank to momentarily drop off agro between these two maneuvers.

Red Reticles (Firmament Barrage?) – Throughout the fight, the Machine Tyrant will summon a series of red targeting reticles onto the ground area.  These reticles track players (and you will see this effect again in Hell Fallen).  They call in artillery barrages which explode after a second or two (enough time to avoid if you are paying attention).  They dish out significant damage and can easily drop lower HP players.

Centering Maneuver (Wave of Immolation?) – Periodically, the Tyrant will run to the center of the map and go idle.  When he does this, his next move is something we lovingly call carpet bombing.  Nearly the entire playfield will be bombarded in a cascading wave of damage starting at the tyrant (in the middle), moving outwards, and then back in towards the tyrant.  This effect does moderately high damage, but is avoidable even if trapped in the wave if you move well.  The effect can actually be completely avoided if players run to either of the two long sides (near the stairs, or towards the player entrance) when the Tyrant centers.  The Tyrant always emerges from this effect in a bubble and the tank needs to deal with that before DPS can resume damage output.

During his last 10% health, the Tyrant will often chain cast his centering maneuver.  During this, he hits the entire zone with a cascading wave, runs out just long enough to get his bubble burst, then heads right back in to carpet bomb the team.

WARNING – when the Machine Tyrant dies, a cut-scene occurs.  If anyone in the party presses the area loot key (V by default), the loot roll window will disappear for the cut-scene.  If this happens, all players have to wait until the timer for loot rolls expires and the loot is “passed.”  At that point, loot can be manually looted.

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