Mayan Battle Mage

Previous Boss – Unbound Ak’ab
The last two bosses in Darkness War truly ramp up the complexity.  The Mayan Battle Mage (MBM) can easily prove problematic for pickup groups, players with slower reactions, and poorly conceived builds.  This fight is a survival fight, players must respond properly to a number of simultaneous effects. 

Complicating things, the MBM moves around a lot during this fight limiting DPS uptime.  There are four positions the MBM moves through during the fight:

- Center of map – this is the starting position and where MBM returns after his altar stop
- Far side entrance – usually his first teleport is to a spot right near the battle arena entrance opposite of where the players enter.
- Altar – in the center of the playfield map, on the left hand side, is a large altar. MBM will teleport up here periodically. During this time, he is untouchable. He likes to lob a LOT of grenades during this phase and he can also weaponize Mayans while he is here.
- Player entrance area – the fourth location MBM teleports is near the battle field entrance where the players came in. When he teleports to this side he also tends to throw grenades.

Ranged damage is necessary during this fight and players should emphasize surviving effects over damaging the boss.  He will eventually be beaten, just play it safe and smart.
Blood Bubble – Much like the Batab Crusher and Xiabalban Bloodhound, MBM will periodically place a red bubble on the ground.  When the casting animation ends, players inside will take substantial damage.  This is a fairly large effect circle, making it difficult for melee to avoid without using active dodge.
Balam Bloodletters – throughout the fight, Mayan adds will enter from the opposite side of the field from where the players entered.  These guys come in swarms and need to be DPS’d down as quickly as possible, or…
Weaponized Mayans – just like in the Batab Crusher fight, MBM will periodically cast a red effect over the head of the Mayan adds.  When the effect ends, the Mayans are weaponized, walking bombs.  They will wander (slowly) towards players and explode on proximity.  This is a high damage effect with knockbacks.  Ranged DPS is very important here.  Players need to be quite aware of this while fighting adds, as the MBM can quickly turn a pack of aoe-fodder into a large chain of bombs on top of players (with a quick trip back to the anima well).
Grenades! – The MBM likes to toss grenades from two of his battle positions.  Any time he teleports to the altar atop the battle arena (he is untouchable at this time) and also when he teleports near the players battle field entrance, he likes to lob a bunch of grenades.  The grenade effect arcs in towards a pair of concentric circles on the ground.  When the inner concentric circle reaches the outer circle, the arcing grenade hits – causing substantive damage to anyone in the area of effect.  The grenades get thrown in tight proximity, but players can easily avoid the effects by moving out of “nearly landed” grenades through grenade circles that are still a second away from landing.
Attack – On top of all of this, the MBM deals out moderate physical damage every two seconds.  This isn’t a problem for tanks, but given the amount of movement in this fight, it is easy for a tank to lose agro on this boss – the attack damage will be lethal, fast to low hitpoint characters.

Next Boss – Three Hidden Mini-Bosses, but then Wayeb-Xul, the Hound of the Nameless Day

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