MeleeDPS Newcomer Build

MeleeDPS “Newcomer Build”

Chaos / Fist

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Editors Note:  This build was submitted as a “Newcomer, Kingsmouth/Savage Coast build”, however, creating the build costs 769 points.  This is far beyond the reach of a newcomer to TSW.  I believe the submitter intended this to be a  higher level build.

by Nunai

Active Abilites

  • Confuse
  • Amor Fati
  • Pray on the Weak
  • One Two
  • Four Horsemen
  • Do or Die
  • Reckless

Passive Abilities

  • Adrenaline
  • Overpenetration
  • Ferocity
  • Twist the Knife
  • Elemental Force
  • Follow Through
  • Predator


One Two
Pray on the Weak
Pray on the Weak
One Two
Pray on the Weak
Pray on the Weak
Pray on the Weak
Four Horsemen

Gear Needs:

works perfectly with ~800 penetration, ~800 critical hit and ~400 critical damage

What makes the build tick?

adrenaline is the most important passive to use One Two often
the rotation has 8 steps, so elemental force can used to special skill (4 horsemen here)
CDs when 5 ressources for each weapon are set, so 2 both consumer and a complete rotation will be pushed

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