Melee Distance Hinder Build [by: Rednose]

 Close distance Hindered Build

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Rednose submitted some interesting builds to share.  These builds have limited group testing, but they all received extensive solo testing in the Egypt areas of the game (Q7-Q9 content). 

Weapons: Shotgun, Hammer
Triggers/Mechanisms: Hindering, Strike Attacks, weaken
Glyphs: whatever you like
Description: Based on the Templar’s “Puritan”, Close in on mobs quickly, then unload tons of damage on them at close range
Active Skills:
1.      Striker; single target builder, Strike
2.      Raging Bullet; single target shotgun consumer, the closer to the mob, the better, Strike
3.      Aftershock; single target hammer consumer, tons of damage if close to the mob, Strike
4.      Point Blank (Elite); tons of damage and impair of close to the mob
5.      Takedown; high damage ST attack that causes hindrance
6.      Furnace; PBAoE that buffs you and weakens mobs around you
7.      Touchdown; fight starter PBAoE

Passive Skills:
1.      Impact Striker; increases “Strikers” Damage to hindered targets
2.      Punisher; Strike Attacks cause weaken
3.      Perjury; when applying hindered, cleanse yourself of 1 detrimental effect
4.      Gunsmoke; small extra damage, when applying weaken
5.      Strike Force; improved penetrate chance on Strike
6.      Improved Strikes; improved Strike
7.      Close Quarters (Elite); cause hindrance on all hits closer than 3 m

Usage: start fights with 7, 6, 4 and then just deal as much damage as possible

Ryahl note – I prefer Gnosis from chaos over Gunsmoke from shotgun.  While Gunsmoke always hits, it only processes when you apply weaken.  Gnosis has a 33% chance to process anytime you hit a weakened target.  If you keep your weakens up regularly, every hit can trigger a Gnosis!





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5 Responses to Melee Distance Hinder Build [by: Rednose]

  1. Galenius says:

    Any idea if that hinderance build still works ok for Transylvania mobs?

  2. SirVash says:

    Thanks for the guides!, Im currently working on getting your Healing build done up as mine is no longer sufficient for dungeons. However, is there any chance of an Assault Rifle DPS build?

  3. Simp says:

    I run a build very similar to this. What I’d suggest is swapping out Perjury and Gunsmoke for Beanbag Rounds and Hothead (Pistols). With Close Quarters applying hinder on almost every shot, you’re basically guaranteed to keep a 10% Pen and 10% Crit chance buff up permanently.

  4. chaff says:

  5. SGD says:

    I’m slowly working on this build, and so far, so good. One interesting thing, IMO: Rednose says in the description, “Close in on mobs quickly”, but with all the single-target active abilities, it’s pretty much one enemy at a time. I’m curious to see how that plays out.

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